Use Local SEO For Beating The Competition

Use Local SEO For Beating The Competition -


In order to know about a product or service, especially when you want to buy it locally or get information regarding it from the local perspective, you are actually looking for local SERP. It is not only Google where you can use this tool rather all the other search tools are expected to provide you with the local results, regarding a particular query posed by the customers. If you are new to local SEO, then the first question that you must consider here is what local SEO is. Let’s get an answer to this before proceeding further.

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO incorporates the special directions and standards to create the special ranking of a particular business with respect to a topographical area. Usually, the information about all such listings and information is provided by the digital marketing and expert. It can be referred to the linking of the individual business to the location on the map to help the search engines and the users to track a particular business on the map of the area. As an example, consider a neighborhood shop, which is not known by many of the potential customers. If this shop manages to create local SEO, it would attract all the nearby potential customers towards it easily, thus resulting in the increase of the overall business. How can it be managed? Below mentioned are the techniques that can help you in managing the local SEO management.

Use The Local Address Of Your Business On The Website

Google considers your address as one of the important things while creating an index for the business. At the time of registration of your domain name, you can look for the guidelines and the policies of Google for a listing of the business and need of address provision. The first thing that you can do here is to add a complete address, which can actually be used by people to reach your business. Additionally, a working phone number is another essential for listing your business at a higher rank in local SEO ranking. Similarly, in the digital world, the importance of email gets even high and you are expected to provide this address too.

Meta Descriptions And Tags Are Important Too

Incorporating the location of the particular business in the Meta description makes it possible for the users and the search engines both to track the particular business to a particular location. The incorporation of location in Meta description is important because Meta description provides the view of the information on the website, thus indexing based on location require the mention of location in the Meta description. Using the following formula can help you in establishing positive local SEO for the business; keyword +city/state/ country. This formula can enable you to create a Meta description with the best kind of information.

Language Used Must Be Simple

The terminologies or the language used in the Meta description and all the other elements of local SEO you need to make sure that the language used must be the language that the local community understands. For example, a business in the USA must use American English as its main preference. In order to optimize for the local audience, some of the jargons and specific terms used by the local population can be considered as well. It will help in solving the queries of the researchers, thus leading to portray a good message regarding your website to the search engine. For the next time, in case of a similar query, your business website will be ranked higher based on its ability to serve the customers.

Use Standardized Business Pattern

While putting the important data on your website, it is important that you must include the same pattern of your address that you have used it elsewhere. Rather all of these locations must be mentioned with the same pattern that Google follows. This helps the search engine in compiling all the possible web pages to consolidate the information about your business. Additionally, the use of phone number and metropolitan areas can be of great use to guide the search engine about your location.

Use Google My Business On Website

Google My Business is actually the starting point for running the local SEO practices. You have to add this tool to your website so that you can link different application carrying information about your business to the search engine. Here is the systematic procedure to get Google My Business.

• Claim the local listing of your website
• You’ll have to verify your account associated with the business to set all things
• Provide the exact business details
• Provide a link of this My Google Business to your website
• You can add pictures of your business if you’ll like. Adding pictures can help in getting credibility from the search engine and the customers
• Adding reviews to this page from the customers can be helpful in getting a better position at the listing of Google.

You Need To Be Active

Establishing the My Google Business account once does not relieve you with your duty of constant monitoring the information provided and reviewing it periodically. You’ll have to remain active or at least log in once in a while to keep the business listing associated with your business. Otherwise, Google My Business can deactivate your account.

Cite Your Website

If you have only mentioned your website on Google My Business and not anywhere else on the internet then, the ranking provided by Google for your business is lower as it becomes skeptical about the authenticity of the website and the other details of the business. So you should make sure that you have the social media websites where you can use the website and the physical address of the business to provide Google with enough information to believe that you really exist at that location. Ranking of the website can also be improved using this technique.


As a business operating at a small scale, the importance of local SEO cannot be ignored. Going through all these steps can actually help in making your business one of the discoverable options for your target market.