How To Make Ginger Juice With A Blender

How To Make Ginger Juice With A Blender - Bill Lentis Media

Homemade ginger juice can be very refreshing, and all kinds of flavors can be added to it. Ginger juice is one of the best ways to drink health things, and it encourages people to cut processed foods from their daily diet. Those who are cautious about their diet, and know the benefits of ginger juice, would never prefer soda bottles over it.

Health Benefits Of Ginger Juice

There are so many health benefits of ginger juice, and people don’t know what they are missing out.

Cold And Congestion

If someone has a bad cold or a congestion, then the ginger juice can do wonders for them. As a cold remedy, it should be drank at least 2-3 times in a day, in a warm state. It has the power to bring much relief in both cold and sore throat situations. Also go and check out the how to make eggnog in a blender – click here for more info.

Digestion Process

For those who have digestion problems, and drink soda for it, should give a try to ginger juice. Sodas keep a person bloated, while ginger juice aids digestion. It helps in the production of saliva, which moistens the food intake and breaks it down properly.

Pain Reliever

Ginger juice has antiflammatory properties, which is why it acts as a really good pain reliever. If someone has a toothache, they can put a chunk of ginger between their cheek and tooth, and it will do the work. Moreover, ginger reduces hypertension, and lower bad cholesterol in the body.

There are so many ways of making ginger juice in a blender.

Recipe For Ginger Juice

Take a high speed blender, put half lemon, two carrots, one apple, and half ginger in it. Put all these ingredients in 1-1/2 cup filtered water and then blend the ingredients at high speed, until it gives a smooth texture. After that, either take a nut milk bag, or just a strainer to strain the mixture. This will remove the pulp, and leave the juice behind in a glass. For those who don’t want to drink ginger juice on its own, because they might not like its taste, they should definitely try this recipe.

Recipe For Blending Ginger Juice

Most people don’t peel the ginger before they put it in a blender. They simply think that they can strain it afterwards, but they should wash and peel the ginger, always. Cut the ginger into little chunks, so that they can be easily blended and don’t choke the blender. Add a little water to it, until it becomes thick and pasty, then add more warm water to it, and sieve using a cheesecloth. The best way to drink ginger juice, is by extracting all the pulp, discarding it and drinking the ginger juice.

How Long Does Ginger Juice Last?

If someone wants to store homemade ginger juice, then they should put it in a bottle in the fridge. Mostly, ginger juice can last for a week, or a person can simply put the juice in an ice cube tray to freeze it.