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Social media is everywhere, which is why it can become difficult to come up with creative and out of-the-box approach towards social media marketing. It can be difficult to come up with new content every day, like posting pictures, quotes and videos. The posts should need to be appealing, so that they, right away grab the attention of the user. It can’t be boring, or else the user would scroll down, without giving it a proper look.

Brands like to create hype on social media about their new and upcoming products and services. They create hype by creating excitement among users and there are different ideas that you can follow, in order to create effective hype. An example could be to reward those who visit your post. For example, if you own a hotel, then you should come up with an offer where once or twice a week, the first guest who checks in the hotel, would get a reward. The reward should be kept a surprise, so that it would create excitement and curiosity among the users. You can do this, by providing the first customer that stands in front of the reception, a surprise; a surprise could be free lunch when they get their room key and open the door.

This would be exciting and fruitful, as the business is telling its first customer that they are the lucky one. They are the lucky one because they are going to get special treatment and you value their checking in to the hotel. While this is happening, the one thing that you can’t forget is to record everything. You particularly need to capture the emotions of the guest, before and after they see the surprise. The surprise and every other thing have to be real and should be captured. If you don’t capture it, then it wouldn’t be good and shareable content. This is why, one need to be prepared for such things. If a hotel is going at lengths to make their customer happy, then it is not wrong to share it with other people.

When you are done with giving the guest their reward, which can be an upgrade to their room or a free meal, then you need to ask their permission for posting the video on social media platforms. You can’t post it before they give their consent, because that would be wrong and they might not like it. If they don’t like it, then this will create negative marketing for the hotel and the whole surprise and reward thing will backfire.

If the hotel guest agrees to your request, then you can share that video on social media platforms. Rest assured, that video will be shared by the fans of your hotel and other users who don’t know about your hotel, but are touched by your gesture. The emotions that you have captured through video will be able to generate likes and the video will be shared further as well.

However, it is important not to repeat this frequently, because it will lose its unique value and customers won’t feel special anymore. They would think that the hotel treats every guest like the first guest, which is why it is not worth making the effort to be their first guest. Moreover, no matter the quality of video, and the quality of emotions that you capture, users and fans won’t share it further because it will become monotonous.

Further, the lucky guest who received such special treatment might also post about you, like giving you a good rating online, for everyone else to see. This would be like free marketing, as you are not paying your guests for their rating and reviews, but they are still doing it because of how well you treated them. This marketing will also make other customers and prospective customers about your services and customer service, and they will be motivated to utilize them. People are going to realize that as compared to other hotels, your hotel is different and they would actually get a reward for being the first person to come there. This can increase the number of people who stay at your hotel and would be a profitable step.

If you are using the above mentioned strategy, then you should continue to use it for at least six months. However, this doesn’t mean that you do it once a year, because that would be too less and the customers won’t feel too special either. People would look forward for the special guest week, and would plan their vacation accordingly. This would create excitement among people as well, as they would want to compete for being the next winner. You need to keep the desire of customers up, and repeat this strategy, but not for a long period of time. An acceptable period of time should be the priority of the hotel.

Another way you can capture the attention of people and make your hotel more appealing for them, is to provide an amazing gift to the winner. If the gift is ordinary, like bath soap, then the customer won’t feel lucky in winning and would consider this as an ordinary gesture. Even if it is an invaluable gift, it should be presented in a way that it makes the customer think that it is a spectacular one. This means, the presentation of the gift needs to be good; giving someone a voucher in an envelope won’t have a good effect, as compared to giving them a gift box, which they can unwrap. Unwrapping a gift would make a guest more curious and excited and this excitement can be translated by them into words, when they praise the hotel. When customers feel excited and tense, the joy of receiving a gift increases. You need to work on this by creating an extraordinary environment and making them feel special. If you are wondering what kind of environment to create, then you should think of a television show, and how they create an environment for every scene and situation.