Tips To Value Your Domain Perfectly

Tips To Value Your Domain Perfectly -


Domain name is the real asset for a domain owner. This brings the first impression to the online business and the first factor which plays some part in attracting the right visitors to the website. Hence anyone which is going to buy it , they are buying a very important pillar for their business but it’s possible that you may price it lesser than it’s real value. Before selling it, it’s important to know that there are two steps which finally determine the value of the domain name. The first thing is it’s real value and the second part is the value which you can increase by your accts at the time of selling. Let’s go one by one and understand which factors and acts of your can play an important part in determining and increasing the value of your domain name.


Names which are older are in the search engines memory already as many number times people have done their done their search for them. Hence they are easily findable and if one uses it for the business it will get hits in no time. So how much is the Age , that much the value will be. Many businesses get closed everyday and those domain names can be reused then. A simple online search can help you to find those names and you can use them for your benefit.

Common Keywords

The general words and names are easy pronounceable and easy to write. Those words can be remembered by people easily and as a conclusion those have the SEO capability of to be found easily. This capacity makes them really valuable. The common online category related generic words are the most valuable ones and trademark like legal issue also will not be a problem with those. Hence these keyword rich names are for sure an asset in your properties.


Nay name which is short is easy to type, spell and also communicate to others. We are programmes to remember small things better than the longer ones. Anyone who is not married to a particular long name would always look for the short name to meet the SEO standards. Hence the short domain names are always costly and the price will increase with the shortness of it.


There are many extension options available to choose from like .com, .net, .org, .biz, etc but if give you to guess a websites name , I know exactly it’s going to be with which name. Hence we have seen that .com extension comes in our mind by default. Most of the websites are there on .com as this is the oldest one and people have got habitual to it.When they do a serch they just use this extension even if they are not sure about it. So the .com extension has got the fame value by the time and due to the increased number of users. Hence the most common and famous will the most valuable obviously.

Helpful In Branding

This is very important. Anyone wants such a name for the business which can give a brand value to the product. A domain name which is short and has the spark in it, has the capacity to provide the brand value to the product. So if you have something like this with you, it really has great value and will definitely give you good returns. These types of names may have some issue with these like trademark issues but if you search more, you may get something without having these hurdles.

Sounding Good And Easy To Understand

Again this is all about the accessibility and easiness and the impression in it to be in the memory of the people. Something which is easy to listen and understand correctly and is not complicated at all can qualify for the best domain name.

Already Generating The Traffic Rule

The domain names which are not in use currently but are already generating the traffic are the assets and contain good value. Anyways the names are meant to generate the traffic. Such domain name will start giving the results as soon someone starts using it. Hence these types of names carry good value.

Take Help Of The Tools

There are few appraisal tools available online and you can just take of them as well. These tools will help you to understand the value of the domain on basis of some fixed criteria like keywords in the domain, how is it searched per month, the per click cost etc. These are the programmed robots which will help you to test the domain name on various basis in one go but these will not consider many other options which are related to human experience. Few examples of appraisal tool are: Valuate, Estibot, Godaady tool for appraisal etc. You can choose any other tools also as per your choice but keep in mind that this is not all that you just have an appraisal done on these and decide and the reason we have already mentioned.

Keep Informed Of The Current Sales

You always need to keep yourself aware of the recent trend of the sale. You need to always know what is being sold. If a research is done of what is sold and what amount is sold, help to decide the value properly. There are few places/sites such as Namebio or DNJournal which provide you the opportunity to get such information. It’s not that the available data is the only base but it just gives you an idea and helps to accomplish this crucial task.

Hence there are several steps one need to take to value the domain name. There are domain names valued and sold in few dollars only and there are many which got sold in very high price as well. Sometimes you may wonder and scratch your head thinking that how the name could have so much value and here the ability to negotiate also matters. There are many steps but there is not a master step which can be taken value the domain perfectly. You can start from anywhere and end anywhere but to get a perfect value for your domain.