Use Of PPC To Maximize The ROI

Use Of PPC To Maximize The ROI -


The use of PPC strategy for advertisement I gaining grounds. Both the small and large companies have started using this technique to generate more customer base. If you are not aware of this technique and the ways through which you can use it for the generation of ROI, then you must read this article, and you will get to know what is this technique all about.

PPC: What Is It?

PPC or pay per click is one of the digital marketing techniques. This technique has been designed to get more visitors to your website by directing them through advertisements. Search engines like Bing and Google allow businesses to purchase a place in the listings with a particular search result. The listings that are purchased are the paid ads they appear on the top and bottom of the organic search results that you could see in any search engine. If you have not observed them up till now, you can do it right now. It is just a simple procedure.

How Are These Ads Sold?

These ads are auctioned by search-advertising firms. For Google, the advertising firm is Google Ad words, and for Bing, it is Bing Ads. This method is not only limited to search engines rather Facebook, Apple Ads and Linked In also utilize this method for the advertisement. Once your ad is displayed, there would be chances that the customers would click on them. When the customers click on your advertisement, you will have to pay. In the bidding process, you actually decide what are you going to pay for each click that is made to the ad. The higher the bid is, the higher would be the chances of getting better results in terms of ranking.

Purpose Of Using PPC

Not every business can generate the benefit directly from the bidding process because the bidding process is actually expensive and small businesses cannot afford to pay much higher bids for each click. But still the small businesses can have the following purposes for using this technique.

In order to generate a short-term campaign at the time of launch of a new product or service, you can go for this campaign to create the necessary buzz. Using the campaign for 24-48 hours can be helpful. You can change the text mode to grab the attention of these searchers, so if you are looking for a technique to generate short-term benefits for you, then PPC is the best technique.

In case you are selling something online, then using this technique can be wonderful. You can tempt them to buy the product through your advertisement. St the same redirecting them to the right place is also possible.

Moreover, bidding for the keywords can be negotiated. For example, a simple example here is for the restaurant. If you need to get the keyword, restaurant, it would be more expensive but if you’ll limit it with geographical boundaries. For example, a restaurant in Toronto, then you’ll have to pay lower for it.

Benefits Of PPC Technique

The PPC technique can have a number of benefits associated with it. These include:

Fast Results

The results generated through these techniques are quick. You can generate traffic to your website as soon as you run our campaign.

Low Investment

You don’t have to pay until you don’t get any clicks. So, you can create an account with the search engine without requiring any dollar. On the initiation of the campaign, you’ll have to define your budget, and the payment will only be required when someone would click your advertisement. So, the need for initial investment is actually low.

Higher Flexibility

You can initiate your campaign with any budget you like, and the campaign would go live. You can change your budget any time, and the results would be readily implemented to the campaign.


Following are the cons of PPC marketing technique:

Wars On Bidding

You’ll have to bid for the keywords to use them in your advertisements. But your competitors would be doing the same to get the desired keyword. This can increase the cost of advertising because of rivalry.

Click Charges

The charges on each click aren’t uniform. They are dependent on the ranking, and the keywords use. So, it is not possible for you to adjust the manual budget based on each click, which can be considered as the drawback for this technique.

Fraud In Clicking

In this situation, the competitors manage to arrange fake clicks through different IP addresses on the advertisements of the company. This results in higher cost with this marketing strategy but zero return. The aim of this fraud is to exhaust the resources of the competing company so that the presence in the digital world can be easily acquired. It is a major drawback that this technique can have.


This article has highlighted the features of the PPC marketing technique, its benefits, and drawbacks. With all this information at hand, you can easily decide the occasions when you need Pay per click marketing. Moreover, the understanding gained here would also be helpful in analyzing the benefits and cost associated with your campaign.