Standing At A Standing Desk

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A modern office must have a standing desk or two for those who are conscious about their health, and know that they need to either stand or move around to make sure that they get some exercise. If standing desks are becoming the new normal, then it is necessary for people to know how to best stand at a standing desk and what things they should avoid doing.

When a person buys a standing desk, he does all the relevant research to know which standing desk has the best functions and would fit in his budget. However, most people don’t research about how they can use a standing desk in the best way possible, and the things that they should avoid when using it.

Standing For A Long Time

Standing desk is bought to encourage employees to stand, but the mistake they usually do is that they stand for a long time. Having a standing desk doesn’t mean that employees stand all day. If they do stand all day, then that could be bad for their health, which is why there should be a balance between standing and sitting. As per customers, when they stand for two hours at the start of the day, they feel productive. They do take breaks in between, because there is no doubt that too much of anything is bad for health.

For this, an employee should get a chair along with his desk. The chair that an employee purchase, should be adjustable according to the height of the standing desk; this way he won’t feel any discomfort. The chair should be comfortable and if there is no arm rest feature on the desk, then the seat should have an arm rest feature. Look at features of a standing desk – Click Here.

The Right Height

What’s the point of having a standing desk if a person still has to lean forward and suffer from backache and neck pain? The whole point of having a standing desk is to be able to adjust the height of the standing desk in a way that it doesn’t make the body sore. If a person buys a desk, where he can’t adjust the height, then he won’t be able to benefit from the features of a standing desk.

Before buying a desk, a person should do research about the height adjustments that are available in different desks. The person should measure their own height, the height at which they would be comfortable in using the desk and then make a purchase. A good standing posture is one where the elbows of a person are at a ninety degree angle, and their screen is a little bit below their eye level. The position should be such that a person doesn’t have to lean forward to look at the screen, look down or crane their neck to see the monitor.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

When people stand for a long time, in front of their standing desk, then they might feel some fatigue. This can happen, particularly if they don’t move around or have a floor underneath their foot. In order to solve this problem, those who buy a standing desk, should also buy an anti-fatigue mat. An anti-fatigue mat helps those who feel tired standing all day, because they don’t have a proper mat underneath their feet.

An anti-fatigue mat would act as a cushion under their feet; a person would feel more comfortable while standing. Moreover, when they are comfortable in standing, they would move around as well. This would prevent their limbs from getting sore.

Not Moving Around

One of the mistakes that people using a standing desk make is that they stand still and don’t move around. If they stand still, then that would definitely impact their ability to be productive. If the working environment of a company is light and friendly, then at times, people should put on some music to which they can move around. This will make them more productive, because standing still all day long, looking at the screen and working, can be a bit boring.

Posture Of The Body

Whether it is sitting on a chair or using a standing desk, many people don’t pay attention to their body posture, which they should. If they don’t have a good posture, then they are putting their health in danger. They should not adjust the height of the desk in a way that they have to lean too much forward, or crane their neck to the see the monitor screen. The height of the desk has to be just right, and it won’t be just right if the person using it doesn’t know their own comfortable height.

People should adopt good ergonomic principles; they should use a chair if necessary, to support their pelvic and knees. The monitor should be in a position that it doesn’t negatively impact the eyes of the person. If the right body posture is not adopted, then people can face problems like constricted blood vessels or even fatigue.

Uncomfortable Shoes

It is important for a person using a standing desk and not an anti-fatigue mat, to wear the correct shoes. The correct shoes can be heels, or shoes that don’t provide any breathing space to a person. The correct shoes are those that are comfortable, and before wearing them to work, a person has tried them by walking around. People rush to buy shoes for work, because they don’t have the time or they just don’t care what they buy. However, if they take their time, ask for assistance about which shoes are comfortable and would support their foot curve, then they can spend time in the office, more comfortably.

Making A Clutter Of Things

A standing is developed for the purpose of making things convenient for the customer and giving them space to store things. However, usually, a desk has a clutter of things that are too heavy for the desk, and this could impact its main function. The average weight that a desk can hold is 280lbs. A person should only put things on the desk that are absolutely necessary and the ones that he needs in arms length. Moreover, the companies who manufacture standing desks, they also offer people with other accessories, like a wire management tray.

Customers should consider buying these accessories, because they can help in proper storage of things. If there are wires popping out of the monitor, the keyboard, laptop or a smart phone, then those wires can be properly managed.

It is very important to stand right at a standing desk, because of the health benefits that a standing desk provides to customers.

Sugar Level

When a person takes a lunch break, returns to work and then sits, then this impacts his blood sugar levels. When people start their work on a standing desk, then this exercise helps them bring their blood sugar levels back to normal. However, if they feel uncomfortable standing and they are not adopting the right posture, then this won’t do well for the blood sugar levels either. If a person doesn’t have a good experience standing, using a standing desk, then they will discontinue the use.

Shoulder And Back Pain

While sitting, people have a really bad posture, but when they stand, they have a much back and neck friendly posture. Those who use a standing desk should never slouch their shoulders, should keep their wrists at the perfect angle and reposition their monitor screen. This would help them prevent backache and neck pain.

Increase In Productivity

While sitting on a seat, with a desk, people usually prefer to take small naps. This is mainly because they feel drowsy while working, as their body doesn’t get enough exercise. This is a feeling that employees must have when they return from lunch. This is why working at a standing desk improves productivity as person, as they work more, sleep less and don’t feel drowsy. When people start their day early, they would prefer to stand and move around, to get that lethargic feeling out of them, which they feel when they wake up from a night’s sleep.

Last Word

Standing desks are really comfortable for those who understand their purpose, do a little research about them and then use them according to set instructions. If they have a bad posture, they don’t wear the right shoes or use an anti-fatigue mat, then it is highly likely that they won’t be able to use the standing desk properly.

Some might consider using a standing desk, a punishment from their company. However, a standing desk does help in preventing diseases and body pains, that people who usually sit and work all day, suffer from. A standing desk should have a chair attached to it, with its height adjusted according to the desk, so that if people want to take a break from standing, they don’t have to wait to go home.