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The first thing that comes to mind when building a website is getting a developer to develop the website for you and also a wed designer who is highly skilled in web designing. According to Quora these two roles can be done by the same person who is skilled in both development and designing. However it should be noted that when hiring a developer, it should be the one who is highly skilled in SEO. A developer with skills in SEO should be a strong choice when hiring a web developer, so he or she can use their SEO skills to build an SEO optimized website for a smooth and successful business website.

A poor understanding of the basic skills of SEO may result to a bad website that may attract only very poor number of traffic. I am pretty sure the reason for creating a business website is to make it easier for people to find your business from all over the world and also to top your competition above that of your competitors.

How An SEO Developer Operates

The basic work of SEO developers is to improve SEO on your website. SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization is basically the processes in which search engines crawls into websites in order to make these website more visible, thereby making them top ranked on the result pages of all Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). That’s why it’s quite important when hiring a web developer and designer, best options should go for those with SEO skills as this gives more advantage and can be cost effective. According to Practicalecommerce.com There are different ways in which an SEO developer can help improve SEO on your business website, the ways include: By binding JavaScript: usually, the main function of SEO to websites is to make sure search engines crawl your site to associate some sort of relevance and signals. These SE developers binds the Java Scripts with destination URL and Anchor text which then creates a link that acts similarly to that of a HTML plain, which sends all the correct desired signals.

SEO self-sufficiency: an SEO developer should understand SEO to a level where he knows all the crooks and crannies of the SEO world. Business websites owners, company websites should be able to trust SEO developers are having to know all the things needed to pull a better Search Engine Result Page output. The main purpose of SEO is basically to cause an increase in the traffic that comes to a particular website as according to Quora.com.

Error detection: according to Quora.com SEO developers are wired in a way that since they are experts, they should be able to detect any kind of error or malfunction that may likely occur on a website which may result in any setback whatsoever. Sometimes, a website wouldn’t be getting as much performance as it ought to have, the work of an SEO developer is to detect these problems and fix it up. This is why it is even better if the SEO developer is also a website developer and designer, makes thing a lot easier.

What Are The Basic Things An SEO Developer Should Know About Your Website

The Speed of your website: as according to nirmal.com speed of a website guarantees the ranking of that website on Google Search Engine Result page and other search engines. The truth is that, the faster a website, the more visitors are attracted to the website. A slow website may not get as much traffic as a faster website would be getting because they tend to appear faster on these result pages. So ne very vital thing an SEO developer should know and look out for is the speed of your website, find ways to improve the speed where the speed is not as it ought to be.

Creating sitemaps: this is thus another important basic an SEO developer ought to know. Creating proper sitemaps without leaving behind or omitting any pages is the right thing to do and after creating these sitemaps, they should be kept in the website’s root directory with links up to 100 to 150. In situations where a sitemap has lots of links, it should be divided into another additional sitemap with these links included to them. The work of an SEO developer is to make sure the web developer if he isn’t one, updates the sitemaps regularly to make sure it is easier and kept open for Google to crawl into them.

Proper use of page redirections: sometimes we notice that while on a website, we may stumble on some URLs. Page redirects generally refers to those hoops that a website server jumps when asked for a particular page or URL. A good developer should know and make good use of website URL redirects also known as URL forwarding. This is actually the ability of making more than one URL available in one website. Making use of redirects 301 and 302 not only improves the website functions but also increases the SEO capabilities of the website.

Using Semantic markups: the use of semantic markup can actually have some inherent meanings attached to it. Let’s say for example using the >h1< tag to form a heading on your website. This allows you to group content and also link these contents and also to give contents that would be easily accessible for crawlers.

Why SEO Is Important For Developers

Guess what, according to learntocodewith.me you have over a billion websites in the world and over a million offers similar services as your website. Knowing the basic and even more on SEO as a developer makes it a lot easier to make your website more visible. Your website would be left behind where it is not optimized and you may miss the chance of having the desired amount of traffic that should ordinarily be on your website. Your website should be indexed, as this allows search engines to crawl into these website to allow visitors get a better definition of whatever they want.


SEO developers play an integral role in making sure that optimization of websites are carried out successfully. The joy of every website owner is to see progress happen in their websites. Before hiring a web developer, make sure he knows and understands the basics of SEO, that way there is a hundred and one percent that he will use his SEO skills and knowledge to develop an SEO optimized website for a better functionality as according to this video: