Ten Tips On How To Increase The Views On Your Facebook Posts

Ten Tips On How To Increase The Views On Your Facebook Posts - BillLentis.com


You may have noticed that Facebook is not what it used to be. You simply post and your post would appear on your subscriber’s list according to timelines. Now they do not and the posts that appear on the users feed seem more haphazard and sporadic. Sporadic? No, it just the new algorithm changes. The posts that get more likes and more view seem to pop up more on the viewer’s feed compared to those that don’t.

For most marketers on Facebook, this is simply a nightmare that they can never wake. Without the right strategies, your posts end up going down the drain. However, for Facebook, it is probably a ploy to encourage marketers and users to post relevant posts in order to get better engagement with their subscribers. Well, before you get your pants in a tizzy, you can continue down this article to receive ten ways to hack or beat the algorithmic changes and get back the view on your posts.

1. Create Follow Up For Your Popular Posts

At some point, you had to share a post or two that got many views, comments, and likes. By researching on your past posts that were popular, you can find follow up topics to write. To do this note on the topics and themes of these topics in order to create their follow-ups. As you create the topics, keep the posts evolving with each follow-up in order to get your audience hooked.

2. The Allure Of Pictures

People mostly take in information through sight. With strong pictorial influence, you can move your audience (subscribers) to like more of your posts. Think up ways of telling your visual story on your page. The best way to do this is to take photos of the current activity. Giving your subscribers a view of your current activity keeps them engaged and inspired to follow your daily or weekly posts just to keep up. With the smartphones, you have a camera in your hands and you can now take photos of your activity and post them instantly.

3. Wait For The Prime Time

Any veteran marketer should know of this basic aspect of marketing. There is really no need to post any tin up when no one will see your post. To get the most views for your Facebook pots you have to know the times at which your subscribers are online. Facebook Insight is one way to do this. Using the statistics and calculations offered by Facebook Insight, you could choose at what time to send your posts out to your audience and receive optimum viewership.

4. Optimize On Facebook Live

While pictures are candid and moving, live videos give off a sense of connection to your viewers. Shooting regular videos at certain intervals and optimum times to ensure utmost viewership, you can engage with your subscribers more. Keep the videos interesting by shooting “how to”, Q&A or any or sporadic videos of your travels and awesome places you visit. Shoot videos as often as you can to keep your audience edging for the next content you post.

5. The Audience Should Relate To Your Content

The one reason why most content ends up in the irrelevant section of the internet is that most people who view it do not relate. You have to post content that resonates with your subscribers’ personal life and interests. By following up on the feedback you receive and some influential subscribers you will get the insights you need. Engage your audience by asking questions about your content and pay attention to their questions and input. Using tools like Buzzsumo will help you research on the most relevant keywords that keep popping up relating to your industry or business.

6. Get Your Audience Worked Up Not in an angry or negative way! You have to find a way to keep your audience coming back to your page for new content. Keeps them interesting with teasers and posts of new and upcoming products. We know the reason why we cannot put a book down is the anticipation and suspense. Employing this two as tools on your Facebook page will help you hold and book your audience.

7. Keep The Ball Rolling

For every question, you receive on your posts, make sure to answer reasonably and in a way that offers information. This will help to build your image and promote more engagement. Keep track of your commentators and always be ready to answers any questions that come your way.

8. Shun Unrealistic Perfection

The common thing about total perfection is the resentment that it elicits in the hearts of men. When you are too perfect, people feel that you look down upon them. Let out a venerability and flaw, not too much but just enough to make your audience feel closer to you. One way that people connect is by celebrating their flaws together and you should not take this away.

9. Ask Open-Ended Question To Insight Engagement

People ignore closed questions or simply give short impersonal answers. Ask questions like ‘how do you feel about…”, “what is your take on…”. These kinds of questions create an avenue for your clients to share their feeling and thoughts, which are what people, want. Most people only need an ear in order to open up to the world. In a world filled with digital noise, a listening ear comes as a welcome respite. Be that listener and it might give you insight into your audience’s interests and needs.

10. Make Them As Viral As Possible

If you provoke people’s emotions on the internet, you are likely to get a rise out of them. This is the trick behind most viral memes, pictures, and posts. You have to know how to get a rise out of your audience in order to create viral-worthy content.

Well, there are ten of the best strategies. Do you have to use all or each? No, but you can use a couple at the same time in order to ensure your success. Over time of profiling your audience and using these strategies to create your content, you are bound to increase the relevance of your content on Facebook.