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Practical And Pretty Vegetable Garden Fence

If one doesn’t want to see a vegetable garden get ruined by chipmunks, or squirrels, then they have to build a strong fence around it. There are often deers or coyotes that can enter a vegetable garden, but fences can keep them outside.

Things To Remember For Vegetable Garden Fence

A fence should be made in such a way that, animals don’t know what the fence is protecting. If a hungry animal knows that the fence is protecting the food, then he would surely try harder to get inside it. If someone has a good budget, then they can get electric fencing instead of solid fences. Electric fences are expensive, but they are very effective in keeping animals away; Greenes Fence. Once animals test the electric fence, they are less likely to try getting in the vegetable garden again.

Before making a decision about fencing, it is important to know the local ordinance about building fences.

Aluminum Garden Fence

This is the most commonly used fence in most vegetable gardens. It is a very attractive fencing, and is also maintenance free. The things that the garden owner has to do are install, paint and then decorate the fence. However, the security of an aluminum fence might not be too strong.

Wooden Garden Fence

This is a popular fencing method in the USA. It gives owners a sense of privacy, because of the height of the wooden fence. When homeowners install this fence, it gives them a very warm feeling. The more lumber a homeowner adds, the more he has to pay for the wooden fence. However, this type of fence takes some time to install. Even if they are not cheap, they are durable, like hardwood floors. Also go and check out the vegetable garden design – Click Here.

PVC Garden Fence

This is the cheapest way to protect a vegetable garden. Even though the fence is not very sturdy, but it still serves the purpose of keeping the animals away. PVC sleeves are put on top of wooden posts, and they make a fence more stable. This decreases the cost of a wooden fence, and makes fencing more affordable. When a fence using PVC, then it becomes resistant to the elements and becomes durable.

Wrought Iron Garden Fence

These types of fences are often installed less for keeping the animals away, and more for their beauty. They are strong fences, but they need constant maintenance, as they have to be repainted after every three years. These fences are custom made, and they are not cheap compared to other fences; Amagabeli.

Vinyl Garden Fence

The upfront cost of installing a vinyl fence is quite high. However, if someone has a huge vegetable garden, then this is the perfect fence to install. It is strong and maintenance free. It resists plain and allows the garden owner to remove any stains from it, very easily. Considering the low maintenance and how vinyl fencing lasts for a lifetime, the cost of this fence is cheaper compared to others.