Potted Vegetable Garden

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Growing Vegetables In A Potted Vegetable Garden

Gardening, using pots, is a really easy way to grow vegetables. If someone has good garden space on their patio, in their backyard, or on the rooftop, then they can explore gardening very easily.

Choosing Pots For Vegetable Garden

When choosing pots for a vegetable garden, it is best to choose the ones that are big. Bigger pots can accommodate plants very well. The roots of the plants need space and room to grow, which is why a bigger pot would be ideal. If the gardener has sufficient space for growing a garden, then he should always choose big pots and not containers. Containers don’t have enough space to store water, compared to pots. Also go and check out the patio vegetable garden – click here to read.

For pots, gardeners can choose barrels, because they have a lot of space and can yield good amount of vegetables. Anything that can hold soil and is big enough for vegetables to grow would be ideal for a vegetable garden.

Tips For Keeping Pots In Vegetable Garden

There are different types of pots available in the market, so it might be difficult for a gardener to decide which pot to choose. Clay pots are attractive, compared to plastic pots. However, plastic pots can retain more moisture and don’t dry as fast as clay pots do. If the gardener wants a clay pot, because it looks appealing, then he can slip a plastic pot into the large clay pot; Garden4Ever.

Black pots are not ideal for planting vegetables, because they absorb heat when they are exposed to the sun. When growing plants in pots, they should be watered twice a day. If the gardener wants to keep the plants cool and moist during summer days, then he can double pot them.

Compost & Soil In Pots

Most gardeners add compost on the ground when they plant vegetables, but they don’t do the same for pots. Compost is really good for the growth of plants, and it keeps them cool and moist. When the gardener is filling the pot with soil, he should stay 2-3 inches below the edge of the pot, so that there is sufficient room left for water. Whether the gardener is planting seeds, or transplants, he needs to water the container before planting the vegetable; FSYEEL.

Fertilizer For Pots

Fertilizer is an essential element for pots, as they help plants thrive. The gardener can fertilize a potted plant, after he prepared a nutrient solution and pours it over the soil. The roots of the plants absorb the fertilizer, and get the nutrients which are not present in the soil. It is best to use an organic fertilizer, because it doesn’t harm the plants and help them thrive.

Weeds In Pots

Weeds can grow in pots, which is why it is best to pluck them out or take them out, before they can start taking the nutrients away from the plants. For pots, gardener can use the drip irrigation system, for watering and irrigating the vegetables.