UPLIFT V2 Desk Review

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The UPLIFT desk received positive reviews from customers, after which the desk was further improved in terms of safety, functionality and adaptability. The desk has been designed by the company, keeping in mind, their every day furniture needs.

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Product Description

The sit-stand desk is an advanced desk that is available with a V2 Frame and Commercial Frame. The unique thing about the desk is that if offers multiple options from which a customer can choose, in terms of color, the material and shape they want. The materials, in which the desktop is available, are multiple:

• Carbonized Bamboo
• Walnut Greenguard Laminate
• Dark Carbonized Bamboo
• White Eco Curve
• National Ash Solid Wood
• White Greenguard Laminate
• Black Eco Curve
• Cherry Greenguard Laminate
• Acacia Solid Wood
• Pheasantwood Solid Wood
• Premium Walnut Solid Wood
• Smooth Reclaimed Fir

Desktop Sizes

The desktop is available in five sizes:

• 42”x30” (the price of this size is $539)
• 48”x30” (the price of this size is $549)
• 60”x30” (the price of this size is $639)
• 72”x30” (the price of this size is $729)
• 80”x30” (the price of this size is $793)

Frame Color

The frame colors available are different for each size. For example, for the size 80”x30”, the colors available are black, white, gray and metallic. There are similarities and differences between the V2 Frame and V2 Commercial Frame. Also look at best bamboo standing desks – Click Here.

Similarities Between The Two Frames

Both V2 frame and V2 commercial frame have the same lifting capacity; 335lb. This means that they can handle large desk setups, giving the customer a chance to share it with others. After the first version of UPLIFT, the stability of both frames has been improved. There is a tolerance between the three stages of the legs, and it gives a good fit to the desk.

Both frames have a dual motor design, which makes them sturdy, more reliable, less likely to wobble and quieter. No customer would want the electronics installed in a standing desk to make noise, as it will disturb not only them, but the people around them. Moreover, both frames have superior anti-collision sensitivity installed in them. This technology is quick to figure out any light resistance, like an object or a person being in the path of the desk. The frame stops its motion and that prevents injuries or unfortunate incidents from happening. The legs of both desks are adjustable, without making a sound. There are 48 accessory mounting points available on both desks, which add to their functionality and make it easier to attach any new, and advance, accessories.

Differences Between The Two UPLIFT

The V2 has a height range of 25.5”-51.1”, while the V2 commercial’s height range is 22.6”-48.7”. To make a V2 more stable, there are steel reinforcements tucked under the desktop that eliminates the desk from wobbling, side by side. As a stability brace is installed, it doesn’t require a crossbar, but it is present in V2 Commercial. As there is no crossbar in the V2, it leaves more room for the customer to install different accessories, and still give a clean look. On the other hand, the stability crossbar allows the customer to work at a greater height, without wobbling the desk.

V2 frame has an inverted leg orientation, which adds stability braces to the two sides of the frame. The V2 commercial has thicker legs, and this is the main reason for its stability.

Style & Budget

The budget of every customer varies, and so does this taste in style of desktops. The UPLIFT V2 desk gives them the chance to explore all these options, and choose the best one that suits their needs. There are so many options that it is highly unlikely the customer won’t find something that meets their taste. It is important that the customer focuses on these two things, because they might be buying the desk for a long duration, and won’t want to be stuck with something that doesn’t look appealing, or goes with their other furniture.

UPLIFT V2 Desk Review - BillLentis.com

Environmentally Friendly

The solid wood and bamboo used in desktops is environmentally friendly. These are natural materials, which would be appealing for those who care about their environment, and wouldn’t want to throw away their desks after some time. The manufacturer of the desk has made sure that the materials have a Greenguard certificate for laminates that they are using, which means there are less emissions of chemicals. The certificate ensures that those who are using the desk indoors don’t have to breathe in certain chemicals. It is important that the desks or other office supplies bought for employees; don’t hurt them in any way, like causing breathing problems.

Height Adjustment

For some, adjusting the height of a sit-stand desk can be a headache. However, UPLIFT V2 Desk takes this headache away, and gives customers the facility to adjust the height easily and quickly. There are two separate motors for each leg’s height adjustment, giving more adjustment choice to the customer.

The main benefit of using V2 Commercial is that the height range. The height range is ergonomically appropriate for 95% of the desk users, and it also meets the height requirement that is set by ANSI and BIFMA.

UPLIFT V2 Desk Review - BillLentis.com

Under-The-Desk Hammock

There is something that UPLIFT V2 offers that no other desk has offered before, and i.e. an under-desk hammock! The hammock is available for the V2 frame and the not the commercial frame. The reason why a hammock can be used with the desk, is due to its sturdiness. This means that if a person gets really tired and wants to rest, but doesn’t have a place to rest, then he can easily install a hammock under his desk, adjust the height and take a short nap. This would do wonders for the productivity and motivation of a person.

There are several other features that UPLIFT provides customers, but customers have to wait for it. These features include:

• Power Strip
• Desk Extension
• Side CPU Holder
• Foot Hammock

The desk has mounting points that allow the customer to attach their accessories with the frame. The best part is that the holes are drilled into the frame in a way that they can’t be seen by others. This gives the desk a very neat, clean and organized look.

UPLIFT V2 Desk Review - BillLentis.com

Advance Keypad

Customers have the option to upgrade to advance keypad, which facilitates them as they can adjust the height of the desk. They can transition from sitting to standing really quickly, as there are four memory buttons that can be used for programming. When the desk moves automatically, the customer can adjust his own position or the position of his chair. The height limit for upper and lower part of the desk are also adjustable.

UPLIFT V2 Desk Review - BillLentis.com
Customers are also provided with power grommet, so that they can manage their cables accordingly. Moreover, in order to stay organized and end the clutter that is usually found on desks, users can buy power management kits, clamp on USB surge protector and a power strip.

UPLIFT V2 Desk Review - BillLentis.com

What Customers Want?

When customers buy a sit-stand desk, they want it to have space, a good height adjustment option that is easy to use, and a variety of options to choose from. Manufacturers of such desks keep these requirements in mind, and make sure that a customer is able to put two desktops or laptops or other necessities on the desk, without having to worry about the space. Manufacturers pay attention to the sturdiness of a desk, so that it doesn’t wobble when things are put on it.

A sit-stand desk is a new idea, particularly designed for modern offices. However, it can be used in homes as well. When people are concerned about their fitness, don’t have the time or motivation to workout, go to the gym or walk on a track, then buying a sit-stand desk for their use would be the best option.

UPLIFT V2 Desk Review - BillLentis.com

Pros/Benefits Of An UPLIFT V2 Desk

There are many benefits of an UPLIFT V2 desk, from which customers can make use of. They can prevent their back from aching or neck from getting sore. If the position of a monitor is well adjusted, then a person can work more hours without causing any strain to their eyes. The standing option of the desk keeps a person more motivated and active. They move around, interact with other people, and don’t stay in one place for long. When people sit for too long, they might feel their limbs go numb, but that is something that can be prevented when they are sitting and standing from time to time. The sit option is very useful, as standing for a long time might cause aching in their legs. The standing option makes sure that a person doesn’t get obese, doesn’t feel lethargic and it lowers the blood sugar level down too, when the person returns from lunch.
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