Review Of Fleming’s Steakhouse Boston MA

What is one thing that people love next to chicken? A steak! There are so many steakhouses in Boston, MA, that people always get confused where to go. This is why, writing a review of Fleming’s Steakhouse Boston MA, is so important.

Menu Of The Steakhouse

All one cares about when they read a review of Fleming’s Steakhouse Boston MA, is the menu of the restaurant and whether they offer a variety to customers or not. This restaurant is located at 217 Stuart St; Fleming Steak House. There are so many things that the restaurant offers to customers like filet mignon, Caesar Salad, crab cakes, wedge salad and French Onion soup. Look at the review of Mooo Boston, MA – More Info.

The restaurant has fresh ingredients in their dishes, which makes the food more delicious. The customer service is exceptional, as the order is taken and served on time. The presentation of each dish on point, and the restaurant adds very unique ingredients to their dishes. The best part of the restaurant is the steak that they serve to the customers. They are savory, tender and juicy. Another dish which the customers loved, and should be included in the review of Fleming’s Steakhouse Boston MA, is the cold-water lobster. The lobster tastes as if it is fresh from the sea, and that is something very remarkable. Look at review of Bogies Place Boston, MA – Website.

Desserts Of Fleming Steakhouse

Who wouldn’t want to know about the desserts in the review of Fleming’s Steakhouse Boston MA? The best dessert from this restaurant is the key lime pie, which is balanced and not too sweet. They serve hot fudge sundae for as part of their children’s menu, along with Profiterole. The unique dessert that the steakhouse sells is the fresh sliced apples dish, which is served with caramel sauce. Most customers loved dipping the apples in it, and went back for more. See the Boston Aquarium – Click Here.

Customer Reviews

The most important thing people would like from a review of Fleming’s Steakhouse Boston MA, are the customer reviews. The customers were satisfied with the quality and the freshness of the food. They found the overall service to be good, as the staff was pleasant, and they did offers suggestions to customers; Yelp.

However, while some though the food was overpriced, there were customers who felt that the lava cake didn’t have much taste. The majority of the customers were happy with the customer service, but felt that the food and the ambience can be improved.

It is best to book a table in the restaurant, because it is mostly busy. If customers don’t want to wait, then they should call beforehand, and book a table. As for the parking, there is a valet option available for $20. The second parking option is the validated parking at the Motor Mart Garage. The validation is available for three hours, and the customer has to pay $10.

The executive chef of the restaurant is Nick Laganas. The restaurant is wheelchair accessible, which can be a convenient factor for many people. All in all, this is a restaurant that Boston locals should never miss; Open Table.