The Difference Between Content Blogging And Fluff Blogging

The Difference Between Content Blogging And Fluff Blogging -


There are two types of writing as far as blogging is concerned. You can decide to put in the time and effort to write great articles and build a good brand. Or you can decide to take the easy way and write fluff content which will only lead to a waste of time, energy and resources. The first type described above is classified as content writing/blogging while the second type is basically fluff writing/blogging. Content writing is the most effective of the two types.

You can read a fluff article all the way through and not remember what the article was originally about once you finish reading it. Such articles are works of writers who either don’t know the topic or subject they are writing about, or they have absolutely no clue about writing and don’t know how to express themselves.

Fluff writers beat around the bush and continuously repeat a lot of information the reader already knows. This drags out the point and makes the reader forget the main point of the write-up.

Let’s assume that you picked up a book to read and find out that the book didn’t make any tangible point until the last chapter. What would you do when you see any book from that author in the future? You would most likely never want to read it. You wouldn’t want to waste a few days of your life reading fluff when you could read another book with informative content from the first chapter to the last. This is the same with blogging. Fluff writing drives people away from your blog/website. It doesn’t speak well of your brand too.

Interesting content, unlike fluff content, draws readers in and makes them want more. This is why people search for interesting articles. So how do you come up with interesting content for your readers?

The Key To Good Content

The key to writing quality, interesting content is passion and interest. It takes little effort to come up with amazing articles when you are writing about something that you are passionate about. You will write quickly and produce great content in little time.

The case is different when you are not passionate about your topic. You will end up running out of ideas and repeating yourself over and over. It will also take a long time to finish because you are forcing yourself to write.

How To Do Content Blogging Effectively.

Writing original content gives your site more exposure on search engines like Google. Google rewards sites with high-quality content. Having quality content on your website increases ranking. This is good for your business. Let’s look at how you can create quality content.

Have Strong Headlines

Good headlines arouse interest and make people want to read your content. This is supported by statistics. According to Copyblogger, only 20% of users will read your entire content. The remaining 80% read only the headlines. This shows the that headlines are as important as the main article.

Provide Answers

The main purpose of search engines is to deliver answers to queries. In the same way, a blog post or article should provide answers to the readers’ questions. That is the reason people read your content in the first place. They are looking for answers in your infographics or video post, and they want the answers fast. People do not have all the time in the work to read your article. The article should be concise, easy to read and straight to the point so that readers can get the important information quickly.

Your content should contain all the relevant information on the topic in question. This is the best way to get the results you want.

Source And Report Information Accurately

Your content will be considered to be of high quality when your information is inaccurate. Imagine writing an article for your company’s blog and presenting inaccurate information. This can damage your company’s reputation as well as your own because thousands of people read it.

The accuracy of information builds trust. If your articles are inaccurate, it can negatively impact your company. People will not take your brand seriously. So make sure that you verify any statistics that you put in your article. It is ideal to post the source links to your information to show your readers that you’ve got your facts right.

Create Engaging Content

Engaging contents keeps your audience coming back for more. They will believe everything you say. You can engage your audience by leaving them with questions. Your article should have questions that make readers think on how they can act on the knowledge you provided.

Another way is to grab the audience attention from the beginning. You can do this by having a captivating introduction. People often judge a post by the first few lines. The impression they get from those first lines will determine whether to read the remaining parts of the post or not. It is therefore important to give them a reason to continue reading your article.

Create content that your readers can act on. Let your audience know what’s in your article for them. You should clearly state what your audience will gain after reading it and how it will positively affect their lives. It is important to use a personal tone when writing. You shouldn’t sound unnatural or self-promotional. It will only turn readers away.

In closing, remember that fluff writing has no benefit for your company or business, it’s simply a waste of valuable time. Creating quality content is what will help your business to stand out and make your readers keep coming back. Also don’t forget that people are looking for information, and they want it fast. You will achieve positives results for your business/company if you put this into consideration while creating your content.