Maintaining Eco Friendly Neighborhood

Maintaining Eco Friendly Neighborhood -


Let’s have a look at few ideas which can help us to become and make our neighborhood more eco friendly:

Sharing Cars

To keep your neighborhood free from polluted air, this is a great idea. People going to the same destinations can share the cars, which will save the petrol and also pollute the environment less.

Sharing The Soil

You can merge your garden area with the neighbours and this way it can be used for more plantations. Due to partition there are many places which remain unused. Hence those spaces can be used for more plantations.

Take Help From Organizations

There are organisations which can help you with the above. They can maintain your area and they may want some productions from the garden in return.

Share Tools To Maintain The Garden

You can form a group of families who can buy the tools together and then it can be used by all. You can also hire someone for the maintenance and that person can use these tools for maintaining all the area.

Shop Locally

Try to shop from local market instead of going very far and buying things. Along with saving the effort and time, this will again save the fuel and definitely will pollute less.

Make A Group To Clean The Surroundings

This can be wonderful if you can somehow make a group from the surrounding people and make garbage picking routine. This is going to affect the mentality very fast and effectively. Imagine that in your community one person from every house has become a part of the team to pick the litter from the public park or any areas in the neighbour, automatically people will not through garbage here and there as they know tomorrow their grandfather, brother, father, mother and anyone from the family will have to pick it.

Try To Buy Unpackaged Items

If you can try buying unpackaged items or at least the things which have been packed in an eco friendly way, the surroundings will become eco friendly. There are certainly few things which can be packed in papers or in a cloth bag but packing in polythene has become a fashion. There are many items which can be bought from local markets and which are not packed. You can take your own bag and buy those things. Later you will not have to through that plastic used in packing.

Avoid Plastic

Try to avoid plastic as much as possible. Try to but things which are not made of plastic as in whichever form it is disposed off, it harm the environment. It will not get dissolved in soil and increase garbage. Even if it is burnt, many toxic chemicals are emitted.

Promote DIY

The fruits produced in the gardens can be used to make many things. People can gather once in a moth or week and share the ideas or using things. Someone can teach how to make a jam or someone can teach how to use the pulp of the fruit in making a cake. These activities will make people interesting about maintain the green areas.

Instead of throwing anything it can be used in a different way. For example, many boxes can be used to organise the home. Few types of metal boxes or pots can be used to grow the plants. Old torn clothes can be used to make mats and ropes. People have many ideas like this. We need to make such an environment where people can reuse things with pride and there is appreciation for them if they put such efforts and reuse things.

Grow Vegetable Instead Of Buying

You can start growing the veggies instead of buying them this saves effort, fuel, time etc. Whatever, which is not used people can share that with each other. Start gifting the vegetables and fruits to your neighbours which you are not going to consume and it will get stale and waste.

Promote Local Businesses

There can be local businesses which can flourish using the garden area. Like: there are fruits grown, the jellies, jams and sauces can be produced and sold as well.

Promote Your Efforts In News

Whenever you make such efforts, try to let other people know about it through media. This actually motivates people to follow you.

Competitions Among Communities

May be some competitions can be announced where the most eco friendly community wins the prize and then the winner group shares the ideas how they managed to be the most eco friendly community.

Swapping Useful Stuff

The useful stuff like clothes can be given to neighbours. This actually stops the wastage of things which can be still used.

Organising The Functions In Eco Friendly Way

Think of the party with your neighbours where everyone needs to come with one chair and one set of utensils (like a dish, a cup and a glass, this can be pre decided). See what you save if you do it this way. There will be no disposable plates, glasses or cups to through. This also saves a lot of effort in arranging the items for people of that one person who does the collection and takes the responsibility. Nay gathering in the neighborhood which is done for all and by all can be organised this way.

Use The Sunlight And Promote The Same

The house can be built in such a way that most of the time you can use the natural light to do your tasks. There are architects who can help you in building the eco friendly houses and making some renovations so that most of the time, sunlight can be used. The work in kitchen and the family room can be done in a natural light.

Water Harvesting Plant

Water can be saved and reused by establishing water harvesting plants.

There can be many more ways which are not mentioned in this article. The essence of making the neighborhood eco friendly lies in developing an environment and lifestyle which promotes being dependent on the natural resources along with not polluting them. It also avoids over consumption and wastage of anything.