Facebook is known to be the biggest and most popular social media platform in the world, boasting of over two billion users monthly. They have a neat feature where you can reach your target audience and potential customers using your marketing communications via a pay-per-click (PPC) traffic. This is quite affordable and easy to use. Facebook’s PPC advertising is a lot less expensive when compared to Google Adwords and is quite affordable, even by small businesses who are trying to reach their internet audience.

An important thing to note is that there is a difference between Facebook news feed advertising and Facebook boosted posts.

Facebook News Feed Advertising

The Facebook news feed is at the core of what Facebook is as a social media platform. It is meant for displaying multiple content from people a person is connected to. When a person like you Facebook page the immediately become a follower. What this means is that they can now see the content of your Facebook page on their Facebook account when you post.

Facebook news advertising ads are the ads that appear in between posts of a news feed with the remaining content that is consistently added to the feed of your connections, and the ones you even specify to be directed to certain class of people who are your target audience. You can create such an ad from the foundation using a subject, description, image and a link.

Facebook Boosted Posts

Facebook boosted posts or sponsored posts on the other hand also appear in the news feed as well. However, they appear with some important difference in appearance and information. When one of your posts seems to be very engaging among your followers, you can decide to pay for it to reach a larger number of people, making it a sponsored post.

There is minute shortcut that allows you to select a similar audience to the people who already make use of your social media page. This can help you reach your target audience quicker and help you establish credibility. These sponsored posts will then show on the various timelines of those targeted people and they can follow the post to your Facebook page where they can decide if they would like to follow your page or not.

The sponsored posts will appear in those people’s news feeds.

Key Differences

The most important difference between the two is that the Facebook news feed ads gives you more customization options than the Facebook boosted posts, especially when it comes to appearance, description and adding links. The other major difference is that; after you create a sponsored post, you can still edit it and make changes to it. Meanwhile, for a boosted Facebook post, the text used in the post might not work well as an effective marketing communication.

If you ever find yourself experiencing any form of difficulty when it comes to discovering brilliant and beautiful pictures for your Facebook posts, there are many stock images in the Facebook Ad Center that you can use to create wonderful and effective ads. You can even go further to select from a range of different formats and include a call to action button that allows you to generate leads easily.

The call to action button you select will depend on the objective you are trying to achieve with the ad. It could be to get subscribers, or increase sales. It is important to understand what your goal is first before deciding if Facebook advertising or Facebook boosted posts are the best ways to communicate information to your target audience. After doing this, then you can go ahead to make a choice, be sure to choose the most logical option.

Both options are great depending on what you are trying to achieve, and the mistake a lot of people make these days is that they forget to think about what they are trying to achieve but just want to focus on the results they want to see. The process is all a part of the outcome as well and you need time to conceptualize what you want your results to look like. These two neat feature were doled out by Facebook to serve a certain purpose and one of them allows you to make it a blank canvas where you can make it into whatever you please. Take advantage of the opportunity and experiment with ads to figure out what works best for your niche.

The thing about ads is that; what is good for one person might be completely damaging for another. So it is important to understand the peculiarities of your niche and what it would take for you to become an authority. A good understanding that even your target audience is split into segments and all these segments have varying preferences as well is important. As a social media marketer, you should consistently try to learn something new about your audience from the ads’ insights every day. What this does for you is that, it allows you to have the opportunity to tailor your future ads better and tailor ads to the different segments. Do what you can to ensure your ads address the needs of your audience and when in doubt, ask people questions about the kind of things they like to see.

Whatever your choice is, it is important for you to remember that Facebook wants you to be successful at using their advertising network, and it is totally logical. This is because, if you are able to meet your business’s objectives through an active investment in Facebook advertising, then you are more likely to utilize those ad strategies again in the future. This would make Facebook more profitable as a social media network.