Standing Desk VS Treadmill Desk

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Modern research about prolonged sitting and the health risk associated with it has concerned many people who sit hours at office and homes. “Sitting is the new smoking” you already might have heard or read it somewhere. Inactivity of the body increases many health risks, including obesity, heart disease, and some types of cancer too. Many people can avoid sitting in front of TVs and computers at home but what about people who have to spend hours sitting on a desk at work?

This has led to renaissance of some old ideas, such as standing desks and some more modern and new ideas such as treadmill desk. Both types of desk allow users to avoid sitting too much, with higher or adjustable height desks which is optimal for standing position.

Standing Desk

Standing desk has been around since 1400s, according to known history and has been used by some famous people in history, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Charles Dickens, etc. The purpose of the standing desk is to allow user to stand and work. Modern standing desk can be used for both sitting and standing, with height adjustable mechanics; Click Here. They are either manual or electronically adjusted.

Treadmill Desk

The idea of treadmill desk surfaced somewhere in 1990s. It is designed so you can do your office task on a desk while walking on a treadmill. The idea is simple, to counter sedentary lifestyle and keep your body active, a step ahead from standing desks. How often should I stand up at my desk – Website.


Let’s compare some of the benefits of standing desk and treadmill desk:


Both offers alternate to sitting too much, as it can increase various health risks. Treadmill desk might be a better option if health benefits are considered, as your body is more involved in physical activity.

Getting Used To Standing Desk And Treadmill Desk

While standing and working might require some time to adjust but walking and working is not easy. While some task will be easy to grasp others might take a while on a treadmill desk. See how to DIY standing desk – Must Read.

Distraction In Workplace

Treadmill can be very distracting for the work environment and your coworkers. The sound of someone walking on a treadmill or sound of treadmill itself, if any, can be very distracting in some work environments, for example call centers or other work which require lots of concentration. While the only time you will hear noise from an electronic standing desk is while adjusting its height, which too might be very low; Go Here.

We have discussed some of the comparisons and in the end; it all comes down to your personal preference and requirements. Can standing desk cause back pain – Web.

Final Thoughts:

Standing and treadmill desks are a good way to counter sedentary lifestyle. They can be used at home and offices. The best option for you depends upon your needs and work environment. A treadmill desk might be more beneficial in terms of health but might lack some very important properties that are crucial for certain work environment. On the other hand, standing desk might be a good fit for the work environment but might be not as beneficial as treadmill desk in terms of health benefits.