Vegetable Garden Planters



Best Vegetables To Grow in Garden Planters

For most people, their memory of planting a vegetable or a flower goes back to childhood. Everyone has produced a plant in a pot, whether it was a small vegetable or just weeds. However, they might still remember the happiness of watering the plant, and then watching it grow. This is similar to a vegetable garden planter. If someone doesn’t want to buy a garden planter, then they can easily make one in their home.

Making A Vegetable Garden Planter

Most plants need a 6-8 inches deep planter box. It gives them sufficient space to grow vegetables like broccoli, beets and lettuce. However, if they want to grow cabbage, then they need a planter box, which goes deeper than 10 inches. As for tomatoes, carrots and peppers, it is best to get a box that goes 12 inches deep. Also go and check out the vegetable garden planner – Click Here.

Importance Of Depth In Garden Planter

The depth is very important in garden planters, because the roots of each vegetable need room to become bigger. If the planter doesn’t give plants sufficient room, then this would negatively impact the plant’s ability to grow. The best part is that, if someone has a good budget, or even a low budget, they can get garden planters from Amazon or elsewhere. Garden planters are easy to find, and they come with a self-draining and watering system. Getting garden planters can be a huge help for those who have just begun to plant their own vegetable garden.

Keter Easy Grow Planter

This easy grow planter has a capacity of 31.7 gallons, which means it can grow vegetables, herbs, flowers and other house plants. It is perfect for outdoor space, and can act as a raised bed garden. It is a very ideal solution for bringing plants to not only patios and balconies but decks as well. The planter box is made of polypropylene resin, and matches the current trend in patio furniture. The planter box is very stylish and durable; it can be used across multiple seasons.

It comes with a drainage cap, which allows the gardener to remove any excess water from it. This makes the planter box very suitable for both indoor and outdoor use; Keter Garden. There is a water reservoir installed in the planter box, and it prevents any root decay or over watering. The box has an elevated ergonomic design, making it easier for elderly gardeners to use. There is also a smart system installed in the planter box, which tells the user how much water is left in the reservoir.

Elevated Wood Planter

This is a spacious garden planter, which is 4 foot long. It has a drainage hole and an ergonomic structure, making it perfect for those who can’t bend down to look after their plants. The garden planter has a very versatile design, and it can be placed indoors or outdoors. The garden bed liner of the planter separates the wood from the soil, and keeps the plant in good condition.

These vegetable garden planters can be a huge help for those, who have just started to learn gardening; Best Choice Products.