Premium Email Marketing Tools For Business

Premium Email Marketing Tools For Business -


Email marketing is sending commercial messages to a group of people via email. Marketers send targeted messages to the intended group to promote services or to make an offer. The group of people could be potential or current customers. It is one way to improve your business and promote your brand. Using social media for promoting brands has made this a reliable option for many businesses. You can advertise your products and services by email.

Email marketing is usually done using transactional email, direct email or mobile email. It is a cost-effective way to promote your business because it is cheaper when compared to others. It is easy to reach target customers within a short time and they can get the latest news and offers from the advertiser.

Tools For Email Marketing

There are various tools you can use for your email marketing. Using these tools in the right way will give your business an edge over others. Let’s look at some of these tools.

Campaign Monitor

This is a template builder tool. It is easy to use and has varied template options. You do not need a degree in graphics design to create a beautiful layout. It makes it possible to read email easily on mobile so that no email is missed by the customer. The interface is simple like other email platforms such as Google and Yahoo. It is possible to upload HTML template which you can format and edit when necessary. You can program Auto-responder and data segmentation ensures that your email gets delivered to the intended clients.

Campaign monitor has three subscription packages namely Basic, Unlimited and Premier. If you subscribe to the Basic package, the amount of email you can send in a month is 5 times the database size limit. The Unlimited package removes the limit on the number of emails you can send and allows you to use more auto-responder functionality. You can also access email support faster. It also gives you Inbox and spam testing options.

The Premier package gives you access to phone support in addition to the features of the Unlimited package. It also gives you send time optimization. This means it sends your email newsletters according to when your subscribers are most likely to open them. It does this by gathering and evaluating information on your subscribers’ previous behaviour when opening emails.

Vertical Response

This connects your email campaigns to social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It helps to reach a large audience. Its email building wizard helps you to build your advertising drive and use free-form HTML to make a customized list for your company. You can send up to 4,000 emails per month. It supports only text, you cannot use images.


A major feature of this tool is that it offers multiple templates for different occasions. There are templates for greetings, promotions and many other events. It has drag-and-drop email editor and automation tools. You can give your content a personalized look using HTML AND CSS. There is a built-in spam filter that checks for unwanted material in your templates. There is a Benchmark community where users can provide views and design.

Benchmark has a wide range of plans which can fit into the budget of any small business. There is a free starter plan and paid plans. You can send email to up to 2,000 subscribers with the free starter plan.


This tool has over 500 templates categorized according to your need and industry type. It has a contact management tool which makes it easy for you to import your contact from the list. It has a feature that removes Un-subscribed emails automatically. This tool has a 30-day trial period for anyone who wants to test it before buying a plan.

Mail Chimp

This is one of the largest email service providers. It has a clean interface and a simple, but powerful editor. It uses survey techniques to make the most out of your advertising. You can customize your list to know who has received the mail or not and all to know which campaign has received the maximum clicks. You can send up to 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers per month.

Get Response

You can efficiently manage your contact list with this tool using the edit feature. It has a feature that helps to keep track of those who have subscribed, clicked on your links or unsubscribed. It also gives reports in a pie chart and lets you know if a mail got delivered or not. There are different packages tailored to suit your needs.

Lead Pages

You can create interactive landing pages for your websites with this tool. There are 50 templates to choose from. The editor makes it easy to preview how your page will look at different sizes and all your creations are mobile responsive. There are various packages to choose from.

Mad Mimi

This tool has a feature that gives you detailed information about the number of emails opened and the number of many people who clicked on the link. It also shows the number of emails shared. It does this using Google Analytics.

Constant Contact

This tool has many templates with provision for customization. It provides a detailed report on the links and emails. Sharing on social media can boost your site traffic.

Tout App

This tool has one of the best functionality and features with a large variety of templates at your disposal. It provides details on every activity that goes on such as reports on the emails that have been clicked or deleted. This detailed information helps you to keep track of your business and make changes accordingly.

Email marketing is an efficient tool for promoting your products and services. When done right, it can improve the performance of your business by increasing your customer base. The various email marketing tools are there to help you save time when you need to send emails to a large group of people. Take advantage of these tools and take your business to the next level.