Make Beach Camping Enjoyable!

Make Beach Camping Enjoyable! -


When you are on a vacation, there is always going to be some disagreement about where you should go. Some would want to go to the beach, while others would prefer camping. However, there is a way that you can do both things and make everyone happy!

If none of your family members want to go to camp in the woods, then you can always try camping at the beach. This is a really fun and unique thing and people nowadays, are more attracted towards it. You can camp at the beach and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. There are a few tips that you should consider, if you want your trip to be memorable and fun filled.

Weather Forecast

What if it rains? What if it snows? What if there are strong winds and the fun you’re having gets ruined? When you’re out camping, you obviously want sun and waves, so that your vacation becomes extra special and fun as well. It will be a disaster if it starts raining, the minute you set up your camp at the beach.

This is why, make sure you look outside, check the weather forecast and confirm that the weather is going to be bright and sunny. If you are into surfing, then track the tides, so you can have fun and won’t be disappointed. Even though camping on a beach, you would want your tent near the water; you don’t want to be so close to it, that your tent and the things inside it become soaked. Moreover, if the tides are high, then you would want your tent as far away from the water, as possible.

Be Prepared

So what are you bringing with you to the beach? You need to pack the essential things that you would for a camping trip. This includes a sleeping bag, because you wouldn’t want to sleep on the sand, would you? You should bring food, water and cooking tools, because if you’re out camping, then you might want to have fun cooking with your family. Moreover, if you rely on getting food from nearby food chains, then the trip will obviously become very expensive and you would feel stressed.

As you are near the ocean, there are other things that are important to bring as well. For example, you can bring essentials that people usually bring with them on the beach, like sunscreen, because you don’t want to get sunburned. You might also want to bring a brush and a dust pan, because you don’t want to litter the beach, do you? You can use the dust pan to clean the sand that gets in or on your tent, or else your tent will look something like an alien ship.

You should also bring sand stakes, so that you can assemble your tent without any hassle. Tent is easier to place on the dust, but when it is being settled on the beach sand, it won’t be as easy as it sounds.

Sun Protection

If the sun is out, and it is hot on your head as well, then you need to bring in sun protection. There are no trees on the beach, like there is when you are camping in the woods, which means that you won’t have a shade and you are most likely to sleep next to the shore. If you are lucky, you will find a spot that has a little shade, but in case you don’t get a shady spot, you should be prepared.

You can bring a beach umbrella with you, which is huge enough to shade you from the glaring sun. You can pack sunscreen, shades and straw hats that will not expose you to the heat of the sun. You need to protect your skin and face from the glaring sun, because if you get sunburned, then that can be very uncomfortable. Moreover, imagine being on a long beach camp trip and then getting sunburned; your whole vacation would get ruined and you would regret not being prepared properly.

Friends And Family

When you are going on such a trip, make sure to bring friends or family members with you, so you can have a lot of fun. Camping on the beach is different from camping in the woods, because you can take part in more activities. You can make sand castles on the beach and have fun breaking them and taking pictures with them. You can make this time memorable, if you come up with a bunch of unique activities.

Playing board games on the beach can be boring, because the sight and the surrounding is too splendid for that. However, if you are not with someone and going alone to the beach, camping, then you can always set yourself inside your tent and read a book that you have been avoiding to read for ages. You can always make your beach camping trip, a time for yourself, where you reflect on your life and the things you have done, or you want to do.

Camping On The Beach

People go to the beach just to soak in the sun and get a change of scenery. When we talk about camping, we usually imagine a forest or the woods, so camping on the beach might sound silly or even funny to some people. Why would you bring a tent to the beach, when you can just enjoy under a beach umbrella? Well, some people prefer their privacy and they don’t want to go to the beach for a day, but more than that.

You can lay inside your tent and no one will disturb you. You can have fun near to your tent, getting access to all the fun tools that you have brought with yourself, and that would be different from a camping trip. Moreover, you can always include other people on the beach in your little fun plan and make your vacation more memorable. The beach has its perks!