2019 Updates And News On Google Adwords

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The definition of Google Adwords is actually very simple. If you’ve ever searched for something online you will notice at the top a bunch of ads before anything else. Basically, advertisers are able to allow clickable ads to appear on Google search results anytime a certain keyword is inputted by a user. These advertisers then have to pay for each click that occurs and this is how Google is able to make their money.

In this article, we will be discussing the main updates for Google Adwords. Big advertisers noticed the shift in the market and the way that people were now searching the internet and saw such Adwords became more and more popular. You’ll find the updates and news Google Adwords.

A New Tool For YouTube Called ‘Adwords Reach Planner’ Was Introduced By Google.

Google introduced a new tool for advertisers advertising on YouTube or any other video platform. The tool is known as a Research Planner. It helps big advertisers to be able to predict the rich conversion rate of how a specific video campaign may be doing on YouTube or other media platforms. The tool is estimated to be able to reach several video campaigns and give businesses a proper way to interact with their audience when planning for any future video campaigns are launched. Advertisers are also able to accurately select the correct format for their advertising budgets and lay out their objectives. Currently, this tool is only available in the beta version but full release is expected soon.

An Advanced Landing Page Report The Has Been Expanded Is Added To Google Adwords

The Adwords interface experienced a lot of new updates for its advertisers. This update is no different. It introduces a new way for advertisers to view a full report metrics for their URLs extended landing pages. Adwords Traffic is made visible by utilizing the help of landing page conversions. With that in mind reviewing the performance report of the URLs landing pages is very essential. This feature actually was available before however now advertisers are able to get the URLs landing page expansion in the same report.

Advertisers are now able to locate where the traffic may be coming from and reaching the landing pages of their websites. Things found in the report include click rate that is Valid Amp, click rate that is Mobile-friendly and several other data metrics. Data metrics that include cost, any conversion rate and a number of clicks can all be found in the report.

Google Adwords Introduce A Promotion Extension

If you look under the ‘Ads & extensions’ tab you will notice another update known as the promotion extension. Advertisers are able to stand out by having a tag icon added onto their search text ads which are great for SERPs. This can be especially beneficial for any E-commerce websites. Any special offers or promotional sale that is currently present on the websites can all be showcased using this tool. Advertisers are now able to be more organized and more accurate keep track of all of their promotions to understand what their profits might look like during those particular sales. The benefit of this are:

1. Promotion Extension may cause advertisers promotional message to be offered twice in their advertisements.
2. Limited Characters can be used when utilizing the Promotional Extension which is good. The CTR of ads is increased.

Google Adwords Ad Rotation Setting Is Able To Rotate Indefinitely And Is Able To Optimize

Google has declared that advertisers are now able to rotate and optimize as many ads as they deem necessary in order to gain success for their campaigns. This means that advertiser is now able to see which ads are actually working. Are persons clicking on their ads and what are they doing once they have clicked on their ads? This can all be found in this area. Below are the four options that can be used by Adwords advertisers:

1. Even rotation
2. Indefinite rotation
3. Clicks are now optimized
4. Conversions are now optimized

Shopping Product Listings Have Gotten Changes

Google has now placed a ‘Shop Now’ category under the product listings option with a new variation. They have made it possible for you to now view your prices next to your details about your products and what your shipping options are.

Google Adwords Has Provided A Bidding Adjustments Facilities That Are Perfect For Interactions

Google has recently introduced an update that allows for interactions to take place called bid adjustment. Bid adjustments can be found in mobile search ad and are an add-on for call extensions. Advertisements appearance designs can be created in mobile search as and this is the case for every site link extension. Google has provided the best option by ensuring that advertisers mobile ads appear alongside any call extensions. Advertisements with the call-only facility are also able to take advantage of this whether it is a campaign or a call extension.

In order to promote and bring awareness to a businesses brand, Google Adwords has made it possible for advertisers to set the budgets of their ads by placing ads on various advertising networks. With all these upgrades that Google Adwords has made to their platform advertisers are not able to make more effective promotions.

Google Adwords Moving Forward

From the Adwords Reach Planner tool, Advanced extended landing page reports, Promotions expansions, Ad rotation settings, Different product listings, and Bid Adjustments facilities Google has made changes to benefit all the advertisers looking to use their platform. This, in turn, will increase their profits as well. Google understands that as time goes on advertiser and consumers are looking for better and easier ways to carry out their promotions on the internet. While some of these upgrades are in beta modes the full versions are expected to be released soon. As time goes on we can expect to see even more upgrades to the Google Adwords platform and many other platforms that Google has alongside it to make easier flow and correlations of their products.