Tips To Make Your Blog Popular

Tips To Make Your Blog Popular -


All the efforts and skills of your writhing may go in vain if you don’t know how to reach to the readers whom you want it to be read by. Blog is the today’s world’s writing trend but it’s not so easy for a Blog to become successful or to fascinate the groups which this is meant for. As the requirement is there, there are many ways also to fulfill it. Here are few tips which may help you to make your Blog reachable to a huge number of readers and audience.

Target Audience And Utility

The first thing is to think carefully who are going to be the audiences you want to target or attract and ask yourself if the text which are preparing, is going to be useful for them or not?. If you think it is useful you are good to go but if it’s not useful there is a very less chance for anyone to read it. When everyone is suffering from lack of time, no one is going to spend the time on something which is not useful.

Authenticity And Originality

You need to make sure that the article you are writing, provides the authentic information and it’s not just a blind copy of something. Anything even taken from somewhere, should be cross checked for its authenticity. You also need to make sure of providing the Unique thing and not something which does not look original. This is actually related to the honesty on your writing.The more though, research and effort you will put in your writing, the more it will become original and unique.

Beauty, Engagement And Simplicity Of Language

People may come to your article but they may leave it in between hence you have make it so engaging that if someone starts reading it does not leave it before reading most of it. So here you need to write beautiful but simple language so that people find it beautiful and easy to not to leave in between as they can’t understand it. It should always be kept in mind that most of the people have a generic standard of vocabulary and knowledge. If you want to reach more people, you have to maintain the easiness.

Flow in the construction of the article also helps in engagement. The reader should feel like starting from a point and then going further from one point to another which are inter connected. There shouldn’t be much repetition of the points. The repletion makes it boring and there is high chance of the readers leaving reading it in between. Hence whether it’s big or small always plan for the article well to make it engaging an this way it will market itself by getting people’s appreciation.

You can take help from someone who can market your blog on internet. These people have access to the useful data (mailing lists or different forums) to make it reach huge number of people. They know the tricks and platforms to market it and hence you can pay them to get wonderful results.

Comment On Other’s Blogs

Try visiting famous blogs related to your niche and comment on those blogs with the link of your blog. This actually is helpful in getting traffic.

Apart from mentioning the link when you can simply talk about something in the appealing way, the audiences may find it attractive and If they get impressed by your thoughts or the way of expression, they try to know about you coming to your social media account or to your blog. This way helps you to make your network with the people beyond boundaries. Not necessarily the friends and family are like minded but the people who found you interesting by seeing your thoughts are like minded and the more like minded followers you have, more number of reading you will get to your blog.

Market On Social Media

You can always share your posts on Facebook, linked in, Google+ etc and if the content is really unique, attractive and useful it will be shared on and on by people. Make profiles on different social media platforms and always share whenever you write something new. You can also keep sharing things repetitively on certain related occasions. Sometimes people who really like and respect you help you in sharing the content.

Optimize It For The Search Engines

Get some SEO knowledge to know that how you get can make your writings more searchable by Google. Try using the keywords which come first in the Google search and while constructing the title always keep the most popular words first and then the rest of the part so that it come on top first.

Reply The Comments On Your Blog

Make it a note to always response the negative and positive comments on your blog. When you give a reply to any comment there is a chance of it becoming a topic of discussion somewhere and it makes more people to read it. You should put the same efforts in your comments also to make them appealing, interesting and engaging. If you can engage people with the comments there is high chance for their reading the article if they have not read it completely.


This is not a must but if you write regularly, people who really like reading you will not forget and shift to other writer due to the regularity and you will get same and more reading numbers for your upcoming posts. This is always observed that the bloggers who write regularly always have more followers that the bloggers who cannot manage regularity.

Here is the overview of the process of making you Blog reachable to the biggest possible number of people. Everything from the writing and marketing part works but the most important point is the Utility of the Blog for the people who read it. May be by some way you can make one read the article but you have to impress the person by your skills in that one chance otherwise next time how much ever efforts you make to attract that same reader, it will not work. Hence work on your content the most.