The Benefits Of Using Social Media In Business

The Benefits Of Using Social Media In Business -



Once upon a time, social media seemed to be a site for the provision of entertainment. People mainly visited social media sites for fun and not business. Social media has a major role in establishment of new and the promotion of either existing or new businesses. Social media is crucial in the advertisement of a brand’s products and business set-up. Social platforms and sites include; Twitter is used for blogging, Facebook, Instagram, MySpace and Google+ assists in Social Networking, and LinkedIn provides an avenue for collaboration, social networking and avenue for business collaborations, Drop box helps in document collaboration. YouTube is used in video hosting which will be essential when showcasing a business’ products and stating the core objective for people who aren’t used to reading articles and posts. The most common feature in all social media platforms is providing a general audience which is essential in any business. Social media marketing and advertising is a form of business promotion, most probably the most powerful form of promotion. The merits for employing social media in a business include;

Increased Brand Awareness

Right from introduction of the brand to several new people, social media has numerous advantages. Based on statistics, a population of over thirty percent relies on the social media sites to not only look for new brands but also explore the different existing products. This implies that, explanation and the display of your products on social portfolios will be a sure way of getting the required public attention suiting your business. This is essential in fortification of beliefs of clients who just got to know that your business exists and the products inclusive of services you major on. This ensures the new audience visits and revisits your site often.

Investigate Your Audience

With the use of social media an opportunity arises to find out more information about the audience which has high chances of checking out you brand. This provides you with the necessary statistics on the trending feature thus you giving thorough feedback on the effects of different tactics to be employed for the business. The onlookers’ preferences, the choices of the onlookers and their probable likes are neatly displayed in an elegant statistical form for analysis and proper use in implementation and interpretation. Figure out what your audience is all about. This assists you in effectively targeting the intended audience.

Customer Service

Most of the customers have been opting to using social media as an avenue for business interaction. Most of the time, clients contact businesses indirectly by posting a comment online in the social platforms. When you have a business page in the sites that are active, client issues can be addresses and solved which increases the worth of the business on social media platforms. Brands also use social media as an interaction point with the customers ensuring that the queries, issues and needs for a business are sorted out. This increases customer satisfaction and thus results to a both sided win-win situation.


The social media sites provide a rapid avenue for feedback response. It is among the greatest merits of social channels in rapid feedback response. If new bugs or implications arise, they are promptly detected and appropriate action is taken. This allows brands to have quick responses for any bugs or implications. For the businesses not I social media, customers do not get a proper avenue to express their experiences which in turn impedes a brand’s product progress.

Brand Equity

Social media is an essential tool in judging the brand popularity. The popular brand name means the business is popular. This increases clients’ confidence in the business name. Existence of a business on social media is among the easiest ways to have a famous business. A social media user often refers to shares and likes to gauge a brand’s efficiency and effectiveness. It is that way and thus is a useful technique to avail and utilize to your own advantage.

Have A Good Competition Eye

The social media merits are not only meant for your business but also provides information on competitors’ business. This is essential in strategizing and proper planning so as to be up-to the task of meeting your competition. Furthermore there is an old adage that says that, enemies should be closer to you as compared to friends. In this particular case, enemies represent business competitors.

Advertisement is a key business necessity. Whether it’s a large business or an upcoming business, advertisement is necessary. The most effective advertisement is by use of the spoken word. In a business world, use of oral techniques is giving personal opinions on a brand’s services and products to someone else. This will mean, after good customer service, the business has higher chances of thriving since most people will get to hear about your brand and the splendid services. It will be an indirect advertisement form for the business until the customer goes to social media to praise the brand. This will mean more audience will get to find out about your brand from opinions of a satisfied customer.


Since most businesses depend on outsourcing, social media will provide the perfect avenue for this. Facebook is at times thought of as an informal business channel which is professional enough. Thus, a LinkedIn business account will be efficient as the site is aimed at bringing together different businesses from the whole world. Meetings with nosiness clients can take place at the most convenient online website which is secure and focuses only on businesses. Being part of a business-oriented social site will provide you with information and resources to develop your business. CEOs from various large companies will offer professional thoughts on business management.


Therefore, using social channels for your brand has an uncountable number of merits. A business that is existent in social media acts as boost to sales and figures in the business. Furthermore, isn’t social media a completely integrated system with two-way continuous flow of feedback and implementation? Social media is a great way for product analysis using live audience. It will help in increasing customer satisfaction that will lead to a business boost.