Vital Trends In SEO You Need To Keep An Eye On And Implement In Your Business

Vital Trends In SEO You Need To Keep An Eye On And Implement In Your Business -


SEO is vast and ever-evolving field. When you run a website, you will want to make sure that you do all you can to keep up with those changes because your page ranking will depend on it a lot. This article explores the critical trends you should anticipate and implement in your website so as to stay ahead of the curve an be on top of search engine results pages.

HTTPS In Websites

In an age where information security is a really major concern, most users will only trust sites that they are sure will be pretty hard to hack. That is not to say that these sites are not hackable but measures will already be put in place in order to secure users information. With that being said, more and more sites that appeared at the top of search engines results pages had HTTPS. In fact, as of 2017, as almost as 55 percent of the search results found on Google’s first search engine results pages had HTTPS. More and more sites are incorporating this protocol as a way of ensuring that their users’ data is safe.

There have been very many high profile breaches of security on a couple of websites already. Businesses that deal with confidential customer information like credit card or banking information are sitting ducks for attacks by black hat hackers. These types of hackers can do a lot of damage when they get their hands on customers’ personal information. Plus, as a site owner, you will want to avoid a potential lawsuit when if a breach occurred on your site and vital customer information was stolen. As a site owner, HTTPS is the first step of protecting yourself from attacks from hackers. Other measures of enhancing security are up to you.

The trend is such that most websites will have HTTPS and search engines have picked up on that because that is also what most customers gravitate to as well. Contact your web hosting service to find out more about how you can get the HTTPS package.

Voice Search Through Virtual Assistant Apps

Does your ideal customer have a smartphone or PDA? Chances are that they will have some sort of virtual assistant application on their phones. Today, the most popular virtual assistant apps in the market are Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google’s Voice Assistant. The beauty about using these apps is that they are dialed into the Internet and offer their users a way of searching for content online without touching they keypad or touchscreen. All they have to do to search for information is simply talk into the phone’s or PDA’s microphone. It will then go online and get the information you need faster.

There some search queries that are very hard to articulate. Inputing those queries on the search box might feel a little awkward and sometimes just tough. Voice assistants help users to input information in a very simple and easy to use way through speech. Talking it out is easier for some people than writing is for others.

When you are coming up with content for your website, you will want to look more into developing it in a more conversational tone. This way it can be indexed, ranked and appears when the query is raised. From time to you will need to develop this content and adjust it to suite the searcher’s needs. For the most part, your SEO needs to be more intuited to your customers query needs because they might want your kind of product of service but express it in a less direct way.

Google Utilizing SERP Features More

If you have ever looked for information about something innocuous, you will find that nowadays some of the top results on the page will be accompanied by a picture with a caption and link laced with text beneath it. A few years ago, only text results were visible when people looked for information online. This new development is what is referred to as ‘Search Engine Results Page Features’. It is found mostly on Google but other search engines are catching up in that regard.

Search engines are always striving to provide their consumers with as much relevant information as possible. Their reputation is staked on getting people what they want faster and more conveniently. As soon as results on the queries people look for come up, people will see those results with pictures first. Their first impulse will be to click on those links, especially if they have information that they perceive will be beneficial to them. All other results will be discarded because the users feel that their needs have been answered.

As a business promoting itself online, you should capitalize on SERP features to get your site featured in the first page. To do this, the pictures on your site should be taken very well and the accompanying content should be very high-quality. It should go hand-in-hand with the quality of the website you see. Remember: all the efforts you put into making the site better will pay off huge in the end as long as you implement them in the right way.

Mobile Search Indexing

There are more people using smartphones today than there were a decade ago. Smartphone users composed over 36 percent of the people on the globe. Basically more than a third of the world’s population tend to go their phones to look for information about things they want to know about. To this end, most search engines have come up with ranking metrics that takes into account how well websites are optimized for mobile viewing.

Your business site should be designed to be adaptable and accessible to people using mobile phones. Most businesses tend to overlook this critical aspect and miss out on tremendously profitable opportunities to get new customers.