Is Social Media Still Good A Marketing Strategy?

Is Social Media Still Good A Marketing Strategy? -


After the implementation of algorithm changes on social media sites there was chatter and mostly negative as far as marketers were concerned. It felt like having the rug pulled from under their feet as the marketing game changed completely. With these new changes on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat the feeds first showed the most relevant posts and then went on to the less relevant.

Relevant posts referring to the posts that garnered most likes and comments. It is their ploy to increase users’ engagement on the platforms. Even with the algorithm changes, seasoned marketers know that the marketing game is still on social media. Below are some reasons for marketers to keep using social media as a marketing strategy:

Broadcasting To Your Target Audience

It is especially hard to find your target audience on the vast social media scape without any help or tools. With 15% of the world’s population on Facebook, it is especially hard to target your audience. On the brighter side, Facebook also offers a way out with their Ads service. For a price, you get to use Facebook’s analytical resources to pin point the age, location, and interests of your target clients.

With Facebook Ads, you do not have to filter through the vast multitudes of people in order to find you ideal clients. You can just post up your advertisement and let Facebook carry it across to your target audience.

Build Your Traffic

Your online presence is directly proportional to the amount of traffic coming through to your website. One way to increase your online presence is to create a profile on social media. If people can find you are on social media then they can find your website. Well, that is if you post links to your website. People are likely to see your links on their social media that they are on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Additionally social media presence helps you increase your search engine rankings. While people mostly go to search engines sites to find things online, some prefer to search for answers on social media. Social media currently counts as a search engine. Adding links to your posts will help you to generate traffic every time a user looks for you on social media and clicks on your link. Using calls to action after every post can also help increase the amount of people visiting your website.

More Customer Engagement

Social media is a great way to connect with your customers and answer question related to your brand. Customer service is not restricted to your front desk, phone line, and website in this digital age. You have to consider the social platforms as an avenue through which your customers can reach you. Many customers appreciate good and instant service from their trusted brands and you should strive to this end.

Additionally many people do not like the bothersome call waiting or visiting the front desk every time they have a query about a company. It is simply too tedious and we are lazy mortals after all. To save us on the time it would take to get to the front desk of wait on your call to get through you can simply send a message on the social media platform. Answering these queries will give your company a good image and the customer can actually provide a review on your service.

Social media is a great way to collect feedback from your customers. If they consider you service, authentically good the client is likely to leave a good review, which bolsters your company’s image. On the other hand, you might get genuine bad reviews. Social media users are brutal and honest if they want to be. You can use this negative feedback to help you point out the features you need to improve on your product or service delivery.

You Cannot Ignore the Return on Investment

A majority of people in the world is on social media platforms and a majority of these people gets on social platforms at least daily. To top this social media platforms are free to use even if it is all day long. If you consider to ire a digital marketing firm you will still notice the huge returns of social media marketing.

Social media is constant and most people will probably remember your brand long after they have read the post. With the online presence, social media platforms provide your brand will be bound to increase its popularity with clients. You can always count on the internet to pop up your brand name even years after you stop posting anything on social media or on the internet. The saying ‘the internet never forgets’ is quite true in this respect.

Equal Opportunity For All

Social media is a level playing field for all. It matters not whether you allocate a budget to social media marketing or simply do the marketing yourself, everyone has equal chances. With the right skills and strategies, even a single person can become a global social media influencer and marketer. This is the beauty of social media. Its offers the same tools to every user and evens the playing field for small and big businesses.

Depending on the content, you post on social platforms both big or small businesses can go viral. Okay, for the bigger business the marketing budget it is a tad more in comparison to the smaller businesses. However, the tools are similar in all respects and all it takes is a competent content team to get your business some quality advertisement on social media. You may consider social media a digital land of free and equal opportunity.

It is understandable why many marketers might panic due to the algorithm changes employed on social media. Businesses might even reconsider social media as a marketing strategy. While this is a good decision, it is not worth it to write off social media as a poor marketing strategy. With the right marketing strategy and a good team of digital marketers, you might yet make a large profit with social media.