Step For Finding Your Domain Name In Case You Forget To Renew It

Step For Finding Your Domain Name In Case You Forget To Renew It -


Do you own a domain? Do you need one? You will first have to decide on the domain name you wish to have. The next step is to check whether this domain name has been taken by anyone else or is it available. In case, if the domain name has been taken already, then you’ll have to look for something else. Once, you have finally settled with a domain name that has not been taken previously, then you must proceed with the steps of registering the domain names. Thereafter you will have two choices that you can take. These options include

1. Finding A Web Hosting Company That Can Provide You With Their Own Domain Registry
2. Or You Can Look For A Domain Registrar

The most convenient option for creating a website will be relying on the web hosting company for fulfilling all your needs. You can consider it as a one-stop solution that can fulfill all your needs regarding the website creation.

When it comes to managing site, at times it can be a bit challenging, thus some small things can go unnoticeable. With all the hassle of maintaining your website, there can be some situation where you can forget to renew your domain name when it expires. In such a situation, how can you get your domain name renewed? A bit complex but it is not impossible

The first thing that needs to be considered is regarding the time that has elapsed since the expiry of your domain name. Longer the elapsed time will decrease your chances of getting your domain name back, so you better be cautious about it. For different time frames, there are different options that can be available. We have discussed these options below to present you a complete procedure for recovering your domain depending upon the number of days that have been passed from the expiry date.

We give you various options you can undertake depending on the time you’ve taken before

With Only A Few Days Passed

In this case, you can get your domain renewed without any issues. You can consider it within 18 days of domain expiry. If you fall into this category, you’ll have to face relatively minimum challenges. The reason behind this is that the majority of domain registrars give a grace period of 40 days. At this point, the domain name is still secure and that no other person can purchase before this grace period expires. So, you can be really sure that there are no problems in recovering your domain. Make sure, you don’t spend this time in vain too and get it renewed at your earliest.

Within 19 – 40 Days Ago

Yes, you can. This is the period that is in the range of grace time provided for 40 days. Thus there is a very high possibility of securing back your domain name. however, in this period, you will have to inquire about the possibilities for renewal of your domain from the hosting company. The first 19 days may seem many but at times you may be held up until you have completely forgotten, this period gives you an ideal opportunity to make your renewal while the hosting company still secures your domain name.

Within 41 – 70 Days Ago

Can you get back your domain name after 40 days? The answer here is maybe. In this case, there could be minimum possibilities of securing your domain back. This is the immediate period after expiry of 40 days grace period provided. This period is referred to as the redemption period. At this moment, you are given an additional 30 day grace period that allows you to renew your domain. If you will be interested in renewing, you will have to pay some extra fee. Otherwise, you get into a risk of your domain being up for auction. And this is definitely not what you want.

Within 71 – 75 Days Ago

The chances here are minimal. This period is referred to as the Pending Delete status. It is the period after the Redemption period. The action taken after this is to delete your domain in the registry. If you still want to find your domain, all is not lost, you can have it through back order. Even though you risk a situation, where someone else may have an interest in taking it once it is available and that is the last thing that you’ll want.

If your domain name is up for the auction, you may have to win it again during auctioning. But in this situation, expect the price to be relatively high. But because it may be the only option available, so it will be wise to go in that direction.

Could There Be A Possibility Of Getting Back My Domain If Someone Else Has Taken It?

Yes, indeed there is a possibility. but there is no assurance of getting it back. There can be various ways to get it backed, which we have listed here. Firstly, you can purchase it from the new owner. You will have to negotiate and discuss the pricing of your required domain name again. You can offer a considerably high price to convince the owner to sell the domain. However, it depends upon the owner that whether he sells it or not. If the owner decides not to sell the domain then you can exercise the other option. In the next step, you’ll have to find out if the domain has been acquired in a legal manner or not.

In case the new owner has acquired your domain name via illegal means, you have an option of filing a dispute with Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy. This could be a very bright way of winning your domain name back since there would be no owner thereafter.

So, if you didn’t renew your domain name, you still have a chance. All you need is to identify the time period from the expiry of your domain to the current time. This will help you in doing things in a fast and efficient way.

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