Starting a Blog – It’s Easier Than You Think

Starting a Blog - It's Easier Than You Think -
Starting a blog is an effective way to share your skills and experience with the world. You could have some expert knowledge, thought or opinion that you want the world to benefit from. A blog provides you with the opportunity to do so. Before we discuss further blogs, let’s define what it is.

What Is A Blog?

A blog is a website where an individual (usually referred to as a blogger) can post his or her thoughts and opinions. Most blogs are more like diaries or journals. New posts to a blog are listed at the top of the page for visitors to easily see the new update. Blog posts usually include videos, images and texts. You can also include links in your post.

Does Blogging Require Any Technical Skills?

Many blogging platforms make content writing and publishing very easy but you need to be familiar with the internet and some basic word processing skills like typing. Once you can type using a word processor, you can write a blog.

Getting Started

Before you can start publishing your blog posts you need to have a blog site. Your blog site needs a name and web hosting service. Remember, your name is your brand so choose it carefully. Your name should be easy to remember and should reflect what your blog stands for. Spend some time to brainstorm on the best name for your blog.

After choosing a domain name, you need to subscribe to a web hosting service. Your domain name is your address and the web hosting service allows people to access your blog on the internet. Domain names and web hosting are cheap these days. The prices range from a few dollars to hundreds or thousands of dollars. So even if you can’t afford expensive domains or web hosting, there are cheaper alternatives that can still get the job done.

There are platforms like Blogger and Tumblr that allows you to create a blog for free. But you should only use these platforms to test the waters and experiment some ideas you might have about content and design. If you want to start a profitable and successful blog it is highly recommended that you avoid these platforms and go for a paid web hosting service. This is because free platforms have a lot of limitations. Your blog can also be removed if you violate any of their rules. This means that you will lose all your content and followers. That’s many months of hard work gone down the drain. This is you need a domain name and reliable web hosting.

After setting up your site, you need to install content management software. WordPress is the most popular content management software for bloggers. With WordPress, you can easily manage your site’s content without prior knowledge of programming.

What To Write About

The first thing to do when you want to write a blog is to choose a topic that you are passionate about. It will make it an enjoyable process. If you are not interested in the topic or niche you want to write about, it will be hard to come up with fresh and engaging content. Your audience will also sense your lack of enthusiasm and passion because it will show in your writing. You will run out of ideas quickly and it will be difficult for you to consistently create content that will interest your audience.

There is a wide range of topics/niches you can choose from ranging from food, travel, beauty, health, fashion and technology. Check out the competition for any topic you plan to focus on to know what you are up against. When you do that, find a way to present your blog from a perspective that will make it unique. Alternatively, choose a topic that is more specialized and has less competition.

You Must Love Writing

If you do not like writing, then blogging probably isn’t for you. You need to love the art of writing in order to create a successful blog. That is the only way you can happily create blog posts that are entertaining, informative and inspiring.

If you want to be an excellent writer, you must put in time and effort. You should write regularly to improve your writing skills and develop your creative abilities. Also, make it a point of duty to expand your horizon by reading wide and as you read, pay attention to word choice, sentence structure and word choice. As you read more, you will develop an eye for good and effective writing and you will know which mistakes to avoid.

How Often Should You Write A Blog Post?

Regular posting is necessary for you to create a successful blog. You can decide to post every day or every other day. But the important thing is to stick to a regular schedule. When you post regularly, you attract new visitors and you also have a beer chance of retaining those visitors that decide to follow your blog. They will keep coming back if they know that you are committed to giving them entertaining and informative content on a regular basis.

Get Your Blog Visitors To Engage With You

Readers should have a way to interact with you after reading your post. Many blogs have a comment section below the post that allows readers to leave comments and feedback on a post. This is a good way to keep in touch with your followers.

As a beginner, it is important for all your posts to have a Call To Action of some kind, that is, something that you want your readers to do. It can be a request for a share or a comment, or a request to make a purchase. This way, every post would have an outcome. If you do not include a call to action, you will miss out on many potential followers and leads and sales if you run a business blog.