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When you write content, what are the things that you expect when you publish it? Firstly, you want people to read your content, secondly, you want your content to appear on the top of search engine results and thirdly, you want people to come back to your website and read the other posts you have published. All this can be achieved, if your content is SEO driven, which means that your content is optimized and is ideal to appear in search engine results.

According to coschedule.com, to make sure that your content, is SEO driven, you need to remember the golden rule of looking for the right keywords and then including those keywords in your content. However, always make sure that your content is actually informative and not filled with keywords only. To know more about what kind of content you should write, you need to read this article further.

The Struggle To Create Content

Sometimes, people don’t know how to create SEO driven content, and that can have some drawbacks.

The Cost

When you have a copywriter, who is doing his job wiring SEO driven content, but the content is not relevant or informative enough, then he is actually creating a cost for the company. According to seoclarity.net, as you will be giving your copywriter his salary, but there are other things happening in the background:

• You Are Not Able To Engage Your Audience, And They Don’t Notice You
• Your Customers Or Client Doesn’t Have Any Reason To Contact You And Do Business With You
• You Are Not Able To Get More Links; This Means That Other Websites Like Social Media Websites Don’t Share Links To Your Website, As Your Content Is Not Worth It
• You Are Not Able To Engage People And That Sends A Bad Signal To Google
• You Are Not Able To Convert Potential Customers Or Visitors To Your Website, Into Customers

The Mistakes We Make

There are many mistakes that you make when you are writing SEO driven content, and it is not working. Some of these mistakes I have discussed further in this article.

Ignore The Data

You can’t just write SEO driven data and be done with it, you need to research first. You need to know about things like search volume, the keywords that are trending, about engagement metrics and more importantly, your audience. You need to know about the needs and preferences of your audience, what they like to search about and how your keywords can get their attention.

According to searchenginejournal.com, this is content strategy, and can’t be ignored by marketers because of how important it is. Marketers can’t assume things like these, and they need to make use of data that is found online.

Content Performance

You need to assess how your content is performing, otherwise how would you know if it is working or not. You can assess it by seeing whether the content you post brings in new customers or keeps the visitors of your website on it, for a long period of time. Further, you can also see if you need to customize your content for specific clusters or audience, to attract more traffic.

Listen To Your Audience

According to contentmarketinginstitute.com, you need to listen to your audience and know what they want to read about. You can do research about the topics that are trending all around, by looking at websites like Quora, where people ask different questions and take part in discussions. This would give you an insight into the articles that you need to write, and what would get the attention of people. Make your content engaging; make it appealing enough that customers engage in a conversation leave their comments on your post and share it on social networking websites.

Also, when you are writing content for your audience, use an authoritative tone. Make sure that they realize after reading your posts, that you actually know what you are talking about, and you have ample knowledge in it, to share it with other people. If you just cover the basics of every topic, then the audience would feel that the content is too irrelevant or not up to date, and is only published for the sake of attracting their attention.

Best SEO Driven Content

After reading about the mistakes that SEO experts usually make when it comes to creating content, you must be wondering what you can do to make your content unique and effective.


Keywords are everything. Whenever you search for something, you use keywords, so you can get access to the content easily. Thus, if you use the right keywords for your content, then people would be able to find your content easily, but your job doesn’t end here. When you have selected the right keywords and compared them with what your competitors use, you need to establish your intent strategy.

Intent Strategy

You need to see what kind of content people look for? Do they look for blog posts or just articles, when they want to get information about something. According to gotchse.com.com, you need to do a little research for it, and you will know how people like their information and what they input the search engine results, to gain access to that information.

Content Strategy

The priority of your content strategy should be to create quality content. You can create quality content by:

• Writing Relevant Content
• Talking About Issues That People Are Actually Interested In
• Using Expert Information
• Using Vocabulary And Language That People Actually Understand
• Making The Content Suitable For Your Target Audience; Don’t Use Big Words If Your Target Audience Is Children
• Using Images And Videos To Make Your Content More Appealing And Understandable
• Don’t Write Lengthy Articles And Make Sure You Have Enough Paragraphs, Headings And Subheadings To Keep The Reader Interested

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