The New GTLD

The New GTLD -
Believe it or not, this is the era of the internet. With the availability of more than 600 extensions at your disposal, you can decide to pick and invest on any of the extensions of your liking. Whether you are a customer or a business working on its way to make your profit, you’re in some way being affected by these changes. Are these for the better? We can’t say for sure. The general opinion of the overall users is still out in the cold and waiting, but one thing is for certain, despite the empty breezes- these new updates have definitely been surprising to us all.

The Reaction To GTLD

For every new announcement by the new GTLD, some like guru, there has been a hype between the businesses, their Chief Executive Officers and its customers. Each category having its own collection of queries to understand. Either way, we have seen the recent uptakes of business reacting to the updates and despite the uncertainty in the opinions of the public for gTLD in general, we have noticed the business considering their consumers opinion and perspective as supreme. This means that the businesses are following out the consumers and that we might just be able to see a whole lot more of taking up during the normal availability sanctions. This means that we’re seeing more take-up during general availability phases and particularly when restrictions are resolved over trademark holders who have had their specified period.

What Is GTLD?

What is a GTLD, you ask? Well a GTLD, which is an acronym for generic top-level domain name, is as its name states. It is a top level domain name that is your internet address which is linked to a certain domain class, like for example, ‘.com’ which is an acronym for commercial, ‘.net’ which is now used for many purposes including for the ones intended by internet service providers, ‘.org’ basically for the use of non-profit organizations and industry groups.

Why Aren’t Our Extensions Being Bought?

In our opinion, the actual customers of our businesses aren’t the ones really buying out our new extensions. Why? Because, success is a resultant of how much effort you pool into it. You reap what you sow. To put it in other words, your efforts and hard work, in this case the quality of your content and its meaning to its users decides the overall value of your domain name. It is only when your content and product is valuable to your readers that your customers will take the initiative to strike a deal with you and buy out your product.

How Is It Related To SEO

This is precisely why and how this conversation will mold itself to the importance of your SEO rankings over your search engine and how important it is, therefore, for you to have the right set of keywords used in your domain name and in your content. Having a successful attempt at SEO, probably using a SEO expert or sorting it out with your own special skills will enable you to make use of this opportunity and have a higher rank on the search engine which will, automatically like a cycle, further end up improving your cycle.

Which goes to say this that the more meaningful, relevant and SEO related your content is, the more the chances are for you to instigate traffic and therefore the higher the chances are for you to make more sales.

Upcoming Changes

I’m sure you’re thinking that these changes might be hinting at a big leaf turner in the online world, and you might be right. It is not certain, particularly at this moment but it’s definitely imminent and on its way.

Different things are being noticed. Reservations, the startup of generic names being taken by the domain holders and the appearance of cyber squatters are being seen. Despite the vigilant efforts of the ICANN to help out with the verification procedure of registration and clearing the trademark house, we can see the changes taking turn and many expectations growing.

With DPML, businesses now have a great way to defend themselves. The domains protected marks list quoted as the DPML, therefore allows you to relax in the matters of popularity with a certain degree of assurance for the better.

Without a blocking option at hand, businesses can also decide to go on the defensive and use their right to reserve with a TMCH, within the Sunrise period. Out of ten, almost 9 of the businesses do not wish to get involved in these matters and as it takes a whole lot of time and effort. Plus, it is quite difficult, as beneficial as it may be, for an individual to plan out their developments and make use of their options perfectly. However, if you’re interested them the bare minimum requirement for a business to make use of these options, includes of a marketing, legal and IT team.

The low level of ‘popularity’ however discourages many corporations to not get involved in the effort and mess that may come up along with it.

Those in favor of integrating new GTLDs promise that these are way more easier to use and that they end up utilizing lesser space which gives you more room for the relevant Internet addresses, However, those who are against the idea of having GTLDs are convinced that it will only create unnecessary confusion and therefore, being relatively new, may end up opening us to threats and risks of cybersquatting, cyber piracy and that of losing out our infringement rights. So, in the end it’s your take. What do you think? Is it worth the risk or is it the worth the risk?