How To Microwave Green Beans

How To Microwave Green Beans -
Nobody wants to stand in the kitchen during hot summer nights, and cook side dishes for dinner. During these nights, people can easily microwave green beans for dinner, and won’t even have to cook them. If someone has the perfect recipe to make green beans in a microwave, then they can make their lunch or dinner, more delicious.

How Long To Microwave Green Beans?

The first thing that the cook needs to do, is trim the ends of the green beans, because they are difficult to chew. People can easily eat the skinny tops of the green beans, but the ends have to be trimmed; Epicurious. Add garlic to the green beans, because that will give them a really good aroma. Chop garlic and put a tbsp of butter on top of the green beans in small pieces. See also about best microwave how to make ramen in the microwave.

Take a microwave safe dish; put the trimmed green beans, the chopped garlic and the butter in the dish. The cook can season the green beans with salt and pepper as well. Put water on the green beans and a lid on the dish. The green beans have to be cooked for 5-6 minutes, until they become greener and crisp-tender. So, including the preparation time, the green beans take only ten minutes to cook in the microwave.

Can You Microwave Frozen Green Beans?

Frozen green beans can be easily cooked in the microwave. First, the cook has to take a large microwave safe bowl, and then place all the ingredients in it, which are used in a stove recipe. Then the green beans have to be microwaved for 2 whole minutes, stirred and then microwaved for another 30 seconds. The chef can heat the green beans, until they are properly cooked; LoavesandDishes.

Are Green Beans Good For You?

Green beans are good for health, because they contain Vitamin A, C and K. Those who don’t consume much Vitamin K, they are at a high risk of bone fracture. Consuming Vitamin K can improve bone health, as it modifies bone matrix proteins and improves calcium absorption. Those who consume green beans on a daily basis, they are able to meet their folate needs, and this helps with depression; Almanac.

Can Green Beans Give You Gas?

Though there is not much evidence that cooked green beans give people gas, raw green beans do give people gas, if they eat them every day. Green beans and other leafy vegetables like Brussels sprouts have complex sugars in them and they are difficult for the body to break down. This doesn’t mean that people stop eating green beans; this just means that they should eat in moderation.

The best thing about microwaving green beans is that, they are less messy as compared to when they are cooked in a pan. They cook easily, and have health benefits, which nobody can ignore. Green beans should be made part of every child’s lunch or dinner, but should be eaten in moderation.