Key Reasons To Rethink Rewriting Articles For Your Website

Key Reasons To Rethink Rewriting Articles For Your Website -


The challenge for most websites today is to have a high ranking on search engine results pages. Every available tactic at their disposal is utilized in a bid to ensure that they get to the top quickly. Internet marketers who want to launch new products will utilize article marketing as one of their many weapons in their arsenal of marketing tools. It is popular with them because it impacts their overall ranking by driving traffic to their website, generating leads and offering opportunities to convert these leads.

However, article marketing will only work when it is done right and honestly. There are some underhanded techniques, commonly referred to as black-hat techniques that internet marketers will employ in article marketing that inevitably catch up with them and incur terrible consequences for their ranking.

One of the most commonly used black-hat tactics used is article spinning. This is usually done over spinning software where an article is uploaded and new different copies come out. The article spinners usually include backlinks which are frowned upon by the main search engines in the market today. Punishment for violating the use of backlinks will include lower page rank which impacts negatively on your website’s visibility.

But is spinning not the right move for saving time coming up with articles? Will it not mean compromising the speed with which content comes out? Those are legitimate concerns as you want to run the article writing side of your business. However, using rewritten articles has far reaching consequences in addition to those highlighted above. This article explores the key reasons why you should avoid rewriting articles so that you can make the most out of article writing to boost your business.

Search Engines Emphasize On Unique, Readable And Relatable Content

Search engines exist to provide their users with relevant content to their search. In a bid to do this, they have developed guidelines to do this that can be summarized as follows: for content to have a high ranking on their pages it needs to be new, engaging and relevant. Spun articles do not offer that new edge that consumers are looking for. So why not give the consumers what they want and boost your reputation in the process? It will not hurt you to create relevant content that will make you the most highly sought after website in return.

Quality In Spinning Software Is Very Low

The stakes are very high when it comes to delivering high quality content. Spinning software will not give you the quality that is expected to enhance your ranking on search engine results pages. Most of the content generated there is hard to read and comprehend. When it is put to the reader, the message is often unclear and syntax is lacking. In short, software spun content is just bad. If you intend to spin content, do it yourself with your own creativity. At least that way, you can communicate better and in a way that is understandable to your readers. It might take a little longer to come up with content but your efforts will be greatly rewarded later on.

Quality And Meaning Are Lost

Article spinning software utilizes a kind of dictionary-cum-thesaurus to replace the words with synonyms. Sounds like a plausible way of coming up with somewhat original content, does it not? Well, sure but this will come at the expense of quality. Those very overt changes will affect the quality of the message churned out. It tends to lose its naturalness with the meaning tending to be lost along the way. The alternative to this is come up with unique article whose naturalness and comprehension are easy.

Article Spinning Is Seen As An Unfair Practice

One of the quickest ways of losing your credibility as a website providing information to the masses is by showcasing software spun content on your website. Search engines and webmasters view it as dodgy practice and they frown upon it immensely. Search engines, especially are very strict about this and they will punish you severely when you publish software spun content on your website. Your ranking will be so low, that you will be virtually invisible online. In essence, your reputation takes a huge hit that will take years and months to recover from when you engage in such a practice. Your readers will also be capable of discerning that your content is duplicate. To them, you are just being selfish and lazy. You do not want to share unique and relevant content with them. That is how you eventually lose traffic to your site.

Spun Content Attracts More Negative Search Engine Attention

In a bid to provide their users with content that is relevant to their searches, search engines ensure that they identify and reign in on those sites that showcase spun content. For instance, Google Panda is attune to sites that provide substandard information and content farms. Once those sites are identified, they can be isolated from the results, leaving only the important results for users to go through. This kind of attention is what you need to ensure you do not get because it could impact your ranking and visibility negatively.

Article Spinning Will Diminish Creativity

The pride of any writer is the ability to come up with good and new content that people have never truly seen. Spinning articles will provide you with rehashed content and not compel you to think deeper to get new and exciting content. Even when you want to get backlinks, which are frowned upon in SEO, you risk getting a lower ranking once you are found out.

There Are Too Many Spun Articles In The Market

You run the risk of getting flagged for plagiarism when you upload spun content. While an easy outlet for creating multiple pieces of content, article spinning will taint your credibility especially when your originals are flagged for plagiarism later on.

The bottom line is this: you must strive to create original content. If you have to come with spun content, you need to do it manually so that the meaning of the content remains clear and unique enough to pass through plagiarism checks.