Reasons Of Why One Should Try Living In A Tent

Reasons Of Why One Should Try Living In A Tent -


Living in a tent sounds horrible but this way of living also has several positive effects on our life. Let’s have a look, how it can bring the change in our life, which may inspire you to try living in a tent:

Cost Of Living Is Very Less

When you compare it from living in a home, it is very much cost effective. You will have to pay less rent and though it depends on the location, you may also need to pay less electricity bill. There will still be few challenges like internet connection or no warm water to take the shower. To solve these problems you can get membership of a gym where you can have warm shower and for the internet you can visit malls, any other public places and libraries where you can use the internet. Money spent in a good tent and also keeping some appliances can be managed in very much less money than setting up the same arrangements in a home.

If you are single or just want to live with your friends in it without spending much money it can be a big money saver idea.

You Get Close To The Nature

People living in houses are very far from nature. Those thick walls keep you far away from the nature. In a tent the space is less and you can be more connected to the nature as the tents can be settled in such places also where you cannot build houses. You may want to live in the lap of the nature where building a house if not so easy, then tent gives you an option to be there and enjoy and experience all shades of nature. When you are surrounded by the trees you become automatically healthier and happier. Plants release a chemical called phytoncides, due to which the body gets regulated and more air intake is allowed and the immunity gets better.

Forests keep you away from negativity and also the suicidal rate is found less in such people in comparison to others.

Simpler And Less Complicated Life

Life has become very complicated and if you look at the reasons of the complication closely, you will get to know that most of reasons are just created by us. The big home needs big maintenance, it keeps you entangled in the show off business and you keep making your house look more and more attractive spending you precious life in it. Being in a big space makes you to keep many things there due to which it gets complicated. There is a web of facilities, goods, comfort and show off which has kept us entangled and by any chance, if you want to come out it tent is a real solution. Life has many dimensions and when you get shifted in tent you come of the many self created webs and become strong enough to prioritize the dimension you want to grow in your life in.

It sounds difficult but simple living makes you feel free and it also keeps you away from the mask which people living a costly life always have to wear. People who really have big goals in life and people who can think beyond the materialism, living in a tent can be helpful for them.

Saves Time

Think of the chores you have to do when you live in a big home. One has to spend a lot of time and put a lot of effort in maintaining it. You need to keep cleaning every closet and every corner of the house every now and then .Then you need to keep taking care of everything in the home .You may not use those things ever but you just have to take care of those. Tent gives you an opportunity to save your time which you would have spent in a home for nothing fruitful. ‘Time is money’. The way you spend your time, will decide your future but the time wasted does not yield any results. Tent will give your life a meaning as you will have time to do the meaningful things which you always wanted to do but could not do due to lack of time.

If You Like Challenges This Is For You

Now if you really like the challenges and want to take your senses and abilities to the next level, you can think of living in a tent. The old generations were living very close to the nature and there life was more challenging. This is why they are considered to be stronger than us. Their will power was higher than that of us. We are a part of the weakest generations. The stay in a tent comes with many challenges and fighting with those needs with courage. When you face those sudden circumstances with courage, a sense of pride and confidence emerges from within. You may live in a tent for a long time or for a short period, but every day you spend in a tent will be a good experience which will always keep you motivated throughout your life. It will make you stronger and more managed person than today. This simple living and challenging experience is able to boost a person’s confidence to fight with other challenges in life. Luxuries usually make you weaker and challenges make you stronger.

It Lets You Win Your Ego

The more items and space you own, the more your ego will increase. Living in a tent means living with just necessary items with more dependency on nature. Living this way automatically reduces the ego and the attachment with the things. People who live in big houses have big egos just because they live in that house. Tent does not talk about your financial status much and hence you can’t use it to dominate people.

At the end it’s worthy to mention that using a small space to live actually disturbs the mother earth less than the living in house. If people start taking this option to save the mother earth from pollution, it can be a great idea. Especially in countries where population is more this can be advertised as a cheap idea for accommodation. These tents can become shelter for the students and people, who come out of their native for some work and do not want to spend much money in it.