What Does An SEO Person Do?

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The word SEO has become more popular these days as almost everyone you come across with uses the word SEO. The word has become really popular that almost everyone we come across and even on the internet uses the word. Before we go into the main discussion about what an SEO person does, I would briefly take some time to explain what the word SEO means.

The word SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization. This simply means the act of optimizing websites so they reach a very high ranking on Google or other search engines. For most business owners or blog owners SEO causes a wild fire of hope because as far they are concerned, it’s a very important tool to the success of their business billlentis.com/what-are-seo-friendly-titles.

Who Is An SEO Person?

An SEO person is someone who is an expert in making changes to a website by analysing, reviewing and implementing such changes which in turn optimizes the website for better rankings on top search engines. In a simpler sentence, I would say that an SEO person in this context is an expert, someone that knows what to do to your website so that it can show up at the top of search engines. An SEO person is someone that have quality knowledge in website optimization, analysing and researching keywords that would put a website at a high chance of generating traffic daily.

What Does An SEO Person Do?

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that SEO is a onetime thing after which energy can be focused on some other things, well that is not true as being an SEO person is much more that, as it requires a lot of effort and thinking. A SEO person is more like a specialist that works to achieve digital marketing success. This is achieved through analysis and optimization of websites on page and off page. Basically what the SEO specialist does is to continue to put a website out to continue to gain more relevance and continuity, just like they say “content is king”, an SEO person should always have new contents that would serve as a driving force to bringing more clients and traffic to a particular website.

Becoming an SEO person or expert isn’t just a day’s job, it requires so much skill and expertise. That is to say, to qualify as an SEO person or expert, you must at least have up to two years’ experience in website optimization, analysing. Knowledge of HTML, blogging and CSS programing is also very important for an SEO expert. What then are the roles of SEO experts?

1. An SEO Expert Is Saddled With The Responsibilities Of A Problem Solver

An SEO Expert Is Saddled With The Responsibilities Of A Problem Solver - BillLentis.com
An SEO person or expert is expected to be a problem solver and decision maker in the sense that he should be able to understand, prioritize and develop meaningful and engaging contents which places an increasing value to the business as more clients find the website thus traffic is increased. This means the business would be at the verge of more progress. This duty may also include implementing various tests on search engines marketing techniques, websites layouts and also advertising for a better website optimization. An SEO person or expert should also be able to understand the importance of internal links because this is where the problem solving role comes in handy due to the decision making as to the finding the best location and best approach to internal links. So where an SEO expert is not skilled enough, it might be difficult to get this part right.

2. An SEO Expert Develops And Implements Advanced SEO And Traffic Strategies

SEO is a very important part of a business growth and the major work of an SEO person is to strategize the best and advanced type of SEO strategies that would boost up the business and probably gain more traffic to the site. If you look at SEO today, it has gone beyond just using keywords and phrases to boost up the success of a business. As a modern day SEO person, the major thing that should be your role is strategizing on a more advanced method of SEO and traffic boosting for a website.

First of all, understanding the market is key. It is known today that the mobile market is leading and putting away desktop computers off the market. An SEO expert is expected to know what the trend is today and fix their outcomes on modern scenarios. As an SEO person it is important to take into consideration customers’ needs which are using more Google friendly apps for your websites. This is as a result of more people use their mobile phones to search for websites and businesses than the desktop computers, so one major strategy is to change strategies alongside with the growing trend. Apart from the modern uses of mobile phones and all, it is very important that an SEO person understand what the goals are, the right market to target in order to increase traffic.

Secondly, an SEO person should understand the phrase search engine expansion. What this means is that Google shouldn’t be the only targeted search engine. For example, browsers like Firefox uses yahoo as their default search engine, so the job should just be only Google but also working marketing and traffic boosting strategies for other search engines, applications and websites.

3. Developing Very Authoritative Contents.

One major work of an SEO person is developing an organizing authoritative content that are better and worthy enough to replace old and existing contents. This actually means that an SEO person should be very skilled in terms of writing contents that are very professional and can compete with other write-ups or contents in terms of accuracy and originality.

4. Optimizing Pages For A Niche

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For a lot of businesses especially ones that has to do with to ecommerce, it requires a lot of work as continuous keyword research is very necessary not just for your website but also for that of competitors.

What Are The Day-To-Day Activities Of An SEO Person?

A lot of people would wonder that since the major activity of an SEO person is basically driving traffic to a website. Just like I said, the SEO job isn’t just a onetime thing, it requires steady attention. It were to be a house, it would have been a day to day renovation. Most new SEO persons would find this very challenging because after doing the first part of analysing what the problem with a website is and fixing it becomes stranded as to what they should do on a daily basis. It’s a different thing to audit a website to find the problem and a different thing to continue to maintain the relevance and activity of traffic to the website.

The day to day running of a website by an SEO person is quite simple and straight forward. First of all is just doing an audit of the website, cross checking all the crooks and corners of the website, finding out what’s wrong and finding a proper means to fix the problem and looking at better opportunities to boost up marketing strategies.

Researches on new keywords, making improvements on website keywords by replacing old keywords with new keywords that would boost up traffic to the website. The SEO person also takes charge of daily analysis of not just his website but that of his competitors to find out what’s missing on his own website, check links and also his website rankings and how to further improve rankings if need be.

In Summary, The Day To Day Activities Of An SEO Person Is Basically:

– Website Auditing

– Fixing Problems Of Website

– Keyword Research And Expansion

– Marketing Strategies

– Website Analysing

What Are The Skills An SEO Person Should Have?

SEO persons play a very vital role in consistently attracting targeted visitors to websites and possibly convert them to customers. SEO Persons knows all the possible remedies to getting more traffic to a website and gain optimized online presence. However for this to actually be achieved effectively, the seo person needs to possess some relevant qualities, this is because the SEO profession requires a lot of expertise and knowledge in achieving set goals. Here is the list of the qualities an SEO person posses.

Communication Skills

An SEO person should have a very high skill in communication. In the SEO world, communication is very vital as without communication it is impossible to achieve gaols. An SEO person should have the ability of liaising with other departments, analysing and directing in order to maximize opportunities and possibly fix problems that may arise while during his course of duty. Without communication it is impossible to achieve results.

An SEO person does not just communicate with his colleagues from other department but serves as a passage as to which the company or website passes information through to new and existing customers. So basically only an expert that has good communication skills can handle the job of an SEO person in any company or websites.

Writing Skills

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One very important skill every SEO expert should poses should be good writing skills. Despite doing keyword researches, an SEO expert does not just stop at gathering trending and new keywords, he uses this keywords I writing contents, articles, promotional content that would attract customers to the business. Writing involves the ability to convince targeted customers on the reason why they need to buy or invest in the business. So the SEO expert needs to be a writing guru in order to keep improving traffic.

Knowledgeable In The Different Areas Of Specialization In SEO

Now SEO isn’t just limited to a particular area, it cuts across different areas and sections. So an SEO expert should be able to have vast knowledge of the areas of SEO to produce more effective results. The following are the different areas of SEO specialization

a) Search Engine Optimization: the Search Engine Optimization is divided into parts as well such as:

– Local Search: this covers majorly how businesses are created, business directories, mapping, niches, and media sites and so on.

– On Page SEO: this covers majorly all the on page elements of a website and how the search engine crawler interprets and consumes and interprets contents of websites.

– Content Creation: this involves all that has to do with meaningful content writing and marketing for all internet marketing channels to boost up traffic.

– Link Building: this covers the skills and knowledge of getting links from external websites for marketing.

– Keyword Research And Development: this is basically researching and developing relevant keywords that would improve traffic and bring in targeted customers or investors to the business.

– Business Reputation Management: this involves the maintenance of the reputation and goodwill of the company or website, preventing any form of reputation or image tarnishing that would affect a business, company or website badly.

b) Social Media Marketing: just as the name sounds, this are of SEO involves creating powerful and meaningful contents that would attract the right set of customers or traffic to a business website via the social media channel such as instagram, pixels, twitter, Facebook, Skype and others. A lot of people spend so much time on social Medias and apart from spending time on social media, many people seek help, advice or search for anything they want on social media sites, so only a skilled seo expert on social media marketing understands the different strategies in improving his marketing on social media platforms.

Knowing And Understanding All SEO Levels

One quality skill required of an SEO expert is the ability to understand all three levels of SEO. Like I mentioned earlier, seo isn’t just limited to a single area but to different areas, so it would only be very important that before you can consider someone an SEO person, there should be reasonable knowledge as to the three area of SEO. What are the three levels of SEO?

– The Technical Level: the technical level of SEO involves the structure of the website as to whether it would be easy or difficult in optimizing it for search engines to crawl in and be able to list the website. The technical structure of SEO gives the seo expert the job of troubleshooting the website and find abnormalities preventing search engines from picking up on the website. In other words, the seo expert needs to be technical savvy to actually be able to work effectively in this level.

– On-Page Optimization: this involves an SEO person using different elements such as new and relevant keywords and HTML tags in such a way that it increases traffic to the website.

– Off-Page Optimization: this basically involves the skill of building of external links for the website in such a way that it is targeted in creating traffic to the website.

Critical Thinking Skill

An SEO person is expected to have the skill of analytical thinking; this is because the SEO job is a very demanding one and expects a whole lot of thinking work to do from whoever is in charge of SEO. An SEO person should be able to understand the three what’s of the seo field which is, what happened? What why did it happen? And what shall we do about it? The ability to answer these questions makes it easy to work in the seo field.

There are really no right or wrong answers to these hypothetical questions but they however give like a guideline in how to tackle issues that may arise relating to SEO. For example, as a SEO expert, a company invites you on how to create traffic to their website. First of all is to look at the company’s website and use these three questions to see how you can solve the problem. Thus, this requires a lot of thinking processes and analytical calculations on how to successfully generate more traffic to the company’s website than before.

Excel Skill

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Over years, excel has been something that a lot of people use in solving everyday problems especially when it has to do with reports and feedbacks. As an seo expert, it’s very important to have good skills in excel. Being able to solve simple tasks through the use of excels puts the seo person at lesser risk of time wasting. So it’s really important that an SEO should have a good skill when it comes to using excel.

Drive And Motivation Skills

One thing with SEO is that once you are into it, it doesn’t just close with you at the office by 5pm or 6pm, it stays with you in your head. Seo is basically digital marketing and it’s a skill that stays always in your head. Seo requires drive and motivation skills from an expert in order to work effectively as an expert. You cannot just wake up from the bed one morning and decide to become an SEO expert, it requires a lot of driving force. As an expert, you should have the ability to motivate customers into patronizing your business, give reasons, encourage them, and convince them why the product is the best. Sometimes a lot of things changes in the industry and hence the duty of an SEO specialist is to keep motivating clients to still keep in touch.

How can an SEO person motivate clients? Putting the client goals before any other thing including seo revenue opportunities so as to satisfy the thirst of customers. A person without drive and motivational skills wouldn’t make it long in the seo industry so it’s a very skill every person in the seo industry or those intending to join.

A Great Sense Of Humour

In as much as the seo profession can be stressful and demanding, it’s still very important for an SEO expert to still find a way to develop skills in his sense of humour. The seo profession involves basically marketing and not saving lives, so it wouldn’t hurt at all if you add some sense of humour to the seo job in order to enjoy and be more productive.

Breaking Into The SEO Industry As An Expert

Breaking Into The SEO Industry As An Expert - BillLentis.com
Being an SEO expert isn’t just becoming someone who manages a website or social media account to advertise products or other things as the case may be. Becoming an SEO expert or person involves so much more than just knowing how to operate a computer or surfing the internet. An SEO expert involves being able to understand what really Search Engine Optimization is and how to use it to maximize outcomes and also to be able to handle unexpected outcomes. Now getting to this point of being an SEO person or expert involves a lot of time, patience and learning to be able to get to that point where you would be referred to an SEO person.

– Learning And Understanding The Basics Of Search Engine Optimization

– Ability To Take Corrections And Adaptability

– Creativity And Thinking Outside The Box

The Importance Of Hiring An SEO Person For Your Company

Unlike other marketing techniques such as advertising, copywriting, print advertising etc., the seo is quite different because the landscape changes with time, so this means that the seo person has to be up to date with the new revolutions and changes as this requires a lot of attention and changing too to flow along with the growing trend. Thus it is very important that to grow your business through digital marketing which happens to be the new and faster means of advertising and driving traffic to your business and this can only be done effectively by an SEO person who understands the seo perfectly.

An SEO Expert makes your business brand visible. Only an SEO expert who understands the levels and areas of seo would be able to bring out your business brand to limelight. Now for most small businesses or companies trying to come out of limelight, hiring an seo person to carryout daily seo activities on your company would increase the chances of your company coming into limelight because it would push your company and business to the world for more people to see and explore.


The world and internet is changing with time and age and the fastest way to gain more popularity and possibly make more money is through the use of SEO. Thus getting the help the SEO person would be very handy since everyone would want his or her business to bloom. Basically the essence of an SEO person is to improve internet visibility of a company or business website to increase internet recognition and generate more traffic to the website.