Ten Best Customer Service Companies You Should Learn From

Ten Best Customer Service Companies You Should Learn From - BillLentis.com



When we talk about customer service, what does it really mean? Customer service is definitely much more than just sitting at the front desk and welcoming customers. Customer service is the part of the company that answers all enquiries and questions of customers. Customer service is what basically sets the business going because without it, there would not be a great business. Customer service can turn so many onetime customer into a long life customer. People also enjoy word of mouth testimonies and having an excellent customer service brings more recommendations, thereby attracting more potential customers to the business.

The reason why a people focus so much on a particular company is because of how they were treated every time they visit the organization or transact any business with such organization. These companies or business organization understand the impact of customer service on a business, thus excellent customer service is what drives the business to higher levels. These companies may not have so much but their customer service covers it all. A customer service person is someone a customer comes in contact with first before even getting access to the management team. The extent as to which a business goes and results to good outcomes depend on how good the customer service of the company is.

There are some companies that have continued to remain prominent in terms of the best customer service so far. These companies are known worldwide and have continued to grow both in sales of services and products as well as building strong connection with customers. Here is a list of the ten best customer service company that other companies’ should learn from.

1. Chick-Fil-A

Chick-Fil-A is a limited service restaurant with customer service rating up to 8.60. The restaurant seems to have the perfect recipe for the happiness of all their customers with their focused menu and great service. Customers seem to troop in to Chick-Fil-A because of the quality of food they want and not just for the food but also a very good customer service platform which leaves them coming back every time for more. Some customers would say that the great service offered is hypnotizing and they have no other choice but to keep coming back for more just to experience the sweet smiles on the faces of their staffs, the fresh aromas and quality of service which in turn gives them a value for every penny spent in Chick-Fil-A.

2. Trader’s Joe

As far as the world of supermarkets are concerned, Trader’s Joe has mapped out a world of endless growth due to its excellent service routine. The supermarket rates over 85.4 in customer service by customers. Trader’s Joe have created a name and niche for themselves to be one of the best supermarkets where you can find unbeatable customer service.

3. Aldi

Just like its subsidiary Trader’s Joe, Aldi seems to cut across every section of quality customer service to each and every one of their customers. Customers do say that Aldi can’t fly any better when it comes to experience really good customer service. From the picking up a product down to the payment of the product, Aldi customer service is worth the value. Their prices are moderate, cheap and very affordable. Some customers say that though Aldi is a very big supermarket but their customer service is even bigger.

4. Amazon

Amazon happen to be the biggest online retail shop where people can easily shop for things without necessarily going long distances to shop. Recently in a survey Amazon reach over 84.8 percent in their customer service. Amazon is an internet retail store that has varieties and classes of products all in one zone without having to search on so many places to get brands. Customers say it is very easy to use and all questions and enquiries are been addressed as soon as possible.

5. Lexus

Lexus is an automobile company. The Lexus brand has been a world known brand when it comes to exotic cars and luxury cars. They have over the years maintained their great customer service with customers and this excellent customer service is what wows customers that they are stuck with the brand. It’s very hard to see a house without a Lexus brand packed outside. According to surveys, the automobile brand has reached a total of 84.6 percent of the ratings given by loyal customers. Even J.D Power recognized Lexus for their amazing customer service.

6. Costco Wholesale

Costco Wholesale is a departmental and discount store. The store has been known for their great customer service. Maybe it’s the low prices or the liberal return policy that has made them climb to the top. Customers seem to love everything about them. Their customer service is superb and very accommodation. Their prices are unbeatable and shopping is very easy with Costco Wholesale.

7. HEB Grocery

Located in Texas, HEB Grocery has become one of the biggest private grocery store in US. They keep to their standard of having fresh groceries at unbeatable prices and sometimes sale prices are offered. They are known to be one of the best grocery shops as most family prefer to do their grocery shopping with HEB Grocery.

8. Toyota

Toyota is known all over the world. It’s been recorded to be one of the most used brand of cars all over the world. Almost every family have a Toyota brand in their homes. Toyota, despite been the second largest of automobile makers has always been the favorite of customers all across the world because of their value for customer needs.

9. Publix

Publix is a supermarket in the southern United States. Publix keeps all their customers happy with their excellent customer service. Most customers testify that shopping with Publix is always awesome and the staffs who work there make shopping very pleasurable and memorable.

10. Wegmans Food market

Just like the HEB Grocery store but a smaller version. Wegmans makes customers in the northern part of America very happy with a good time and good shopping experience. It’s a great place to go for grocery stoppings with the wonderful and bright decorations to welcome you.

Customer service is something that keeps your business. To continue to grow in business. Excellent customer service is what is needed. Probably if your business has not been moving fine, checking the customer service is one first place you should repair for the business to bubble back. The above companies mentioned above take their customer service very seriously that’s why in so many years they are still in business.