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The words SEO are synonymous with google. There is no doubt that google is indeed the biggest search engine in the world right now. Though this is the case, there are other search engines that are worth mentioning. As you are well aware, SEO stands for Search engine optimization. These are a number of steps that one incorporates to his or her website to have a favorable or high ranking on the search engine results page. There’s nothing as worrying as having your website low on the search results page. What this does, it spells doom over the prospect of having as much traffic as you would want for your website. If there is one thing that you need to remember is that having a website is just the beginning to having your website give you the results that you are looking for.

Having a website is one thing, but you also need to incorporate other media that will help propel your business higher on the search results page. One avenue which you can use to help you out in this regard is Youtube. Youtube is a search engine for videos and if you run a business that highly depends on engaging your clientele with videos then there are a couple of things that you need to take into account so as to make the most out of this amazing platform. In this article, we shall be looking at a number of things that will help you and your business rank higher when it comes to youtube.

What You Need to Know

Like in Search Engine optimization for search engines other than youtube, Keywords are key. The same applies when looking for keywords to use for your youtube videos. When it comes to keywords you need to put yourself in the shoes of the consumer. It is from this that you will know what will be relevant for your search and eventually, you will come up with the right keywords. Other than putting yourself in the shoes of the users that you are targeting, you can also use the Google keyword planner.

Through the Google keyword planner, you will be able to check on how many monthly searches particular keywords that you are looking to adopt. Other than this, the keyword research process like in SEO is the same for Youtube SEO. You need to relentlessly keep up with it so as to be able to capture what your target market is looking for. With this already in check you can be confident of ranking higher and more views for your videos.

Your video title to a large extent determines whether users will click on them or not. It is therefore very important that you optimize your video title. Optimizing the title of your Youtube videos involves making sure that they are clear and the keywords used capture what a particular viewer will be able to get by watching your video. Take time to come up with the right title that is not only attractive, but seeks to inform users on what they will get by simply watching your video.

One of the best features of youtube SEO is that it allows you to tag relevant keywords that will further improve on the views that you get for your video. This therefore goes to mean that you should diligently choose words that are likely to propel more and more views to your website. With this in mind, take time to narrow in on keywords that are not only closely related to your main focus keywords but those that are also relevant to your niche. The key however is not to use too many tags but choose around 10 tags to help you with these regard.

Comments are a big boost to the popularity of your youtube channel. The more the comments the more popular your videos will be. Therefore, take time to encourage users to comment on your videos and give their feedback on the video. This way Youtube will go on to prioritize on your content and giving you a higher ranking than if there were little or no comments on your videos. You can end your videos with a question so as to get people talking on the comments section.

Subscriptions to your channel also go a long way in ensuring that your videos rank higher and you eventually get to be an authority in your field. One factor that is highly considered when ranking videos is the number of subscribers that your channel has. The more the subscribers on your channel, the higher the rank that your videos will enjoy. Encourage viewers to subscribe and like the videos. On that note, it is also important to realize that likes go a long way in giving your content a high ranking. The more the subscribers you have, the more that Youtube gets to see the value that you and your content is providing to your audience. Focus more on encouraging subscribers to your channels and you will definitely not go wrong when it comes to having a higher ranking.


From the above it is clear to see that like SEO, SEO for youtube works in the same way. By simply setting up a youtube account and posting a couple of videos will not be enough to give you the viewership that you are looking for. The only sure way of ensuring that you get to rank higher on the search page is by encouraging users to subscribe to your channel. The more the subscribers the higher you rank as Youtube search algorithm will be using this indicator to determine how to rank you. Other than working on making sure that you get more subscriptions, comments for your videos will go a long way in ensuring that the popularity of your videos is boosted. Optimizing on the keywords and titles that you use in your videos will also determine to a large extent the ranking that you will enjoy for your videos and content. Take a look at this video for more information.