Six Ways To Monetize Your Video

Six Ways to Monetize Your Video -


Streaming helps to reach a larger audience and helps create a brand; you can maximize the opportunity further and monetize the videos. This article outlines ways in which you can earn money from streaming your video.

Run Ads

You have seen plenty of ads that are aired just before streaming, and within the video, this is one sure way of monetizing your videos. The amount of return you can gain from an advert is determined by the total number of views on it. It is therefore very important to be strategic about how the ads are running especially the ones that appear in the middle of a stream. It is good to inform the audience rather than leaving them hanging in the middle of a sentence. The way to maximize on the earnings is by ensuring that you have traffic on your page. In Facebook, for instance, you are required to have more than 50,000 followers and have more than 300 concurrent viewers in your previous live video. For those using YouTube, they can run an advert at any one point. The thing to watch out for is to ensure that your audience is kept interested with what is on your video otherwise there is a risk, especially with the mid ads people may tend to leave your page when ads start running. Increase in revenue on your live stream is dependent on the rate of new viewers, the more they are, the greater the number of concurrent viewers hence an increase in your returns.

Subscriptions/Pay Per View

Subscriptions work when part of the content is exclusive, and viewers are required to make a payment to gain full access to the rest of the content. Part of the content aired is usually charming enough to compel the audience to want more, the rest of the content is even more pleasant and entertaining, definitely worth the pay. Service providers like ShowMax and Netflix use this technique. Some streaming platforms such as the Vimeo Live, IBM Cloud Video, and many others have a built-in subscription feature, a characteristic that most streamers maximize on. For you to entice your viewers to subscribe, you can use offers such as ad-free live streams, special badges, and chats during the subscriber-only mode.

Donations And Crowd Funding

Fans and viewers can show support to their favorite artists, musicians, video performers, and any other content creators by making donations to their course. According to Deloitte, the streaming revenue seems to increase, and specifically from donations of viewers to their preferred candidate.

Donations are an integral part of the interface of live streaming platforms such as YouTube that has Superchat platform that allows fans to donate in real time to creators, but Superchats gets to keep 30 percent of the donations made. There is Streamlabs widget, offering a much better deal charging zero charges for collection of tips from fans. Streamlabs allows for access to donations from YouTube, Twitch, Mixer and Facebook Live.

Another way of collecting donations is through Take LiveU it supports donations through its gifting system with gifts that can be purchased with coins and then bought with real money.

Crowdfunding is also a way of making money. There are crowdfunding platforms, for example, the Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Patreon, GoFundMe, etc. where users can register for an account, create a specific project and promote it on other online platforms. Patreon in collaboration with YouTube, Twitch and Facebook Live is one of the top-rated platforms where creators are earning a lot of money for video creation and live streaming.


Structuring an affiliate program is also a great opportunity to monetize on streaming. You can market the products sold by an affiliate company such as Amazon and create a special product link from; it could be as simple as the attributes of a specific headphone. Whenever someone clicks to follow the link and purchases a headphone, you can earn a commission from it. It starts slow, but once the program is up and running, you will continue to earn revenue from each sale made indirectly.


With a reputable brand, you can easily approach large companies to promote their videos and video content. However when it comes to this it is very important that you stick to your niche, focus your attention on one brand at a time giving it your best shot and keep your reputation intact by working with brands that you believe in. Sponsorship deals can earn you a huge amount of revenue or get you free products from your sponsors. Returns can be determined by the credibility of your brand, the size of your audience, your channel specificity and other factors.

Sell your products

Selling your products over a live stream does not have to be direct, you can promote your products casually while doing a video kill two birds with one stone. Take advantage of a live stream and market those shoes that you have design by wearing them and talking about its affordable price and where and how people can get it as well and then shift the focus quickly back to your subject matter. This tool is however only effective if you have already built a relationship with the viewers.


Video creators have a great opportunity to earn money depending on how they make use of their opportunities. To maximize on the chances you have, start by combining all the six methods of monetizing your live stream to figure out which works best for you, and through which are you able to earn good returns. While you focus on making money, bear in mind that at the end of the day it is your videos that sell you to your audience and gets you traffic so invest in high quality, great content engaging and entertaining videos. Know your niche to separate yourself from competitors and adhere to your streaming schedule with consistency.