Things To Do In Miami, FL

Things To Do In Miami FL -


Planning a trip to Miami? Wow! You’ll have a real fun time there. You can go for a range of indoor and outdoor activities that you can enjoy on your trip. We hope that you have planned your outing schedule already. If not, then we can help. In this article, we have shared a list of to do things in Miami. This list includes different sorts of activities, so whether you have an introverted personality or an outgoing personality, you can easily find at least a few activities relevant to your nature. You can even decide to go out of your comfort zone on this trip to Miami and go for the entertainment options that excite you. Good luck with your trip!

Visit Miami Beach

Miami Beach -
Going to Miami, but not visiting the beach there is definitely not a good deal. It is one of the beautiful sandy beaches that you can find around the world, so visiting this beach is a must. You can enjoy the white sand and the marvelous sunbathing experience with waves of water creating a special ambiance that will enhance your overall experience.

You can even enjoy the rich culture and a number of entertainment opportunities that you can find in the area. So, while visiting Miami Beach one thing is for sure, you won’t want your visit to end. In order to know details about the facilities and some of the recreational options present in Miami Beach. Website –

You might even like to live near to this beach if you are fond of beaches or waters. In that case, you can have reservations in the nearby hotels. One of the options that you have is the San Juan Hotel. If you’ll choose San Juan hotel, you can expect the luxurious service from them as they are known for the high-class customer care in the heart of Miami. Website –

Find The Adventures Of The Jungle Island

You can find this island in Miami city and explore the jungle with its various attractions. Apart from enjoying the natural habitat, you can actually have an adventurous day in the Jungle. If you like to get yourself involved in the adventurous sports, you can manage it through the free flight in the wind tunnel. Similarly, if solving puzzles and curiosity are amongst your strong points, then you really enjoy the adventure game offered by the Island. Even there are other attractions in the Jungle Island, which won’t even let you leave the place at the end of the day.

For such an adventure full day, you should book the tickets for your favorite part of the jungle before you plan a day there or else, Jungle Island might seem a bit busty to you and you might not get the complete fun. Check out –

Additionally, you can also have the delicious food inside the park along with the opportunity to enjoy the water rides. So this Jungle Island can provide you with an opportunity to enjoy the entire day to its fullest. If you want to book your tickets or want to know about its location and activities etc. Website –

Enjoy Art Deco District

For the ones who want to know about the architecture of the past, Art Deco District is a wonderful place to enjoy the beautiful buildings. These buildings are painted with pastel colors to give the antiqueness of these buildings the due importance. You can go for lunch or dinner in one of the restaurants present in the Art Deco District to complete your day there.

Even at night, the buildings of the Art Deco District provide you with a beautiful picture. Especially with the neon signs lit at night, you cannot ignore the dining experience at one of the restaurants of the area. The best thing is that it is not very far from Miami Beach, so if you are living somewhere near it, you can easily have a visit to this place.

You can easily wander in the streets looking at the beauty of the structures and relating them to various designs of architecture found in different parts of the world. You can even refer it to an educational trip, providing you with tons of information. So while visiting Miami, you should not forget a trip to the Art Deco District.

Eat Ice Cream At Azucar Ice Cream Company

Eat Ice Cream At Azucar Ice Cream Company -
If you have visited Miami and still not tasted the Azucar Ice Cream, then you have really missed an important aspect of Miami’s tradition. Actually, this ice cream parlor does not sell any ice cream. It sells the Cuban ice cream.

Here you’ll find some of the different and Cuban inspired ice-cream flavors that will actually enjoy the flavor and feel that you have really invested the money in the right place. Some of the famous ice creams of Azucar Ice Cream Company include cream cheese and guava, vanilla ice cream and Maria Crackers. If you don’t want to go for the specialties of this ice cream parlor you can choose your favorite kind of ice cream and you can still enjoy the taste of the best ice cream parlor.

24 different kinds of flavors are served every day, so you can’t an ample variety available at your discretion to choose from. To know about the flavors offered by Azucar Ice Cream parlous. Website –

Exploration Of Deering Estate

On your trip to Miami, you can find many places with special historical importance. One such place is the Deering Estate. It is actually a winter castle made by one of the members of the Deering family. This castle has a number of buildings that you can look at to enjoy the castle view. Moreover, a mangrove boardwalk can provide you with a calm place to know your inner self or your partner.

At the same time, the Deering Estate is known for the archaeological discovery. Paleo Indians, which were found 10000 years ago, are available in this street. In addition to this, the bones of the animals, which was found 50000 years ago have also been kept to provide the visitors with an archaeological view.

The best thing about this Deering Estate is that you can actually find the cultural and historical perspective of the area through a visit to this place. Additionally, it has a clean and non-polluted air because of which you can easily leave the pollution of the man city behind and enjoy the natural environment to the fullest.

You can also find some special events to be taking place at this estate. Website –

Go To Little Havana

If you want to see the capital of the Cuban Americans, then you should visit Little Havana. The vivacious atmosphere of the place attracts a number of visitors touring Miami. It is present in the west of downtown where various different locations become the prominent areas for the tourists.

Maximo Gomes Park and El Pub are the places, which are famous amongst the tourists for playing the games of chess with each other, and some of the experienced players found thee and drinking respectively. Both these places provide the real Cuban touch in the entertainment and the way the guests are treated. Food and cigars of the area are the other specialties but not every visitor actually likes both these aspects. So, if you know the taste of the Cuban food or want to have a complete blast on your trip, only then you should go for both of them. Otherwise hanging out, enjoying the park and the overall vibrant could provide you with a great outing experience in Miami.

Plan A Trip To Miami Zoo

Miami Zoo -
If you have kids along with you on your trip, you can go to visit Miami Zoo. With over 3000 animals in the zoo, you can also visit 40 endangered species while visiting this zoo. Stretched over a place of 3000 acres, the zoo provides you with a wonderful place to go for a family picnic and spend all day.

Apart from the animal species, you can also find the plant species in the zoo as well, so you can actually enjoy the wide variety of plants and animals that you might not have seen live ever. You can also feed some of the animals in the zoo as well.

You can enter the zoo with a general ticket and a pass to make different animals eat the food they like. The young ones of your family will really like this way of spending the family time and teaching them more about animals. However, you should make sure that the children must not go closer to animals without supervision as it might create risks for both the children and the animals. You won’t like to ruin your trip by taking any risks.

If you are accompanied by kids from ages zero to two, you don’t have to pay for their tickets but for the ones above this age has to buy a ticket. So, you can buy your tickets or become a member of the zoo. Website –

Spend A Day At Everglades National Park

National Park -
This place is far from South Beach, so you can expect a calmer environment here where you can enjoy the natural beauty. This park is also known as the River of Grass, so you can expect the level of greenery that would be present here.

It is not a simple park. 1.5 million Acre of the park is used to preserve wildlife. So you can expect to see alligators and other animals. There are some artificial means of the fun provision as well. These include riding on the airboat, guided tours to a different location of the park along with the interactive sessions with the alligator. Getting deep into marshes and stream makes the entire trip adventurous.

A word of caution here, you must ensure that you keep a safe distance with the alligators and cooperate with the supervisory staff. This is for the protection of your life. Visiting this park from December to March is most feasible because of lesser mosquitos and greater fun around the different areas of the park.

The price to enter the park is nominal and can actually allow you to plan your trip to Everglades National Park for more than once. Website –

Explore Miami Science Museum

Miami Science Museum -
To know about some of the prominent discoveries in the fields of biology, physics, and chemistry, you can visit the Miami Science Museum. This museum is not boring or does not talk about the details that you cannot understand, planning to spend a day there could be one of the best things to do in Miami.

Since 1950, this museum has been providing all the science lovers and tourists with immense information that you can actually use in your general day life too. Moreover, it also helps in knowing the world and the progress that we have made together as humankind.

Even if you have visited before, you can still visit it again. Because of the constantly changing themes that make the exhibits of the museum look different every time. Additionally, the constant additions in the museum also provide another reason for revisiting the place.

Website – can guide you with the closing and opening times and some of the conditions that you’ll have to follow on your trip. After all, this is a museum, and you can’t be touching everything.

View Freedom Tower

The Freedom Tower of Miami has symbolic importance for the Cuban residents living in America. This tower established in 1925 has remained important in the immigration processing of the Cubans, so for Cubans, this tower is actually a tribute to the immigration processes and the department. So, this tower would be worth admiring.

Apart from this historical aspect of the Freedom Tower, it was one of the earliest skyscrapers if the area, so it is important from this point of view as well. While looking at this tower, you can find the differences in the buildings a century ago as compared to today’s architecture.

Moreover, one of the famous Newspapers of the area, Miami Newspaper has also been publishing from this building providing you with another reason to admire the purpose and the overall beauty of this tower.

Enjoy Your Trip To The Miami Sea Aquarium

Miami Sea Aquarium -
If the dangerous animals of the ocean are sea is your love, then this aquarium is really going to make your day. You can see some of the most dangerous animals of the water just a few feet away from you. Live shows with dolphins, display of killer whales, and other gigantic animals of the ocean provide you with a mesmerizing experience.

There are specific tanks in the Miami Sea Aquarium as well, which contains some tropical fish for the visitors. Various sizes of the fish can provide you a great attraction. Moreover, sharks and alligators are also present in the observation tanks to provide visitors with a unique and world-class experience.

The most adventurous part of the Miami Sea Aquarium is that you can even swim with dolphins. This is the training program in which you are told about the behavioral aspects of the dolphins while observing and playing with them. Website –

Walk In Bayfront Park

One of the best things to do while visiting Miami is to have a look at the beautiful parks that the state has. One of the prominent parts of the area is Bayfront Park. It was given a newer shape in the 1980s to provide the visitors with a different experience on their visits as compared to the other simple parks present in the area.

Some of the prominent arrangements that were made in the Bayfront Park were the establishment of a Pepper Foundation that is controlled electronically, the introduction of an amphitheater that could host musical events in the park, and a memorial commemoration of the crew of the aircraft that exploded in 1986. With all these attractions, Bayfront Park is no similar to the other parks.

You can visit it with your friends and family to spend your entire day there.

Discover Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden

If you are in love with greenery or the tropical plants, then this garden can provide you with maximum entertainment and awareness both. Vines, cycads and beautiful flowering trees are some of the attractions of the park that can make you feel relaxed and fresh on your visit.

Apart from some of the simpler species, you can also find the endangered species of plants there as well, so if your aim is to have a real educational trip while on your trip, this is a sure place to visit. For kids, this could be a bit boring because there are no animals or other recreational activities that could grab their attention.

This park is open for everyone at all the times of the year except Christmas. So if you are really planning to visit this Botanical Garden, you should make sure that you are not visiting it in the off days.

Get Amused By The Coral Art

Coral Castle is a beautiful place where you can actually find the real beauty from the coral reefs designed in a way to provide the real art touch.

Although you cannot spend a lot of time in this coral castle, the time that you will spend will keep you mesmerized about its construction. A strange aspect of this castle is that there are no histories or notes attached with the castle to provide anyone with an authentic way that how was the castle actually made by the single person. The lack of enough information about the construction of the castle is one of the reasons that most of the visitors want to visit this place and see the art and the creation of possibility with their own eyes.

You can take pictures, make some memories with the Coral Castle, and praise the art of that talented artist who managed to create a wonderful piece.

With these mentioned things to do in Miami, you can expect a great trip. In this article, various elements of entertainment have been covered to provide you with a touch of everything that you can find in Miami. The right choice of the places to visit and the priority list can be updated by you based on the information provided and the links shared. Apart from these discussed places, there are some other recreational activities and things to do as well. So, if you have a long stay here, you can explore some of the parts on your own. Believe us, this exploration part is definitely going to give you the best memories.