Unfair Practices And Domain Name

Unfair Practices And Domain Name - BillLentis.com


When it comes to buying a domain name, there might be buyers out there who are dishonest or not fair at all. This article will help you recognize those practices, provide you with a few warnings, and help you not become a victim of such a situation.

A domain name is something that you need to put in a lot of effort into, because it represents your site. This is why you should research about it, and consult with other people as well. However, consultation should not be done online, because someone might steal it and it won’t benefit you in any way.

Front Running

This is a practice that has come under the suspicion of many people, and for a long time as well. This happens when people see the attempts made by other people to see non-existent domain names, and then buy them. They don’t make an inquiry about whether they can buy that exact domain name or not. The intention of those who sell illegal domain names is that they do so, to get a higher price, and a nice profit, without making any actual effort.

Illegal Registrars

There are registrars who register a domain name searched on their website, regardless of the availability of that domain name and whether they need it or not. For example, there is a name in your mind, and you want to check if that domain name is available or not. You go to a website to do that, and don’t know that the name you searched for, is right away purchased from a registrar. This is not a competitive method at all. You will register the domain name you want to register, but this can happen only through them and at the price that they advertise; this means that they can charge you with a high price, and get away with it. The reason why other registrars can’t sell you the domain is because the domain name you want has already been sold.

How To Stay Away From Such Scams

There are different ways through which you can stay away from such scams. You need to make sure that you register your domain name the right way, and don’t pay a price higher than you need to.


You need to make a list of domain names that you want to register. These names should present your site and must be the names that you wish to buy. You need to do this, before you visit the page of the registrar, so your mind is made up.

You can make a list by researching different sites that are similar to your site and then analyzing their domain name. A perfect domain name would be such that it would reflect the nature of your site.


You should visit a registrar, from whom you want to purchase the domain name. If you check the domain name on the site of other registrars, even if you only want to compare the prices, you shouldn’t. Even if you do that in another browser window, it is a practice that we don’t recommend. This would be a very costly thing for you, and you will lose the domain name you want. So, this is a risky method and you should not use it.

If you think that a registrar is trustworthy, you should double check that registrar and ask opinion from other people, who have been old customers of the registrar. These opinions can help people not be scammed and may even help them find good registrars. If you research about registrars, then you can find stories of people who have been scammed and you will be able to know more about how not to be scammed.

Buy It

When you have made a choice about the domain name that you want, then you need to purchase it. This is because it might not be available after that and you will have to carry out the search process again. You should not waste time thinking that you can buy it in the future and if you don’t want to buy it right away, then don’t search for it. You should buy it right away, and then think about what you are going to do next. There are only two options available to you; buy it or lose it to the next person who wants to buy it.

You might not buy it at first thinking that the price is high. However, if the domain name is appropriate and it truly represents your site, then you should buy it. If it gets sold to someone else, and they charge a higher price, then you will suffer, surely. Finding an appropriate domain name is not very easy, because good domain names are always taken by registrars and they charge a very heavy price.

Forum Posting

When you are confused about which domain name you should buy, then you shouldn’t put it on a forum and ask what other people think. You should not put the domain name on a forum, and ask people which domain name is good and bad. There are people out there looking for suggestions, who might like the domain name you have posted and purchase it without thinking twice. On the other hand, there could be registrars on the forum as well, who would buy the domain name, and then sell it to another person at a higher price.

If you are a newbie and buying a domain name for the first time, then you should not make such mistakes. Keep the above tips in mind, if you don’t want to buy the same domain name at a higher price, and you will be just fine in this regard. Moreover, you don’t want your ideas to be stolen by other people, because creative ideas don’t come to mind easily. The domain name is very important and research and effort of choosing it and buying it, should be the same.