Tips For What To Wear At Golf Courses

Tips For What To Wear At Golf Courses -


Golfing is a good way to spend an afternoon. You get to spend time outside and enjoy the rich sense of history and tradition associated with the game. The tradition of golf extends to the wardrobe, that is, what you wear to play the game. If you are new to golf, it can be difficult to know the ideal attire to put on for the game.

The original attire for golf was suited for the cool and rainy climate of Scotland where the spot began. Golf attire has evolved since then. Today, the design of golf clothing is first based on functionality rather than style. Original materials used for golf clothing such as wool and weed are no longer in vogue. The earthy palettes of colours and patterns have also been replaced with different blends and almost any colour goes nowadays.

The attire you choose for the game will depend on your style, budget, the weather and your goal for the game. Do you want to make new friends, win a new client or just focus on the game? Knowing your goal for the game will help you choose the attire that will help you achieve those goals.

This article will give you tips that can help you choose an attire that will make you feel comfortable when you visit golf courses.

1. Check The Facility’s Wardrobe Rules

Before you pick up your clubs, check with the facility that you’re playing at to see what their wardrobe rules are.Every facility has its wardrobe rule. Know the wardrobe rules for the facility you are playing at. Some courses may not allow jeans and they only allow the proper length for shorts. Knowing these recommendations beforehand will make it easier for you to plan an outfit so that you don’t feel out of place on the links.

2. Get Collared Shirts

It’s recommended that you choose a collared style shirt for hitting the links. Some golf courses don’t require them, but they are usually the preferred look for the game. You can choose between button-down collared or polo style options. The polo shirts are the most common attire worn on the course. It is traditional and yet perfect for the warm summer. It is among the top recommended piece of attire for golfing.

Choose a short-sleeved collared shirt in warm weather and long-sleeve style in cool weather. Some facilities allow sleeveless shirts for women in warm weather. So you need to check the guidelines properly before you head out to the links.

3. Stay Classic

It is best to wear classic attire on the green because golf courses tend to have a more traditional dress code.

Choose khaki pants or shorts instead of a pair of jeans. Do not wear extremely short shorts as they are not appropriate for the links. In the same way, very long shorts can look out of place too. Shorts that hit just above the knees are recommended and instead of shorts in, women can choose golf shirts in warm weather.

4. Stay Cool

It is important to choose attire that helps you stay cool to ensure peak performance when you hit the links in warm weather. Your shirts, pants and other attire should be made of lightweight breathable material. Cotton materials are preferred. Clothed made from a knit mesh wicking material are also good because they help pull moisture away from your body and keep you cool and dry if you sweat out while playing.

5. Stay Trim

You will need a jacket if you play in inclement weather so that your body stays warm and dry. Your outerwear should be trimmed and close fit. Bulky and oversized pieces can affect your mobility and alter your swing.

Other Attire

Apart from your shirts, shorts and pants you also need hats and socks for the game.

1. Hat

You need a hat on the course to keep the sun outbid your eyes during the game and protect you from ultraviolet rays of the sun. Golf hats usually have open weave straw hats and baseball caps. Choose a waterproof baseball hat on misty days and a light coloured hat on hot days.

2. Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are a must on the course as they improve your game and protect the greens. You will spend the day on your feet so your shoes are arguably the most important component of your kit. So, they should be durable and comfortable.

Golf shoes look like conventional leather shoes, unlike shoes for most other sports. They are modeled after street sneakers and trainers. It is recommended that you choose a short with a formal but sporty look. Most people do not know it but leather is an excellent material choice for all kinds of weather. It is waterproof, comfortable and breathable. They can be cleaned and polished. This makes them more durable in the long run. They can also conform to the shape of your leg, unlike synthetic materials.

3. Socks

When it comes to socks, there are many options. It is recommended that you get a pair designed for playing golf. They are best suited for walking and the movements made by your foot when making a back swing. If you want to wear shorts, go with a pair of socks that hide under your shoe and are not visible.

4. Golf Umbrella

Golf umbrellas are a necessary accessory every golfer should have in his bag. An umbrella protects you and your club from harsh weather. It keeps you comfortable, dry and safe on the golf course.

A warm and sunny day with a light breeze is perfect for golfing. There are many stylish golf items you can choose from. This article has given you tips on how to choose your attire and other items. The bottom line is to find the attire that feels light and still protects you while you play the game you love.