Makings Of A Creative Domain Name

Makings Of A Creative Domain Name -
The creation of names is not as a simple task as most would think. Even the naming of a child requires great consultation lest you choose a name that does not fit. However, when choosing a name for your business or website domain it is a very different game. It is not so much a fitting name that you look for as one that depicts the purpose or image of the business or domain.

With the changing times and the shift on the internet, the names became rare with every passing day until it became impossible to get an unclaimed domain name. This brought about the need to use phrases rather than words. With the rise in SEO trend more and more domain creators tried to include keywords and region names in their domain names. These, however, out phased as the search engines discovered the disadvantage the larger websites had over the smaller website. Therefore, the use of keywords was no longer a method of ranking on the SERP.

Currently, any domain creator can create a name that does not necessarily depict the contents of their website. This does not mean that you can whip up just any name and expect popularity with the masses. You have to give it some creativity with the words to make them memorable and catchy. If you are a creative person, this might not seem like a daunting task but it may take a few more tries for some to get a good domain name. For those who do not know how to create your domain name below are some pointers on how to go about it.

1. Use Wordoids

Yes, there are Wordoids and it is not a made-up name. They mostly ten letter words that do not necessarily have to mean anything. As an effort to make domain name creating fair, the search engines allowed the use of wordoid as an alternative to keywords. The main advantage of Wordoids is their short form, which makes them easy to remember. While they may not have to mean anything, it is important to make them catchy and attractive.

The whole point of using Wordoids is to expand the field for domain name creation. This does not eliminate the need to help your website visitors in remembering your domain name. The catchier your wordoid the easier it is for your visitors to remember and thus they can always come back. You can bust out your creativity cap and go all out on this one.

2. Online Domain Name Creation Tools

The internet has a hoard of information and websites on which you can possibly find any information you need. Some of these websites provide the tools to help you generate a suitable domain name. There are certain websites that will allow you to search for names or Wordoids in your particular internet niche. Once you search these words, you can opt to have the generation tool try out a couple of combination of these names to find your suitable name.

Additionally, you can use the name generation tools to search for names that are restricted to your geographical location. Some of the websites only have content that is available in a certain state country or region. If this is the case the name generator can help you discover the names used in that specific location. The point of using domain name generators is that they give ideas on the words you can use. Also as an advantage, name generators can look for names that are relevant to your particular niche. This way you might not necessarily have to use meaningless Wordoids or at least create wordoid that has some relevance to your niche.

3. Optimize On Extensions

Extensions are either prefixes or suffixes that come before or after the domain name respectively. These may include www, info@, and more. For extensions that come after some, including .com,Org, or .usa. Extensions help to identify the particular website by the content. In the past, most domains contented for the .com extension, which was very popular with web browsers.

However, with the new times, there are domain extensions for different websites. The web domain authorities meant to designate the .org extension for non-profit organizations through this was not really enforced. The work of the domain authorities was to provide the domain extensions and some may slip through.

Away from the .org extension, you have more options for your domain name. In order to choose the right domain extension, you need to discern the purpose of your website and its region. For the first case, the purpose of the domain dictates the content it displays and thus you can use an extension that suits this.

As for the case of regions, various regions have their designated domain extension. These may include.USA,.UK, et cetera. Using region-specific domain extensions is a good way to attract your visitors. This allows your visitors to narrow down to your website is they know your geographical location.

Over time extension has become less of a competition platform as more extensions appear that are more content specific. With the different extension available, you can create your domain name without any competition.

Wordoid, online search engine tools, and extension are the points to note when creating your domain names. With the points above you do not have to be the most creative person to create an attractive domain name. All you have to know is the content and some tools that can help you create the name you need.

Now you do not have to use keywords and key phrases when creating your domain names. You do not even have to create a name that relates to your content or region when searching for a suitable name. On the internet, anything simply works and you can row a domain with the most absurd name into a renowned brand. However, if you ever feel stuck you can always use the domain name generators to help you create the perfect name.