Top Five Tips For Prospering With Bing Pay-Per-Click Advertisings

Top Five Tips For Prospering With Bing Pay-Per-Click Advertisings -



There’re several forms of generating traffic although I want us to focus on the Bing Pay-Per-Click advertisings today. When used appropriately, this method of internet advertising is extremely scalable and powerful. Nevertheless, this method takes an expensive and steep learning curve. I’ll teach you a few tricks and tips so that you’ll spend less money yet gain more subscribers or sales.

Most people don’t consider utilizing Bing Ads when conducting their PPC advertising campaigns since they personally don’t use the search engine of Bing on a regular basis. However, Bing Ads has its benefits and can help you save money during your PPC campaign.

First Tip

Create a daily marketing budget so that you can plan the amount you will spend. You should work out the amount that you can be able to afford or else you’ll end up using a lot of money with Bing Pay-Per-Click advertisings. I recommend that you begin with smaller advertising budget then continue increasing it when you observe good returns on investment. Most people get overwhelmed and frustrated when they begin with a higher daily advertising budget. You will be unable to test or track appropriately and your advertising will quickly get out of your control, so begin small and then increase gradually.

It’s very important to control your expenses for the success and sustainability of your Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign. You can opt to develop the daily budget. You can also set how you’ll determine the levels of bid for the selected keywords, where you can even choose to perform it manually.

Second Tip

It is very essential that you carry out the split testing on your advertisings. A/B (split) testing refers to creating 2 versions of online content and simultaneously running both of them before the audience so as to measure and determine the one that performs better than the other based on certain metrics such as sign-ups, site visits, purchases or clicks. It perfectly serves the virtual businesses such as e- commerce, software companies, business coaching and digital marketing that wish to increase their conversions.

You are supposed to have 2 or 3 different advertising copies that are running in your advertising group during the same period. Testing the advertisings will assist you to determine the advertising that is receiving the highest Click-Through rates (CTR). The principle of split testing involves testing the small variations/changes in the advertisings and determining the variation that produces the best CTR. Small variation might include the changes in the ad copy, calls to actions, display URLs and calls to action.

Spilt testing includes determining the digital elements that are hindering the progress on the purchase paths of customers and then developing a distinct version of only one element to observe if its performance will be better as compared to the initial version. The versions are basically sent to the audiences of equal sizes so as to accurately determine the one that will perfectly boost the conversions. For the split testing to be successful, conduct a research on the site elements that prevent the guests form converting through observing how guests interact with the site.

Continue improving your Click-Through Rate every time, by making the subtle changes only to your advertisings. From instance, just altering the title of your advertising can result to a higher percentage of CTR, which is exactly what you need.

Third Tip

Most digital marketers and business owners know that management of keywords is very essential for the success of the PPC marketing campaign, yet most of them ignore or insufficiently focus on this important element during their advertising campaigns. This results to PPC campaigns that are ineffective, produces poor results and spends a lot of money on the marketing budget. Additionally, the business will waste a lot of resources engaging in repetitive tasks that don’t produce favorable results. Therefore, for the purpose of avoiding such cases, an advertiser should concentrate on effective management of keywords. This includes; keywords grouping and keyword research.

Keep your keywords targeted and relevant. You do not need to have several keywords in the advertising group. You need to be focused on having about five to ten relevant keywords only in every advertising group. This results to an increase on the quality score together with a decrease in the Cost/Click (CPC).

One of the main goals of the advertiser is to minimize the Click/Cost to the minimum cost possible. This simply means that you’ll spend less money on the advertisings and therefore earn more with the long term. Clicks that are cheap indicate more sales and profits for you.

Fourth Tip

Ensure that you use the negative keywords for your advertising campaigns. You need to include the list of negative keywords so that the campaigns will be more relevant and targeted. This will assist in minimizing the unwanted clicks and increasing the quality score. Using negative keywords is an amazing way of managing the advertising budget. Additionally, it will enable you to obtain a higher Click-Through Rate since the web traffic clicking on the advertising will be more relevant.

Fifth Tip

Use a question and call into action in your advertising copy so that you can get a better Click-Through Rate. Sometimes, people want to b informed what they should do. Therefore, you can place some information such as “click here for more information” towards the end of the advertising. This is simply giving people the call to actions.

Additionally, I have found out that when the advertiser uses a question on the title of the advertising, individuals are wondering about what you’re asking which makes them to pay more attention towards your advertising.


When conducting Pay- Per- Click advertising using Bing, your advertising will learn on the search engine of Bing. The Bing PPC campaigns resemble the search campaigns of Google AdWords, based on the fact that you will have to bid on those keywords that trigger the appearance of your Bing advertising. As you may have anticipated, the keywords you choose tends to have a huge influence on your ability of creating marketing campaigns that generates a positive return on investment (ROI).