Moms And Children Go Camping

Moms And Children Go Camping -
We all know that not only teenagers, but adults are spending too much time using technology, and they can always use some time away from it. However, what should they do? This is a question that teenagers ask all the time. Well, now you can tell them, that they can go camping! But just taking a tent and deciding a place isn’t enough. If you really want your children to have a good time camping, then you really have to plan it properly.

Planning Process

Don’t plan everything on your own, but get your children involved too, because that is something they really love. You can make them interested by asking them where they want to go, and then giving them the responsibility of fully planning the trip. They can choose the location and whatever they come up with; they can follow through by researching further about the location.

Don’t limit them to just Google. Encourage them to use Instagram and other social media networking websites, where they can find photos of the camping sites and how people camp there. This way, as they research about the location and become excited to go camping, they also learn about the animals and plants that they might find on the camping site. This is also a good way of making them use social media for a positive reason.

Backyard Camping

Don’t overwhelm your children and take them to a faraway place, on their first camping adventure. You can always start light, like in your backyard. Even if you’re an experienced camper or you have camped enough to know how it is done, children might not feel the enthusiasm and excitement that you feel, right away. For example, imagine going to the woods, and the very same night of your arrival, your child finds a mouse in his tent. That would be a horrifying experience, and that would mark the end of any future discussion of going camping.

You can either choose a campground that is near to your house, or you can choose your own backyard. Under the stars, you can start a bonfire and tell your children, ghost stories. They won’t feel uncomfortable if they have to go to the washroom, or if they can’t sleep in a tent. It will be a start to their camping experience, and it will be a positive one too.

Outdoor Camping

Make proper preparations when you’re going camping outdoors, like in the woods, because you wouldn’t want to be not prepared and make your children feel irritated. For example, don’t forget toilet paper, when you go camping. Even if there are shops nearby, you should always make sure that you are properly equipped, so that you don’t have to run to the store every now and then, to buy things.

For this preparation, you should definitely make a checklist of the things that you need and then check off things from that list, making sure that you have everything. You should check the quantity of the items as well, as they should be sufficient for the number of people who are going camping. Always pack extra warm clothes, because when you are out camping, you are not going to be doing laundry.


When you are done with the preparations, you want to make memories with your children. Make sure that you take good pictures and capture the moments that you share with your children. However, don’t overdo it, because you don’t want your children and yourself to be spending too much time using the camera or the cell phone, as technology was the thing you wanted to get away from in the first place.

The reason why you should capture memories, despite having the need to use technology, is because you would be able to cherish these memories later and show your children later in life, the adventures they had, when they were children. You can always compare your own childhood camping trips with that of your children.

Campsite Location

Don’t pick a location for camping that is far away from your place, and reaching there, might take up all day. This is because while children would be excited about going on an adventure, they won’t be too happy about staying in the car all day. You can always find a great location, which is two hours away from you. Like in the DFW metro area, campsite locations are within a few hours away, and you have access to the piney woods, where you can have fun camping. You can also choose the mountains of Southern Oklahoma, if you live close by. The main point is, you’re going camping, so don’t pick a long drive.

Mother Nature

Mother Nature is beautiful, but it can be unexpected as well. Don’t ruin your camping trip, not for yourself and not for your children. You need to check the weather forecast before you step out, like if it is raining or if it is going to be very cold, then it is better to stay indoors.

However, if you really want to go out, no matter what, then you should be prepared for anything. If you are going out camping during a tornado season, then make sure you have a radio that you can use to communicate, in case the weather becomes severe. If it is rainy season, then you should have extra warm clothes and a raincoat, to protect you from rain.

You can always seek help from guides that are provided online or online forums, where current campers share their experience. You should totally avoid areas which are flash flood zones, because you want camping to be a good experience for your child and not a near death one.

All you have to do is plan and research with your children, so you will be prepared if anything happens. However, don’t forget to have fun and create fun activities, so that your children would want to go camping in the future as well.