Top 4 PPC Platforms And The Reasons You Should Use Them

Top 4 PPC Platforms And The Reasons You Should Use Them -


It is a high time that you consider using a PPC (Pay-Per-Clicks) platform, especially if you wish to generate viewer and user traffic in your site and turn it into revenue. You cannot make a mistake with the PPC platforms due to the fact that they have several other advantages. They enable you to create immediate traffic by structuring the advertisements to accompany the search results in the major web search engine. Additionally, you have total control on the advertisement copies, destination web pages for every click made and keywords. In addition, you do not have to be concerned about annoying and regular updates. Nevertheless, it is essential that you select the best PPC platform for the niche of your business so as to increase the probability of high returns and traffic to the maximum.

When organizing your PPC advertising campaigns, you’ll need to determine and choose the combination of the platforms or the specific PPC platform that you paid PPC advertisements will be displayed. Various PPC platforms have certain network that you can select from. Each platform contains in own specific marketing opportunities, disadvantages and advantages. Which are the various Pay-Per-Clicks (PPC) platforms? Why should you use them? Well, in this article, we have listed the top four PPC platforms.

Google AdWords

The Google AdWords PPC platform is certainly the most popular and the leading PPC platform that is currently available. The popularity and success of Google AdWords results from the reality that its owner is Google Inc. Additionally this Tech giant owns the largest web search engine in the internet. Google makes more than 67% market share of the web search.

One main benefit of AdWords PPC platform is the fact that it is driven by the strength of the Google search engine. Generally, this translates into millions of the active customers/clients that are searching for the services or products that you offer over the web. Additionally, AdWords will allow your advertisements to instantly appear on the top, if your marketing budget enables you to out- bid your competition.

Unlike other Pay-per-Click platforms, Google Ads provided the advertisers 2 basic methods of reaching to potential customers. This is either through Google’s display network or search network. Despite the fact that approaches tend to be functional, they are very different. However, they both utilize a Pay-Per-Click bidding system. This is where the advertisers bid so that their advertisements can be shown to the relevant audience. The Search Network by Google enables you to display your advertisements to the users that are actively looking for the specific keywords that you have chosen.

Yahoo’s Bing Network

Majority of people in the remaining web search markets that don’t use Google, are more likely to use Yahoo’s Bing Network. Basically, this simply indicates that advertisers will still get significant access to considerable audience, probably in tens of the millions. Microsoft owns Bing, while Yahoo provides Gemini. Gemini is the platform that offers the common marketplace so that advertisers can buy both mobile and native advertisements.

Bing enables you to place your advertisements on 2 networks. These networks are the Content Network and Search content by Bing. When you are advertising with Bing, you’ve the option of running the paid- advertisements campaigns in any of those networks. Additionally, you can even choose to utilize the combination of both. The network that you select to target your PPC campaigns are based on the campaign strategy and marketing goals. In addition, it is dependent on your advertising budget. This platform instantly enrolls your PPC campaign in their content and search networks. Ensure that you adjust the network targeting prior to finalizing creating you PPC campaign.

When compared to Google AdWords, the CPC (Cost/ Click) of Yahoo’s Bing Network happen to be more affordable. One can take advantage of the costs that are lower to examine the advertisement copy and keywords. If they happen to be satisfactory, you can then opt to move them to Google Adwords. Additionally, this network provides a customer service that is amongst the best on the market. This is due to the fact that you get the opportunity of consulting with actual people who are always willing to assist you.


Social media platforms control the following of more than a billion users. One popular social media platform is Facebook. This platform has the ability of displaying your advertisements to over half of its users daily, which reflects the no. of individuals that log in to this network every day. This allows you to interact and connect with a large audience. Therefore, why should you use Facebook platform as your Pay-Per-Clicks platform?

Social media enables one to target their audience depending on the refined criteria like various user interests, precise demographics and various geographical domains. For instance, it is very simple to target grown-ups that are aged between 35 and 50 years living in the city of New York who are fanatics of the NY Knicks. Additionally, Facebook has a huge user database, offering you maximum worldwide exposure.

The owner of this platform is AOL. This platform offers you (advertiser), the capability of targeting specific sites and continues to modify the bids depending on the websites you want your advertisements to appear in. This is a formidable level of autonomy and flexibility. Through this platform, your advertisements can appear in popular sites like the ones belonging to ABC, ESPN and Huffington Post.

The main benefit of platform is the fact that it contains a rich site inventory which exposes your advertisements to the millions of followers and viewers who frequently visit them every day. Because of its flexibility, you’ve complete control on the choice of sites that you place your advertisements. Although this platform demands that the high bids should feature the top advertisements, the large volume of the users visiting the inventory of its site makes sure that even those bids that are the lowest get decent exposure.