Rising Of Eco Friendly Real Estate Industry

Rising Of Eco Friendly Real Estate Industry - BillLentis.com


Worry of environment is the air. As the world is worrying about the environment for the upcoming generations, every aspect of life is getting affected by this thought. People are using eco friendly items. Governments are making such rules so that the there is less pollution and now the concept of eco friendly or green houses also is in demand. People are not only looking for a house which is facilitating but also they don’t want to pollute the environment and want to efficiently use all the natural sources to avoid the wastage.

Let’s have the look at the features which these new eco friendly houses have:

Rainwater Harvesting

Due to lack of proper system and management the rain water gets wasted. Not everywhere it just goes into the soil but sometimes it just goes into the drainage system and hence gets wasted. The rain water harvesting system collects the rain water so that it can be used in the house for various purposes. There can be many ways to use the rain water like it can be used directly in toilets, bathrooms and in cleaning where you do not need very clean water and it can be used for other purposes like cooking and drinking after running it through a cleaning system.

The other aspect of rain water harvesting is to not to let the water just go to the drainage but give it a path so that it goes into the soil and helps in increasing the water level in the area. This way also the environment can be helped.

Solar Energy

Solar energy can be used as one source to make electricity. Solar panels are established on the top of the houses or wherever it can get more sunlight to use the solar energy to make the electricity. This system saves a lot of electricity which as a result saves all the natural resources used in making the electricity. A separate water heating system is also a very common type of solar energy use.

Wooden Furniture

The wooden furniture and interior is one of the features in the eco friendly houses. The eco friendly houses have the wood from the forests which get renewed actively which ensures no harm to the nature. Use of wood chips and bamboo gives classic look along with a feel of being natural.

Natural Surroundings

The artificial lawns and plantation demand a lot of water to survive but if you have the natural trees grown, do not demand the regular watering. The rain water is enough for them. Hence, natural surroundings which have native trees and plants are very much in demand as a lot of water is saved due to no or less requirement of irrigation.

At the same time, whatever kind of plantation is there it gives the healthy air to inhale which rejuvenates the body and mind.

Use Of Sunlight

If you keep yourself away from sunlight for few days, even after eating good food and taking proper rest, you may feel lazy and your body may not work very efficiently. This can be due to no sunlight. As it is proved how sunlight is important for a human body as few elements cannot even be digested if proper sunlight is not taken. Hence houses where there is enough Sunlight are in demand.

These houses are designed in such a way, that you can get the natural light for all the time when it is available. Along with keeping people healthy, these house also save a lot of electricity bills. In the long run this plays a very good role in saving good amount of money which could be wasted in paying for electricity and health treatments.

Proper Air Ventilation

We have already mentioned that people require surroundings from where they can get the fresh air. This is applicable for inside the home also. These homes have a proper fresh air ventilation system so that fresh air keeps coming inside and the harmful gases like carbon dioxide and carbon mono oxide keep going out. These co friendly houses have even proper air ventilation in the closets so that harmful chemicals do not get build up there. Dry cleaned clothed have the possibility of building toxic chemicals in the closets which can be stopped by proper ventilation system.

Sprinkler Systems Controlled By Satellite

Watering the plants is not necessary always. Many times, looking at the weather it can be ignored. The satellite controlled sprinkler system actually does the same. It knows the weather conditions properly and thus turn the sprinklers on only when it is required. As a result this saves a lot of water.

Smart Technique

Smart technology based homes consume the energy when it is required and never waste it. For example, smart thermostats know when you are at home and when not or when you really require the temperature more and when less. Hence, this keeps making the changes as per your routine without you doing nothing in it.

Another example is of smart light system which can be programmed as per your routine or also has a sense if you have forgotten to switch it off. As per the programming it will automatically gets switched off and no extra energy will be consumed if you become lazy to press the required buttons.

Energy Star Appliances

There are appliances which are certified by Environment Protection Agency and they are able to use the energy efficiently without making you compromise with any functionality of the appliance which as a result, saves the energy.


There is eco friendly insulation where cotton, wood, stone pieces, rocks, cellulose, newspaper etc are used which help in reducing the noise and emission of green house gas. This type of emulsion is completely recyclable or disposable hence does not harm the environment.

Humans had the eco friendly lives in the beginning of civilisation. Their houses and activities were in sync with the nature but later we forgot the importance of this balance and now the results of that carelessness are being faced by the humanity. Hence we are again going back in a new way which is good news for the upcoming generations.