Social Media Is An Addiction: How To Overcome It?

Social Media Is An Addiction - How To Overcome It?
Gone are the days when drugs were the source of addiction. Now the level of addicts has gone to another level with the advent of social media. Our youth has replaced the drugs with the smartphones and social media. The strange thing about this addiction is that you might not even feel that you are addicted unless you have really reached a stage where getting back to normal is not possible easily. Social Mediatis is one of the terms to describe this condition of our individuals.

Still aren’t clear about it? Let us explain by elaborating the concept. According to our own definition, this term refers to the individuals who cannot restrict the usage of social media anywhere at any time whether they are at home or work, inside or outside, or anywhere in the world. Even leaving the smartphone somewhere and leaving home without it must also be included in it. Don’t you think that such individuals can actually exist? You are wrong. Here is one of the examples that can help you in getting the authenticity of the existence of such individuals.

Once one of our friends got late to an important meeting in her career because she got up late and consequently each of her activities was delayed as compared to her schedule. But by the time she reached the coffee shop, she realized that she doesn’t have her mobile phone with her. Despite getting late and heading to the meeting, she went back home to grab her mobile phone. By that time, it was enough late that she could not have attended the meeting. So she called the meeting place, told everyone that she was sick, and wouldn’t be able to make it. Luckily, her excuse was accepted and the meeting was postponed. And later she won that contract too. So, by this example, the point that we are going to make is that the mobile phone enthusiasts actually exist in this world.

When she got her phone, the first she checked was Facebook and Instagram. This shows the high association of people with social media that despite all the drama going on in her life, she was still interested in the things going on the Facebook.

Importance Of Smartphone In Social Media

The mobile phones and the associated access of social media has become so important that each of us has a mobile phone in hand or in the bag and we consider it a necessary fashion item without which we can’t even think to live. This is what 21st century is all about.

A decade or two back, people had enough time to talk to each other and understand problems of others but now everyone is busy on the phone. Additionally, such people also argue that this technology has provided everyone with the opportunity to text or call the others with a single touch. Even sending pictures and sharing videos has not remained a difficult task now. You can search the entire world just by sitting at your home. Still, the communication that we had with each other a few decades back was more genuine and empathetic than the today’s conversation. Now, even the babies can use tablets and mobile phone, so the next generation is becoming technology savvy on their own.

The businesses are also getting impacted from these addictions. With the employees busy with their mobile phones and social media applications, their productivity and efficiency has decreased to a very lower level, impacting the profits of the business. Even the work-relationships and work ethics have also been deteriorated with higher involvement of employees with their mobile phones. The lack of strength in the relationship is not limited to the business environment only rather the relationships at home, between friends and neighbors have also deteriorated with the excessive use of this technology. This technology reduces the level of engagement of people with the work and increases the cost of business along with disrupting the social fabric. Just imagine a point where the interaction between people will be possible through devices only. No direct interaction between people. It is kind of scary.

Let us share one of the funny events related to the excessive usage of phone. An important meeting was in the middle when a phone vibrated. As the vibration was loud and the meeting was important, so everyone looked here and there annoyingly. It really interrupted the speech from the senior director. Even the mobile phones were not allowed in the meeting. So, everyone’s concerns were genuine. With continued buzzing, the mobile phones were senior director’s own. So, it was actually embarrassing and all the team members still laugh while remembering that day.

How Can Anyone Know That They Have Reached The Stage Of Social Mediaitis?

The psychologists Mark Griffiths and Daria Kuss have explained that a person giving a positive response to any few of the following questions is an addict and needs the treatment for digital detoxification.

• Even when you are not online, you think about it and plan to use it?
• Have you increased the usage of social media over time?
• Are you taking social media as a means to get rid of the personal problems?
• Have you ever failed in your try to reduce social media usage?
• Do you feel restlessness if you can’t access social media?
• Has social media use created problems in your job, relationship or studies?

If you have a positive response to all or even few questions then you need to leave the digital world right now and try living in the moment. You can manage this by leaving your devices at home, or having locked access, which could deter you from actually using it.

The awareness to the concept of Social Mediaitis is the first step for the change, so you must give it a try today. Although, social media is not totally bad. You might be using it for generating ads and getting income from it but we guess you are realizing what we mean to say.

The negative side of the social media must be limited by taking mini steps including not using phones for specified time etc. to make you live in the real world and enjoy what is happening around you.