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If you don’t put links on your website, then can your website really make someone click on it? Simple answer is no! The links that you put on your website, are very important. However, when it comes to Off page SEO, it talks about all the activities that don’t happen on your website, but away from it, to improve its ranking. This includes links, strategies that you employ regarding social media and influencer marketing.

A simple example of an Off page SEO would be when you write a blog post, which holds valuable information and someone, who has the ability to influence a lot of people, retweets that blog post or re-posts it on Facebook. The main question here is that, how does Off page SEO helps in improving the ranking of your website in search engines?

Off Page tells Google, the opinion that people have about your website. If the comments and quality links point towards your website, then Google will assume that your website is good, has good quality content and should be ranked higher.

Off Page Strategies

According to moz.com, there are different strategies, which you can follow and get a good ranking on Google.

Internal Linking Strategy

If you want backlinks, then you need to improve your internal links. If the internal linking is solid, then that would set a good foundation of your website, for outside links. You can also call it, a funnel effect. Funnel effect is when someone clicks on a link, that takes them to your website and you want to make sure that, that page is optimized, so that they also visit the other pages on the same website.

Back Link Strategy

According to yoast.com you need to have back link strategies; there are many strategies and you need to decide which one suits you the most.

• Carry Out The Right Keyword Search
• Do Your Basic Research About Back Linking Goals, Domain Authority, And The Pages That Rank Well For The Relevant Terms You Have Searched
• Reverse Engineer The Bank Link Strategies, Using Open Site Explorer Or Majestic, Of Your Competitors (Most Preferably The Top Three)
• A Target List Of Sites That You Have Found Through Reverse Engineering
• Choose Metrics, So That Progress Can Be Measured
• Generate A Topic List For Blogging
• Create A List To Reach And Engage Your Customers
• Establish A Core Message
• Find Out 4 To 8 Sub Topics
• Know Your Differentiator
• Chose The Kind Of Content That You Want To Create
• Create Content And Find Websites To Submit Blog Posts
• Publish And Pitch Tasks
• Reach Other People Through Email And Include Quality Links To Your Content

High Quality Content

According to business2community.com, in SEO, the first thing that you learn is that you are supposed to create informative and quality content. If you want people to provide links to your website, then you need to give them a reason.

Thought Leader

If you want a good audience and want to establish more relationships, then you should form expertise as well. If you have expertise, then your content will be considered valuable and people would be more likely to share it with other people. You need to become a thought leader, and for that, you can participate in the AMAs that take place on Reddit, or have a question/answer session on Twitter.

Social Media Presence

If you want an increase in off page SEO, then you need to establish a presence on social media, where people know who you are and what you post about. Even though Google has stated that social media is not taken into account, when websites are ranked, in terms of off page SEO, this is an indirect ranking factor. When you share your quality pieces of writing on any social media network, the number of times a link is shared, is registered on Google. This allows your content to move up in search engine results.


Accoridng to alexa.com, if you have connections with influencers, then this can prove to be a really good off page strategy. An influencer is someone who has cult following on social media. When an influencer posts something, that post gets many likes and comments, because of the loyal fan following. After identifying an influencer, simply reach out to them, share your content and convince them to share your content with their followers.


You need to be a thought leader, to connect with other people on forums and blogs. Find the blogs or forums that are related to your content, and leave a comment there. Surely, if your comment is of quality, then it will catch the eyes of an influencer. According to digitalthirdcoast.com, you should try websites like Reddit and Quora, because they are very popular websites if people want to ask questions or discuss things.


Everyone watches videos on YouTube and other websites like Dailymotion and Vimeo, which is why these are ideal websites where you can get your name and the link of your website out there. You can include links in the description of your video, or in your channel. You can also include keywords, and make sure that your videos are relevant and are of high quality, so that people want to visit your website and watch your content.

Reach The Media

If you are an expert in a field and want to make sure that you are noticed, then you should seek attention from journalists, who would want your help. According to msatechnosoft.in, websites, like “Help A Reporter”, seek advice from experts, and if you are absolutely sure that you know about that relevant topic, then leave a comment and link them back to your website.


If you want to optimize your website, then Off page SEO is something that you can’t ignore. The strategies discussed above will help you in forming your own linking plan and building relationships with people, who can help you increase traffic on your website. Make sure you have quality content, you know what is good for your niche and develop quality links. Include links to other people’s content, as it will be helpful for your audience and establish a relationship. If you want to learn more about off-page SEO, then you can always watch this video below to get to know more about how off-page SEO works: