The Best Digital Marketing Course Of 2019

The Best Digital Marketing Course Of 2019 -
In this video, Jordan Steen talks about a digital marketing course that can be helpful for those individuals who want to start a digital marketing agency or social media marketing agency; Hubspot The reason why individuals want to start digital marketing agencies is because, nowadays, companies cannot exist without digital marketing, as they won’t be able to reach their target audience.

Jordan Steen emphasizes that his digital marketing course is the best, because peers are able to communicate with each other and learn better by asking questions and they can work on their own pace and complete the course.

Module 1

The class discusses how to start a business, the kind of back account that an individual would need and how an individual should manage his finances. The first week is all about getting to know how a business is run, in order to eliminate any confusion or hassles that students might feel.

Module 2

During the second week, students learn about social media marketing. They learn about social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and how products and services are marketed on these platforms. Jordan wants to add Google ads for students to study, so that they are able to understand social media marketing and how it is actually done, regardless of the size of the business.

Module 3

During the third week, students learn about email marketing and automation; Smart Insights

They learn about how to build an automated email list and how to segment people. Emails should be sent to those people, who prefer to engage with a business through emails, and not those who find emails irritating or consider them spam. Students are also taught about website development, website design and domain hosting, but not from a very technical point of view.

Module 4

During the fourth week, students learn about how to carry out SEO marketing campaigns and pay per click campaigns. Students would be able to learn how they can get backlinks, how they can get their website ranked on the top of search engine results and how they can pay to get to the top.

Module 5

During the fifth week, students are taught about content marketing and its importance for marketing agencies; Wikipedia Students are taught how to create content that people would want to read, how to source content or how to find content for blogs or websites.

Module 6

Students get to learn about landing pages, tools and templates, like the digital auditing template, that they can use in their business. Students will also get to know about the different kinds of softwares that they can use in digital marketing.

Module 7 & 8

Module 7 is about how to get clients and price the service that is being offered to them. The reason why this is being taught in the seventh week is because students need to understand services before they can charge a price. The last module is about learning how to outsource media campaigns and how to build a good digital marketing team.