Using PPC And SEO Together

Using PPC And SEO Together -
PPC stands for pay per click which is an internet marketing model where the advertiser pays a fee for every click on their ad. It is essentially buying visits to the advertisers site rather than doing so organically. It therefore goes without say that the pay per click campaign that will work for your business is that which is organized well encompassing the right keywords and having an optimized landing page for conversions.

SEO on the other hand stands for Search Engine optimization and involves improving the number and quality of visitors to a website by improving the ranking of the website on search engines. This works for businesses in that the higher that your business appears the higher the chances of it having more traffic and an improved click through rate. This is an organic way of going about generating more views and visitors to your site rather than buying the views through ads.

From the above, it is clear to see that both Pay per click and Search Engine Optimization are different. Though they may be different, they work towards a common goal which is to generate more traffic to a particular website. In as much as they are completely separate strategies, they can be used successfully to complement each other. Yes, it is possible to use both pay per click and Search Engine Optimization to give you the right results.

Advantages Of Using Both Pay Per Click And Search Engine Optimization

The first benefit that you stand to enjoy is improved visibility. By using both pay per click and search engine optimization you not only rank higher on the search engines, but you will also be able to further improve your traffic by having pay per click adds. Once you have achieved a high rank on search engines, it is easy to think that you can do without the paid search results. This is definitely not the case as you will need both to get a higher click through rate and more conversions on your website. So go all out on both the organic and paid searches front for success.

In as far as strategy goes, using both PPC and SEO help ensure that your overall strategy pays off in more ways than one. By running a PPC campaign simultaneously with an organic campaign, you will have double data for you to analyze and determine the keywords that have the highest conversion rate and which you should focus on more often.

By using both further, you will get a feel of what will work for SEO. In many cases, what works for pay per click campaigns works for SEO. This way you will know what to include when creating title tags, page content and meta descriptions to improve on your organic ranking. PPC ads help you to immediately get results on page attributes helping you know what will work and what will not. Using SEO on its own will take time for you to know what is working and what is not.

Like PPC helps in giving you a better SEO campaign, SEO also helps in giving you a better PPC campaign. The relationship works both ways in that thanks to SEO you will be able to analyze terms that are frequently used to find your business and your products. With this information you can tailor your PPC campaign with the right words for better results.

By incorporating both strategies, it is also possible to deal with negative and damaging comments and issues that may arise in your line of business. In business, occasionally you will find that someone may say something negative about your brand and your business. Something may also happen that might hurt your business and your brand. By taking control of SEO and PPC results for a particular term that may be bringing damage to your reputation as a business, you help further control the damage that you would have occasioned if you had not done so. Therefore, PPC ads on maybe a faulty product should lead to a page on your site that has a money back guarantee and even efforts being made to mitigate such in future. This way, you are able to tell your side of your story and at the same time get more visibility.

Social media optimization is yet another advantage that you will enjoy by using both strategies. Thanks to changes in the social media landscape, it is possible to narrow your ads to a more specific age bracket. The data that you get from such a campaign will help in refining your SEO strategy as it gives you invaluable data on your audience.

Through pay per click campaigns you are further able to test organic keywords. This can be achieved by testing their conversion rate. The advantage of using PPC campaigns is that you get feedback immediately which works for you as you will know which key words you should use and what needs to be fine-tuned in your SEO campaign


Using both strategies works as a double edged sword. As you are well aware, obtaining organic traffic at the very beginning is difficult. To help you out and get you the much needed visibility, PPC campaigns are important. This is a very useful strategy as you consolidate both strategies to give you the results that you are looking for. As noted above, there are many advantages that you stand to gain by incorporating the two strategies to sell your business and brand to the world. From improved visibility, more conclusive keyword data, and giving you the avenue to deal with hurting PR, there is so much to gain from incorporating the two strategies.

It may be easy to talk yourself out of it, especially if you have gained a high ranking on search engines. In as much as that may be the case, you will need to use a pay per click campaign for you to garner even better yields. With the two, you will not go wrong.