Ski Resorts-Best For Skiing

Ski Resorts-Best For Skiing -


If you are going to a ski resort on your vacation, then you are making the right choice. Skiing is adventurous and a life-changing experience, but it is also good for your health. When you ski, your bones and joints become strong, and it also makes your mood better. Skiing makes it possible for you to increase your endurance and improve the condition of your health. Your lower body muscles are also positively affected and skiing can be seen as an exercise, that makes you flexible. Further, it improves the quality of your sleep. If you love skiing, the following are some of the top resorts that you should go to.


Zermatt is a ski resort in Switzerland, which is very famous because of its panoramic views. The resort is filled with different entertainment options like chalets, hotels and restaurants, that you would find very comfortable. Apart from skiing and snowboarding, it also provides other services like hiking, mountaineering, climbing, bathing and mountain adventures.

Park City Mountain

This ski resort is situated in Utah, and it is also a great resort that you should go to. It even hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics and was established in 1963. You can explore 7,300 acres of terrain here, because of which it is considered the largest ski and snowboard resort in the country. The best part is that, the ski resort even offers skiing lessons, so if you don’t know how to ski, you don’t have to worry.

Aspen Highlands

This ski resort is situated in Aspen, Colorado and it was established in 1958. The founder was Whip Jones, who is also known as the father of the ski industry. It is a popular ski resort, because it is located on a popular mountain, which is steep. A steep mountain, therefore, is really good for skiers who want to challenge themselves. If you are going for a vacation on Aspen Highlands, then you won’t be disappointed, because there are restaurants, ice skating schools and hotels there as well, that will keep you entertained.

Whiteface Mountain Resort

This resort can be found in Lake Placid, which is in New York and it was developed in 1958. It also hosted the 1980 Winter Olympics and most of the people who go to this resort, do so because they love the scenery and the amenities that they get from there. It covers two hundred eighty acres of terrain, where people can ski, has eight trails and 11 lifts in total.

If you are a beginner or an expert, this resort is for you. It is a very friendly spot for children and also for families, who are looking for a great vacation.

Val Thorens

Val Thorens is a ski resort, that spreads over two thousand three hundred meters, and that too, above sea level. It is situated in Europe and it is one of the highest in the continent. The skill level of the skier doesn’t matter, because this resort is perfect for everyone. It has a beautiful scenery and it is accessible by everyone as well. The resort even offers the skiers advice about the kind of equipment they should choose, that would go well with their level of expertise.

Lake Louis Ski Resort

This is located in Canada, in Banff National Park, which is in Alberta. The reason why it is a famous resort is because it is very beautiful and it has about 139 ski runs. These ski runs are specifically designed for intermediate skiers. It even has a sightseeing gondola, where you can go anytime of the year and it gives you a really interesting view of Alberta’s natural springs. You can also see glaciers and wildflowers if you go to this resort and there are other things that you can do apart from skiing, like ice skating and dog sledding. The reason why this resort has more than one activity is because it doesn’t want the tourists to become bored of just skiing.


Alyeska is a unique name of a ski resort that you can find in Girwood, Alaska. This ski resort was established in 1954 and it spreads to 1,400 acres. The reason why this is a really good ski resort, is due to it being affordable, as compared to the other resorts. This is a low key resort, where you can indulge in other activities as well, like you can go for tubing, enjoy scenic fights, try dog-sledding and boat cruising. The main activity that the resort offers is cross country skiing. This is a must go ski resort for you, if you want to save money and enjoy different activities at the same time.

Whistler Blackcomb

This ski resort is in Vancouver, British Columbia and it is the largest ski resort in North America. It can be accessed through 2 high speed squads, as well as 3 gondolas. Do you know what the special thing about this ski resort is? You will find many of Microsoft XP’s coders and developers skiing at this resort. Microsoft XP code name is Whistler and during its development period, many of the coders and developers came to this place. This fact alone would want to make you come here and explore the ski resort.

Choosing The Best Resort

When you are choosing the best ski resort, you should always consider your budget first and whether you want other activities or you are fine with just skiing. This is because even though these ski resorts are the best, because of the facilities that they offer to their customers, there are other good resorts out there that might better fulfill your needs and requirements. The first rule of planning a good ski trip and not ruining your vacation is to research about ski resorts and assess your own needs. Bring the necessary things along with you, so you don’t have to face any difficulties. Don’t forget to have a good time, make memories and come back to skiing in the future!