Things To Do In West Roxbury, Boston, MA

Things To Do In West Roxbury, Boston, MA - Bill Lentis Media


West Roxbury is a neighborhood in Boston MA, which borders Roslindale, Hyde Park, Brookline, Newton and Dedham. There are several things to do in West Roxbury, Boston, MA, so the locals and the tourists won’t get bored.

Greek International Food Market

This market is located at 5204 Washington St, West Roxbury. This is one of the best things to do in West Roxbury, Boston, MA, if people want to eat shop and see a farmer’s market at the same place. This is a place where customers will find baking and baby food, beverages, chocolates, coffee, homemade pastries, jams preserves, pickled items and much more. The food market as Greek oils and marinated olives, and if someone likes to eat Greek food, then this place could be heaven for them; Greek International Food Market. Check out things to do in symphony Boston, MA, – Click Here.

Inner Strength Studios

Nowadays, people are very cautious about their health, and join different programs to make sure that they stay in shape. This place is located at 1524 Vfw Pkwy. This is the best part to do yoga, and anyone who visits this place, would love the energy here. The instructors here are very attentive, and they make the participants do challenging yoga exercises, and this makes it one of the best things to do in West Roxbury, Boston, MA. It is a very spacious and clean place, with good changing rooms. The teachers are experts, and they are very good with those who sign up for classes; Trip Advisor. Look at things to do in Beacon Hill Boston MA, – Website.

Laser Quest

One of the fun things to do in West Roxbury Boston MA, is laser quest. This place is located at 1580 Vfw Pkwy Ste 5. People can come here to laser tag in groups or on their birthdays. The place helps people arrange fun events for their friends and families. They even have corporate events, as a team building exercise for office workers. There are educational programs, where children play laser tag, and they learn something along the way as well. The people who visited here, were impressed by the space and the affordable price. The management will even take pictures of people, if they want. The 20 minute game is fun, and they even have an escape room option. Customers get to play at least three levels, and they get a score card in the end; Laser Quest. See things to do in Charlestown, Boston, MA, – More Info.

Millennium Park

Millennium park is one of those things to do in West Roxbury, Boston MA, which provides people with relaxation and peace of mind. This park is located at 398 Gardner St. It is a perfect place for kids, and for those who want to take a walk in the park. The view of the park is beautiful, and the visitors will get to see wild flowers everywhere. This park is dog friendly, and if someone wants to go for a run, then they can do that also.

There is something for everything to do in West Roxbury, Boston MA. It is best to find an activity that suits a person’s mood and fits their budget.