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StandDesk was founded by Steven Yu, who was concerned about his roommate’s health. With the help of a standing desk, his roommate was able to lose ten points in four weeks and Yu found potential in the design. The reason why Steven founded StandDesk was due to the high prices of the other standing desk. He wanted to build something that was cheap and affordable, and he founded StandDesk, funded by his campaign on Kickstarter.

StandDesk Simple

The height range of the StandDesk simple is 27.5”-47.2”. The height can be fixed 1.08”/sec, and the weight capacity of the desk is 242.5lbs. The width base of the desk is 42.5”-59” wide, and this can be adjusted as well.

Features Of The Simple StandDesk

There are many features of the Simple StandDesk that customers would find appealing. The top of the desk is available in both laminate and bamboo. If customers choose the bamboo option, then they would be acting responsibly, considering how it is good for the environment. The desk has grommets, so that multiple wires can be passed through it. The stage legs of the desk can be adjusted with 19.7”, and the desk has a telescoping base. This way, the top sizes can be adjusted easily. The unique feature of the desk is the anti-collision system that is installed in it. Check out standing desks and a variety of colors – Click Here.

This anti-collision system makes sure that when the desk doesn’t collide with the person using it, or any other object. The desk provides overload protection, which customers who are not able to understand the weight load capacity of the desk, would find helpful.

Assembly Of The Simple StandDesk

The desktop comes from China, pre-boxed. The product is well packaged, and the entire top is covered and protected using foam. Customers would find the packaging very well done; it is not done in molded foam, but in Styrofoam, and the box might be heavy for them.

The difficult thing that a customer would find is the assembly of the product. It is a long process, and can take up to 1 to 3 hours. The parts are labeled clearly for the customer; however, the cross support that comes with the standing desk, and the slat are not labeled. The motor comes pre-assembled, so customers don’t have to worry about it. There are 32 bolts that come with the product, and they have to be screwed into the desk’ frame. If a person doesn’t have much experience with tools, and has not assembled many things in the past, then he would surely find this difficult. - Check Prices Button Red

Stability Of The Desk

Stability is very important when it comes to a standing desk. Customers wouldn’t want a standing desk that wobbles when they put weight on it, or put their desktop on it. Those who have used the simple model of StandDesk, have tested it using cross support and then, without cross support. The desk from front to back is stable, until it reaches the height of 36”. When it comes to left to right, it did wobble a little, but not before it reached 36”. This means that above 36”, the customer is more likely to face problem with this desk. The cross support provided by the company does improve the left to right wobble motion to a certain extent.

Mechanics Of The Desk

The simple StandDesk motor is manufactured by a Chinese manufacturer. Even though it serves the purpose of adjusting the height of the StandDesk, it doesn’t perform as impressively as it should. To those who understand electronics pretty well, they might not find the mechanics of the motor very well done.


The warranty of all the electronic components is of 3 years. The structure of the desk has a warranty of five years; this includes the top and the frame.

The best part of the StandDesk simple is its entry level price. This is an inexpensive option that customers can easily get for $349.99. Perhaps, the quality of the materials used and the problems that customers face can be overlooked keeping in mind the price of the desk. Customers can also set up collision sensitivity settings, that range from 5-30, and 15 is the standard. The desk also has overload protection. If the manufacturers of the desk put more emphasis on making the assembly process easier, then the desk would appeal more to customers.

StandDesk Pro

The dimensions of the desk are 30”x27”-78”x30”. The height can be adjusted from 23.25” to 48.75”. The lifting capacity of the desk is 350lbs, and it comes with a programmable controller. The lift speed of this standing desk is 1.5”/sec. The operating noise is 50dB, which isn’t much, and the weight of the frame is 66lbs. The prices of the desk range from $500-$1,690, which is less as compared to other brands. This can be a very appealing feature for customers, who just need a standing desk to drive away their back ache problems and sore neck issues.

Pros Of StandDesk Pro

There are many good things about StandDesk Pro. Firstly, the design of the desk is such that it gives a very clean look. If it gives a clean look, then it makes the desk more appealing. As mentioned in the specifications of the desk, it doesn’t make much noise. There are standing desk, which make a lot of noise when they are adjusted. This noise not only disturbs the person who is using it, but also the people around that desk. It can complicate things in a working environment. However, the pro version of this desk doesn’t have this problem.

The desk is stable and not wobbly at all. Those who have tested it feel that the desk can stand the weight it mentioned in its specifications. If a desk wobble a lot, and that too when weight is put on it, then this could be a disappointing factor for the customers. A stable desk helps a customer concentrate on his work, and be more productive. The main objective of a standing desk is to make sure that it keeps the customer alert, and he becomes more productive at what he does.

Cons/Things That Need To Be Improved

There are three things that customers who have tried the standing desk, would want to improve. Firstly, they would want to pay less for this version of the desk, as not many customers want to pay a high price for a standing desk. They would rather choose a converter, than buying a new desk. Moreover, the size options for StandDesk Pro are very limited, and many customers have complained about the quality control issues of the desk. They would want a better standing desk that doesn’t give them grief over electronics or adjustment issues.

Making A Decision

When it comes to cost, StandDesk Simple would be something that customers would want to buy. However, customers should research about StandDesk and the other models available by the brand. They can research about customer reviews, reviews given by those who have used different types of standing desks, compare prices and then make an informed decision. Those who think that buying a standing desk, and that too at a high price, is a bad option, should research about the benefits that a standing desk can give them.

Benefits Of A Standing Desk

Who isn’t tired of just sitting and working, dozing every now and then? This not only breaks the concentration many employees strive to maintain when they are working, but also makes it difficult for them to be productive. For those who are really concerned about their health, because they aren’t able to exercise or walk on a regular basis.

Such exercises protect customers from sore necks and back aches. However, the most interesting thing is that it gives them the chance to move around. If a manager assigns a team project, then standing desks could really create harmony and cooperation between a team. The team won’t have to leave their seat, but move a little here and there, from one standing desk to another. Standing desks gives employees a chance to interact with each other.

Standing Desk Used In Homes

Most of the time when standing desks are mentioned, they are mentioned in reference to an office space. However, a StandDesk, simple and pro, would be appropriate for home use. The problems that people face in office space, they might not face the same problems at home. For example, in terms of assembly, family members can assemble the desk together and have a good time. If the desk is wobbling at a certain height, then it could be used for making children do their homework on it. Children don’t need that much height from a standing desk, and they won’t put much weight on it either. When children see that they are using a new way of doing their homework, they would become more productive, and this is a factor that parents would appreciate. - Check Prices Button Red